May 13 2009Sure, Why Not?: LEGO Rock Band A Reality

lego rockband.jpg

Not to be outdone by the announcement of Beatles Rock Band, the game is now coming out in LEGO form. Hooray? It hasn't received a release date yet, but is guaranteed to take future family nights to an all new level as you and yours Patridge Family the shit out of that mother!

* Songs you know and love: Rock out to everything from current radio hits to past favorites the whole family will enjoy.

* LEGO-themed rock challenges: Play killer riffs to destroy a giant robot, summon a storm, and demolish a skyscraper using the power of rock!
* Enhanced customizer: Don't stop with your avatar, customize your whole entourage! Design the band, roadies, and manager just the way you want.

Awesome, that sounds not awesome! As much as I do love LEGO and rocking out with my proverbial stratowangcaster out, I just don't know. Of course, the game was designed for children and families so I'm not exactly the target demographic. BUT THEN WHY DO I STILL EAT KID CUISINES? I'm an enigma! Return to Innocence, bitches!

LEGO Rock Band [xbox]

Thanks to Salazar and Alex, who have both gotten with LEGO groupies. Nothing wrong with that guys, I just hope you built yourself some modular plastic protection first.

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Reader Comments

Oh that's just despicable... also FIRST


I bet it wasn't too hard to convert Steven Tyler into LEGO-form. Dude is chiseled like a milk box.

Can I just say something about this crap?



lego business up front, lego party in the back.

I hate rock band and guitar hero....posers...

LEGO condoms.
For her pleasure?

Old news is old..... thanks for catching up, Geekologie.

I just hope they got Rick Astley on there. I would never give that up.

This is epic fail. The whole gaming industry had had its music fun and all but lets turn our attention back to making some decent games.

Lego news isn't too interesting to me, nor are any of the 'wanna-be' hero games... not since vag-hero was introduced anyways


(rock band/guitar hero) X something really good like bacon = shitty pile of wankstained appallingness

"let's see how many idiots will buy this!!"
"ha! right on steve. these casual gamers are fluckin' morons!"

- these people are laughing at you because you will never learn or gain any culture! wake up, for christ's sake.



This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max got yelled at by a guy who thought thwe store next door should be open, and then the guy who yelled left his keys on the counter, and Max threw them in the trash.

When I think about legos, the first thing I think about is music, that's for sure...
They couldn't find another movie or character to follow with legos? They made a music game? Really?

Pretty funny what's all possible with Lego.For sure they're trying new ways.

They are running out of games to come up with now....

they should do lego die hard tho I don't know if they can ever capture the majesty that is Reginald Vel Johnson III in lego form.

Yippee-ki-yay, legofukers

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