May 4 2009Steampunk 'Massager' Really Steam Powered

steampunk wand.jpg

This steampunk vibrator was created by metal worker Ani Niow and really works, provided you don't mind melting your hand off to pleasure yourself (I came close once after a 14 hour marathon).

While it technically does run off steam, Niow cautions you'll need to wear insulated welding gloves to handle it without getting burned. This is why she's temporarily using compressed air for now.

If she can secure a smaller portable boiler she'll give the thing a run at full power, as was intended.

Good looking, Ani, I like a hint of danger in my sex life. Reminds me of the time I used a live crocodile for a condom.

Fully Functional Steampunk Vibrator Might Scald Your Privates [gizmodo]

Thanks to Julian, who tried dating a toaster but ended up getting burned.

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Reader Comments


steam and genitals, doesn't sound like a winner...

Steam powered does not "look" steam punk.

nice use of "quotation" marks Pew Pew Pew...

Now if they could somehow harness this power of steam and make some kind of large train type thing for traveling accross the country... nah....

Um, excuse me... Could you please get the scalding water and steam away from my vagina? Especially if you would ever like to see it again... kthxbai

I don't believe it works. Can you post a video of this in action?

No joke I was JUST about to send in this tip

yeah... that does not look... pleasurable.

Burn the Vag with Steam

Fight me

EEP!!! O.O

Is it ok to hate vagina-haters?

Cause, I do <------ fight meeeeeeeee

Can I see a video of this machine in action?


this reminds me of everything good and right in this world.
@3 well obviously there's going to be an oiled brown leather outer casing with gauges and switches that you slip the pictured item into.
or perhaps a tentacle.

WOW that thing is pretty darn cool First time i've ever seen anything like that :)

"Reminds me of the time I used a live crocodile for a condom"
I can't even begin to express how awesome that sh!t right there is. You're like the jesus of using deadly creatures as contraceptives.

I tip my hat to you GW.

This looks very nice to me! Where can i get one?

o_O ouch. that sounds very painful and no fun!


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadw's are all wrong.

This is exactly likje that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max needed to get his Delorean up to 88 miles per hour to activate the time circuit, but unfortunately they had no gas. He and his friend Rev Jim used special logs and a stolen train to achieve that speed. Max always wondered if you can make special super logs, why can't you make gasoline?

Someone please shove this thing into Daisy's ass.

Aaahh what the hell ill do it as long as we get to photo shop it andput it on geekologie for all to see and (dasiy can the post again and tell us it is all fake!
hip hip horray!
Gotta give daisy credit for not changing!
But yeah sign me up for the carnage of the sweet flower!

this is a robocock, not a vibrator.

"you'll need to wear insulated welding gloves to handle it without getting burned" -- what about an insulated 'penis sheath', 'anal coverer' or 'vajid-guard'?

i would rather cut my penis off with a rusty breadknife than use this.

sounds like it needs a Kevlar condom!

Where is the video demonstration? I doesn't work of there is no video of its use. And I want close-ups!!

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