May 21 2009Well It's About Freaking Time: Tetris Soap

tetris soap 1.jpg

Tetris soap is tetrad shaped soap pieces that make a perfect addition to the seashell soaps in your guest bathroom that I'm never sure if I'm supposed to use but do anyway. They're made by Digital Soaps, the same folks that brought us the video game controller soaps. 8 ounces of tetrads will set you back $10, but they also have little Space Invader bars that will run you $10.50 for 24 pieces. Hit the jump to see more of both. Then, go with the tetrads. Trust me: L pieces were practically made for the gooch.

Hit it for a bunch more cleanliness.

tetris soap 2.jpg

tetris soap 3.jpg

tetris soap 4.jpg

invader soap 1.jpg

invader soap 2.jpg

invader soap 3.jpg

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Tetris Soap [geekygadgets]

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Congratulations Franky, you win the internet.

shit, i wanted to win the internet...

Thanks, it'd be great if you could send me a cookie as my prize!

Do you have to speed up, and speed up, and speed up washing when you using the space invader soap ?...

hrm tetris soap. If I could get a few thousand of these I might feel inclined to stack them up the bathroom wall


admit it sam, your just jelous that frankie beat you to it


it depends on what part of the body you lather

Franky the first prize is a meat whistle and an ass puppet. Please use your Mom's facial massager until your prize arrives.

People's odd obsession with making first posts is interesting. Nobody knows who they are, cares who they are or cares that they made any post in general let alone a monosyllabic utterance of joyous stupidity. However they seem to gleen an immense sense of pride or accomplishment from doing so and will defend their "status" with e-peen rage. I wonder how lonely you have to be where you derive joy from knowing people have to read your name, regardless of the fact that first posters never contribute anything but patting themselves on the back. I have a first for you... lets see which one of you keyboard campers can win a Darwin award first... GO!

Those pictures gave me a great idea for my next party, jello tetris shots! Time to get crunk!!!

the invaders look like erasers

@ 10.....just wait till you see Daisy.

Not sure how to use the seashells in the bathroom? That's from Demolition Man!

Yes! FIRST! I'm the first to comment on GW's obscure movie reference of the day!

I win at the internets too! WTF-BBQ-FTW-LOL-FU!

No, I see daisy all the time on these things... given it's not a very intelligent or even slightly thought out joke but at least it's their own thing. To be honest mocking the little know it all's that think everything is fake is amusing to me anyways hehe. Daisy if you're reading this... at least say it's out of something other than a movie... live it up a little, read a book (them things what have the paper stacked between the harder paper)

@10 15 that's why they're called fisrtarded, because it is just that. No matter how much you think about it, how much science debates its cause, motive and rewardlessness they will still be firstarded. I'd say god help them but any higher deity that could probably gave up.

All we can do is remind them of how stupid they are & what little difference they don't even make. The only substance that comes from a firstard is the creative names others can think of calling them.

Being first = it's old, it's lame & pointless - much like the lives of those who hide behind their computers waiting everyday for their nothing chance to be...... 'FIRST'

Why so much hate? This is supposed to be a post about tetris soap not bashing some firstard.
Anywho @11 not a bad idea on the tetris jelloshots!

Remember, to acknowledge a firstard is to justify their existence... now my head must explode from my paradoxial post...

welllllllllllllllllllllllllllll cooooooooooooooooooooooollllllllllllllllllllllllll

hahahaha Im LAST!

suck on that u lot im LAST!!! HELL YEAH

@17 welcome to geekologie
@18 I know I know.... aahh the paradox


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never BAck Down where Max noticed Baja was being a crab, and asked her, what happened, did you get sand in your vagina?

Daisy ftw, I want to impregnate you now! where can we hook up daisy?

daisy not for the win. more like spam. anyways cool ass soap!

Daisy might have been born in the year of the rabbit were she real.

@25 wait... so she's not real!? Damn... Now I feel cheated...

This wasn't Goliath's soap. It was his drink stirrer.

Fun for the whole prison!!!

You can play Tetris on the toilet.Isn't that cool?

What happens if you get a row?
Will they dissapear and you won't have any more soap!?!?!


*hums tetris theme all day*

The green and blue tetris blocks look like they're made out of Jell-O. Oh man, I want to eat them.

agreed, it * is * about effing time.

best part of tetris is the lines:

The Space Invaders soap looks just like the Ice Invaders tray from Fred and Friends - I have one of those and yeah the soap looks exactly like the ice that comes out. Those cheats.

I can see it now .... hunderds of thousands of kiddies getting sick fro meating the bars of soap thinking it is kewl shaped pieces of lime, cherry, grape and orange chunks of yummy J E L L O !!!

Come and join the short and easy game mybrute:


Probably the only way you could get geeks to take a shower every day instead of the 2nd Tuesday of every month. I know it would work on me!

[email protected]!
I seriously want these.

i bet dropping the soap is even funner now :D

Tetris is popular because it has been proven to reduce stress and enhance brain power. The most notable was a UK study showed Tetris helped people that were victims of trauma reduce flashbacks.

As a documentary-article clearly points out, today's video games spend millions and must use violence and marketing to achieve even a percentage of what Tetris has accomplished.

It's amazing how many people playing now. Must see,

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It's a good idea .Thank you.

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