May 22 2009Paper Towels: ShamWow's Latest Competitor

This is a short infomercial for Paper Towels. I only watched like five seconds of it before I started daydreaming about who would win in a fight, this guy or Vince 'ShamWow' Shalomi. Then I realized I would kill them both because I ride into battle on a dinosaur holding a smaller dinosaur! Then I went out for a gelati and rubbed sunblock on some hot chicks' chests because I'm at the beach and I DON'T ROLL WITH LIZARD TITS, SON!

Paper Towels [collegehumor]

Thanks to Harry, who once beat a man with his own roll of paper towels for cutting in line at the grocery checkout.

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Reader Comments

OH SNAP THE THE DOUBLE D!!!!!!!!!! wins

also I will need to send you pictures from the dino dig and my adventures in the Alberta badlands GW

I'd roll your little dinosaur with my tongue Geekologie Writer!


You now, this is fine and all, but lately I've been seeing Geekologie go in a downward spiral. Let's face it, ever since Hedonistica went down this place just hasn't measured up. I miss you,

shit, i gotta get me some o those paper towels!

Just got out of a meeting where I tried very hard and failed at not staring at the supervisor's freckled cleavage. She has a nice rack


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake bbecause the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max's friend was rubbing suntan lotion on a hot chick, and Baja was jealous and said "She's been plucked more times than the Rose of Tralee. Biggest whore on Fifth Avenue, I'm told! "which didn't bother Max one bit

Daisy, I'll find you. I'll find you and I'll kill you and do unspeakable things to your still warm body.


Come and join the short and easy game mybrute:

This shit is retarded as hell

Vince is cuter, but not as cute as the geekologie writer....duhhh

Paper towells....

You're gonna love my rolls!!

This guy is trying emulate John C Reilly's comedy...look at some Steve Brule "Brule's Rules" vids on youtube.

Oh look, it's Friday. I'm finally off work. I'd woo-hoo but I'm tired and/or bitchy. Have a great weekend everyone!

Gotta' agree with Amy @4 about Hedo anyways....moment of silence...But we can still "Pleasure ourselves" !!

All that about paper towels and not a single masterbation joke/reference!? cmon' people!

I see that a certain Geekologie Writer took the WHICH DINOSAUR/WEAPON COMBO WOULD YOU RIDE INTO BATTLE!!!!!! quiz on FB... that shit's hilarious.

Free hamster toy in every roll!

look it all these sques!

Paper Towels!!!


sounds like he is from............the greater boston area!

What a great post! That's just what i needed! How soon can they deliver??

hey my paper towels have little flower hearts on them... bonus muthafuhka!

you forgot the vital role paper towels play in our society:

sexual pleasure

@ 4

Amy, please, please get over this shit already!! Hedonistica is dead, it's dead! So unless you are working 24/7 to get it back up and running again quit bitching. Some of us happen to like geekologie and would appriciate those that don't to prove it by staying the hell out. Now if you are only bringing up Hedonistica to make GW insanely jealous that he gets into a massive free for all with all of your other dead web sites, then fine you can stay. But that doesnt change the fact you are psycho girl.

WTF come on!!!WTF iz up wit diz web site!?

It's a good idea .Thank you.

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