May 2 2009On Camera: Bus Driver Crashes While Texting

He's not just driving any
bus either, he's sporting that short joint (see man in wheelchair tethered in the back). Jesus. Dude texts for six minutes straight before finally rear-ending somebody. You'd think being on camera would be enough to deter this sort of behavior, but no, it's not. This is almost as bad as your middle school bus driver drinking and smoking the whole ride. Miss you Mrs. Wright! Madison County (AL) Public Schools Bus #114 FTW!

Bus Driver Crashes While Texting [break]

Thanks to Brandon, who once piloted a bus off a cliff but downshifted right before he hit the ground and drove off without a scratch.

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i am fist meaning no bs like the others. dick valentine is back my little children. this dude china bus drivers plow through anyone or anything...while texting... in usa they stop and your all pervs

ah.. screw the bus driver.. check out the below link


that's sad.

#2 fail on sense

Punch his face... Punch it til it falls off....

Theres a FAIL and a FIRED

what an idiot!!!

that's a conspiracy from the gov
aiming to let robots drive the buses
no big deal to crash
and mainly texting on a mobile -a somehow robot- is the reason
robots won't bring us down


Spaspcr for life!!

Epic fail moron !

That's the thing with texting,you have to look down.Instead of texting he should have called.which is saver because you can stay pay attention on the traffic.

I bet he lost his job as well.He can't blame the economics.


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where MAx was on a bus with a bomb that was set to explode if its speed dropped under 50 mph.

stfu daisy. your a waist of space,
and i'm


He,his wife and 6 kids are homeless now.

I wonder what was so important that he had to text while driving.

I heard during the investigation, they discovered he was actually browsing geekologie from his cell phone and not texting like they had previously thought.

Stupidity...... There are cameras in the van. Why bother installing video equipment if they are not going to review it. This could of been avoided. This guy is denied.

Ma che stronzo!!!
(what an asshole!)

dude, i live in philadelphia and they just banned cell phone use on anything that has wheels; cars, bikes, skateboards, even rollerblades!


dick valentine is such a douche - you fail DICK. You suck. Your mother is a whore as well. It is a pity that you were not in front of the bush before it crashed - you loser. You are back to represent all "firstie" losers. If you have any sisters I am sure that they must be whores as well, most likely they are just sluts (at least whores make money). You must come from a long lineage of whores (mother and female kin) and self-sodomizing cock suckers ( your father and the like). I bet your grandfather taught you how to be a douche when he used your anus to collect his typhoid ridden, iron lung having, green sperm ( when you were five). Stop being a firstie loser. Damn you suck.

He's definitely from my area, but I haven't heard anything about this.

haha the ending was awesome. BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!

Freaking me out man, I live in madison county...

Wow... we're linking to "Break" now? That's the equivalent of refering people to the local homeless shelter for a good meal. If the interwebz could be said to have a bottom, you guys have truly found it and are happily feeding there.

Hey! I teach at Heritage Elementary! MADISON COUNTY FTW!!!!

That guy is an idiot, its people like him that make states pass laws that ban driving while texting. Here is more video of people crashing while texting , it is a good story about the laws:

Whaddah dork. And it is on the internet now. Fifteen minutes of shame.

Can you imagine what he was texting? Just look at him, probably something stupid like, "Wuz up? Wat r u doing? Dis iz playah, yo."
Seriously! What a moron... what if I was on my motorcycle in front of him and he crashed? Common sense.

#12........yes, you make good sense!!!!!!!You can't just go rambling off these comments that really have nothing to do with the situation at hand. Sure, put him down for what has been done/said, but you can't comment that way on his overall life and you can most certainly not include his mother in this!! Your comments, though trying to make someone else seem like an asshole, make you more of an asshole...

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