May 2 2009Weed Copter Spots The Pot, Alerts The Cops

weed chopper.jpg

The 'Canna Chopper' is an unmanned miniature helicopter fitted with "odor and video detection instruments" that locates your field of (pipe) dreams in the Netherlands and notifies authorities. Needless to say, it's the polar opposite of a ROFLCOPTER.

On its maiden voyage it managed to locate a cannabis farm and officers arrested seven growers and recovered several kilos of the outlawed weed. Now all it needs is a gun attached to its underside and it could make its own arrests.

Robot, kill it. And also, stay the hell away from my basement, nothing to see down there. Smell -- what smell? Well, can't say I didn't warn you. *pew pew*

Dutch 'Canna Chopper' sniffs out cannabis fields from the air [dvice]

Thanks to twellve and Mr. Fancy, who are both smart enough to know that drugs your screw up brain real bad.

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Should be equipped with a Flame Thrower.

Is this engine baseball-bat resistant?


ownage 3rd

My question is: what are the Dutch doing w/ a device like this? I thought pot was legal there... Which means it's really a sophisticated device that helps Dutch cops find free weed! Wee!

I know, I know, epic FAIL on my part

the dutch cant grow, buy, or sell pot, but they can smoke it

"the dutch cant grow, buy, or sell pot, but they can smoke it"

I have seen pot growing in store fronts in Amsterdam, and have bought it from at least 20 places there as well (as well as mushrooms), so I'm going to disagree!


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max and his uncle that looked a loty like Quentin McHale had a secret helecopter hidden in a cave, and they used it to fight crime.

stfu daisy. your a waist of space




use some common sense, its clearly a regulated industry. you prob need a liscense to grow, just like you need one to manufacture alcohol for sale.

rofl @ drugs your screw up brain real bad.

ya they bad r

Eh, kind of interesting. I'd rather see Macho Man Randy Savage smoke a bong rip of salvia... AND FREAK OUT.

But where would I possibly see a link to anything like that? Certainly not in the reader comments of this website.

For all the freaks out there.They're working now on a Copter who can sniff panties too!

Yes it's illegal to grow but legal to smoke....eventhough most of the shops get it via illegal wtf is going on here :o ... smoking illegal stuff is legal

Still enjoying it every weekend because there will be a day (1/2 years) this drugs policy ends here in the netherlands.

nothing to do with this post but random studd on youtube:

And a BallChopper will arrive in 2010, with automatic castrating abilities for man and animal !

wait, this would only work for outdoor right? considering (for the most part) the most potent weed is grown hydroponically, maybe this is just a way for the dutch to weed out (hehe) all the shwaggy outdoor people are growing...

It's like this guys:

So it IS illegal, just not treated that way

this reminds me of the song ghetto bird by ice cube.
also, @20 i'll have you know there is PLENTY of fantastic outdoor grown pot. most schwag is grown hydroponically because hydro = quantity/speed of growth. attention and care for the plants = quality, not necessarily growing style.
this sounds to me like the dutch growers need to develop a flying RC EMP bomb. smell that? it's ozone and wasted taxpayer money falling from the sky.

yeah #21, tax those Hookers.

They have small shops over there. technically its illegal, but they have something called "tolerance"where they look the other way. The shops get it from seed banks that are legally allowed to grow it.

hurrr I do pot and I are smart.

Seriously, grow up. Drugs are stupid.

@25: So is disco ;-)

@ 21
yes, Holland is a very Gedogen country,


Yes it is very strange, but people think it would do no harm, they do make the difference between hard-drugs and soft-drugs, while drugs IS drugs.
Last year a man jumped of a building because he thought he could fly, he used drugs.
In Holland drugs is a very sensitive subject in the politics!

my brute would bring it down !!

lol @ Jose

My brute wud totally bring you down!


@22...outdoor weed can be great, given a few advatantages, most notably holland as considerably more north than california, i assumed the outdoor growing potential would be greatly diminished...and yeah im posting at 530 am, i happen to hotrail meth and read u gonna do about it

Funny, I just created a strand of marijuana that detects helicopters that detect marijuana. They hide underground till they fly over. I call it Ostrich Weed. Come and get some!

O-man has his eyes on it.... It will be legal & be tax'd just like the rest.... Holla I can make a dolla! It was legal in the US before... look it up

This is completely ridiculous. What has pot ever done to anyone, hu? Stupid MADD misinformation aside, that is.

It doesn't hurt anyone.
It's less addictive than cigarets.
It causes less long term harm than alcohol.
It affects driving significantly less than alcohol.
Several presciption drugs are much worse and turn the elderly into driving nightmares.

Enough with the marijuana hate already!

crappy and wasteful. In of of the very few places left (hello san francisco) where marijuana use is tolerated, why the netherlands? Ultraweak

@28 The last time I jumped off of a building and thought I could fly, I did. I flew across the sky, and thanks to being high on drugs I landed safely. People jump off buildings a lot. Irreversible depression, the desire not to live anymore or stupidity. Don't blame drugs from what dumb people do, blame their parents.

@ 36
youre right, eventough, drugs is a very sensitive subject in Holland;) its like terrorist in the USA.
Oh and yes, the last time i smoked pot i flew too.

Remember Thor from not to long ago...

This is bullshit. I say if you don't get caught in person by a cop - you aren't caught. Same thing for traffic cameras, automated speedtraps, etc.

the people who say weed is a drug and that drugs are stupid are ,in fact, stupid themselves. pot is not a drug. its a plant that would grow naturally if it wasn't eradicated throughout most of the world that if you burn it and inhale the smoke it makes your face feel warm and shitty movies better. seriously there are alot worse things out there to worry about than millions of people worldwide smoking on a lil herb.

Hey folks,
let me introduce Germany's new "Weed Party" to you.

If you live in Germany, please feel free to join and support this
movement with your voices!

Thanks in advance for taking a look.


Awww man. Sucks for those guys, eh? Look at all the money they waste spying on people, chasing down petty stuff.

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