Jun 12 2009Because You're A Badass: Leather Band-Aids

leatheraids 1.jpg

Let's face it, you're a badass. And a badass needs something equally bangarang to cover his booboos when he falls and skins his leg or cuts himself with a laserbeam. Enter leather band-aids. A pack of 3 will set you back $18, which is a little steep considering they don't come with matching chaps. Also available: genuine Louis Vuitton leather band-aids (SADLY NOT JOKING). Personally, I like to dress my wounds oldschool: in tuxedos.

Hit the jump for one more shot.

leatheraids 2.jpg

Leather Bandage [amronexperimental]

Thanks to scott, who dresses his wounds in his girlfriend's bra and panties and marches them around his her apartment while she's at work.

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Reader Comments

I'm kinda digging these.

That's hardcore - harder than having geekologie as your homepage I tell ya


I see a new look for the 2009 pirate patch.... eh?

Dang it!

3 for $18? What a rip off! I can get 100 Spiderman bandaids for $5 or less. Way better deal and they have Spiderman on them. Spiderman......Spiderman.



I saw a guy with a leather jacket that looked like it was made out of these. He tried to sell me a flashlight on a street corner.


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back down where Max had a bandaid he needed Baja to pull off. She said I'll do it on the count of 3 and then ripped it off at 2. This made Max cry so hard nothing scheered him up but Bacon Flavored Ice Cream.

mmMMmm bacon flavored ice creeeeaaaam cheers me up Baja...... Come bring me some of that bacon goodness

Badasses don't wear bandaids.

So, is it still emo if you cut yourself in order to wear these bandages?

PAH! Badass my.... ass

I'm a TRUE badass. I don't wear bandaids. When I have a cut I just cauterize the wound with the burning flesh of my enemies.

you get 5 bonus points for use of "bangarang"

I don't use band-aids. I pour acid on my skin to melt the cut away...

and that's only ONE of several things making Timbo, hardcore to the bone

@16 Too hillarious! Battery acid does the trick for me!

Come and join the short and easy game mybrute:


The game takes less than 5 minutes to play!

I use super glue myself but if that doesn't work, it's duck tape bandaids.




@ 19-- my husband does the same thing, its almost like he thinks its not manly to wear band-aids, I'm going to buy these for him, see if he'll wear em :D:D

Oh, and duct tape is a REAL man's band-aid.

This is badass!

Must See!!!



What's next, alpaca wool covered band aids?

I want to see these in a Transporter movie before I buy them. Go Jason! Go!

I'm always looking for the disinfection plasters.But i agree that Walt Disney plasters aren't as badass looking as these.

I bet the boys at the Blue Oyster are clamoring for these.

I bet the boys at the Blue Oyster are clamoring for these.

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