May 7 2009IT'S A TRAP!: The Admiral Ackbar Outtakes

This is a video of the outtakes from Admiral Ackbar's iconic "It's a trap!" scene from Return of the Jedi. As you'll see, they tested several different dialogue options before settling on the one in the movie. Most of the others involved an exchange similar to the following:

"Admiral, something hit me."

Pfft, I've already come up with like a million of these. Including, and virtually limited to, "Admiral, what's that smear?"


Thanks to Nick, who used to bullseye womprats on Tatooine.

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Reader Comments

It'sa Crack!

Not funny.

ha ha



Admiral, my crotch is burning!

Its the clap...


Bravo #5! I laughed way harder at that than any of the ones in the vid


@5 & 7

Word up

Admiral, why do they say i have meat curtains?

Its a flap...

Admiral, why is your finger in my vag?

Its a pap...


Umm... @11... you obviously didn't read the whole post.


Admiral! Why are you watching furry porn?

It's a fap.

admiral i touched myself

its a fap.

Hey admiral (geekologie writer), why did I watch this video?

Admiral: You're a Sap.

Admiral, my toyota stopped working, whats going on???

"It's a Jap!"

Wow, this is literally the worst thing I've seen on geekologie, not funny or interesting.

there's 54 seconds of my life I wish I had back.

Admiral, what's this post?

The reason I stop checking GW for a few weeks.

Kinda, sorta, funny.




Even aliens have their ways to learn a language!

That was crap. Not funny and poorly done.


Aww, I love Star Wars and the infamous "It's a Trap" meme, so I was excited to see this. Sadly, it was very disappointing. Both the voices were bad, as well as the dialogue.

As seen in the other comments as well as GW's original post, it's simple to come up with far more creative and clever spins on the scene than these guys managed to come up with.

"Admiral, what's that smear?" however, hilarious! They obviously should have consulted the GW as well as these comments for inspiration.


@19 Not to mention the 54 seconds it took you to inform the rest of us. Looks like you're out a minute and 48 seconds.



This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never BAck Down where Max took a phone message when Baja was outside. When she came in the note said Dr called pabst beer is normal.

The comments here were funnier than the video.

That was fcuking gay. Good thing there are boobs a few posts up to make up for it.

Admiral, the sun is in my eyes!
Wear a cap.

Admiral, where's my dog?
On my lap.

Admiral, I'm feeling terrible tired.
Take a nap.

Admiral, they're approaching!
Zap zap zap!

Admiral, Look I'm naked!

Let Me watch



@ 18


Wow, that was the least-funniest thing I've seen all week. Let's hope the weekend is better.

Admiral, why is there a 3' Stone Henge?

It's a Spinal Tap.

Simple yet satisfying.

Admiral whats that thing sticking out of the keg?
Its a tap!

Admiral have you seen the new slap chop?
Its a snap!

Admiral that old black guy from Iron Eagle is here?!
Its a chap!

Admiral whats that on the back of the declaration of independance?!
Its a map!

Feels good to get that out.

saw this the other day,, not so impressed

but now with beer funnier that ever

e I guess its true everything is better with beer

Admiral Ackbar??? I thought it was Melty Gylenhall.

@5 best one

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