Jun 21 2009Babyglow 'Sleep Suits' Indicate Temperature

baby hypercolor.jpg

Babyglow Sleep Suits are basically Hypercolor onesies for babies. If the baby's temperature passes 98.6°F (37°C), it turns white, indicating possible sickness. Also, if it's vomit covered, that could be a sign. Available this fall, a 3-pack will set you back $35. Alternatively, a 36-pack of Trojans for $17.94....

Babyglow Garment Changes Color When Your Baby Is Running A Fever [ohgizmo]

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This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max met an alien that was aging in reverse. As he got older he got younger looking.

now when will we get to see glowing babies???

We already have the technology


to make the better, stronger, faster, and glowy-er?

i think the guy in the background is the baby's kidnapper .. with the golden bracelet and the way he's holding the infant .. too disturbing !

That kid looks psyched

yea he's totally selling the baby as well as a special offer or something .. i'm sure

Glowing babies. Wtf?!


so freaking cool

if it's any constellation

I have have a glowing babyMAKER!!!

(I mean my penis)

Slow news day?

Ahahahahaha.... wow.... you know what else works? thermometer.... costs less and doesnt get covered in vomit... unless ur really unlucky :P

@11 dod you mean consolation?
I actually think these are cool!! do they come on adult size?

Duh. Baby clothes are ALWAYS covered in vomit.

@ 14
no no
I meant constellation.

You see it's so big that ancient mayans used to mistake it for a constellation.

thanks for the porn

And if it is on fire, it means the baby is hungry.

So, it's like a mood ring for babies?

I found the offical website, All my questions were answered there :D


Is that Billy Mayes?

Implanon w/o insurance - $900

Not having to find a condom or babysitter for at least 3 years - PRICELESS

as a father to a 22 month old and a 2 month old i find that it would be better to have one for a temp drop (hands and feet and legs get cold easy on babies) instead of a temp hike

maybe one that works botrh ways like its only in color when the temp is ideal

kinda like those rubber duckies that warn you of the water temp

@13... yeah but you have to jam the thermometer up its ass and theres no vomit down there

what happens when the baby pee's?

so now babies are gonna get all self concious that they might have a white spot.


@25 what name did you end up going with for the 2-month old again? I'm going to have to find a baby name by January so time to start taking notes

"isan lewis" for the first one (pernounced "eyes in" or izan... it was actually an accidental naming (when deleting the "i" section somehow ivan and isaac got merged) from there it grew on us)

second baby was named "lucas simon" (i prefer simon but "simon lucas" was too close to "isan lewis"

we call him "luke"

"luke i am your father" will be inevitable im sure

http://www.ubersite.com/m/122047 (link to my results page)

names that i liked that didnt make the cut

Asher ("ash")

Alexander ("alex")

William ("liam")



Sidney ("sid")

Raymond (my name)

and now you can proceed to not give a rats ass

No, I do - wife's pregnant & due in January. Dammit I hate cold birthdays & should've planned that one better. I remember the poll you had now between simon & lucas also, just didn't remember the names chosen.

Thanks for sharing the names that didn't make the cut also, I'll add them to the namecharter & see where they fall☺

it makes an alarm noise when the baby is boiled.

just be careful to not use a retarded spelling version of a normal name

the personalized coffee mugs and stuff are so much better when relitives can actually spell your name

to my sister if she is reading this "Riley" should not be spelled "RYLEIGH"

however, a unique name does ensure a proper vanity plate

Indeed, I save the unique spelling names for pets

also silas

ive always liked silas

(i had a ferret named silas)


Sucker. Just don't name it Michael. Terrible name. Terrible.

@ 33

Say "hi" to your wife and my kid for me!

When the sleep suit turns yellow then it means the baby needs a clean diaper!

This is a baby cameleon sleep suit!

"what happens when the baby pee's?

so now babies are gonna get all self concious that they might have a white spot."


And man, I could have totally used one of those yesterday. It was like 90 degrees outside, so I thought my daughter (7 months) was just warm, but her temp. was at like 103.

Anyone with kids ever notice how sometimes, instead of the expected warm-diaper feeling when your kid pees, it's super cold?
"No more sitting on mommy's boobies for you, kiddo. Could poke an eye out."

because the slight change from light pink to white at 3am is so easy to see in the dark half asleep, IDIOTS! How about you reach down and touch your child!

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