May 30 2009She Laid An Egg!: A Cute Yoshi Nursery

yoshi nursery 1.jpg

This is a cute Yoshi nursery made by Flickr user meadblog for his first little bundle of pain joy. And, according to a recent study conducted by yours truly, raising your child in a video game-themed nursery helps the youngster develop better hand eye coordination and ability to pwn others in the future. Isn't that right, little Geekologie Jr.? "pew pew!" Awh, that's my boy!

Hit the jump for a couple more shots and a link to his Flickr gallery, with has a ton of work-in-progress pictures.

yoshi nursery 2.jpg

yoshi nursery 3.jpg

meadblog's Flickr Gallery

Thanks to Allison, who plans on making a Zelda-themed nursery to ensure her child grows up full of power, wisdom and courage.

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Reader Comments



@2 fail
Mario looks gay : \

Awwww! GW gimme a *pew pew* and ill give you a *pew pew* :D

Cute - when it comes to kids, babies & things

I guess it would be better with actual games, or the kids wont know who are those.

I played videogames since i was 3, and look at me, I'm a winner :D

And this is how Mini Me was born ....


Come and join the short and easy game mybrute:

so cute

A pure geek is born!


egg salad

just plain ugly

weird. I would put anime and manga in my kids room! hehe death note.

15th! hahahaha. that would be bad ass.

baby peach and baby mario ? err.. uh.. um, kind of adorable.



Not at all interested in your "wow-game-thingy"- sounds very stupid. We're busy trying to decorate my living room. so unless you have some retarded input concerning this then you should piss-off.


wow, poor baby. Those geeks have absolutely no style. And that's comming from a guy with no style.

Plus, that poor kid is going to grow up with a weird attachment to ginormous bird eggs and dinosaurs showing them their asses.

Must See!!!!!!


Awww! That's funny!

Is that a doghouse there in the corner?

How about more skeletons,blood and popping eyes?

lol the baby mario is cute

Considering most guys nowadays can barely paint a wall, I say good on ya!

hey, love what you've done. were did you get the wall decals from?

Wow I love the baby mario theme, very cool! make sure and check online for great furniture and a huge selection of kids bedroom furniture, childrens furniture, bunk beds and discount furniture.

that is so CUTE MAN! did u by Yoshi Fat heads? if u did not, u r Retarded and Gay

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