Hmm: Star Wars Weekends Advertisments

May 5, 2009

star wars days 1.jpg

Star Wars Weekends are Star Wars themed weekends at Disney's Hollywood Studios theme park. Here at Geekologie we've already seen several examples of the perversion that goes on there. Well, these are the posters advertising Star Wars Weekends 2009, which, I think we can all agree, are in surprisingly poor taste. Look -- you see how that woman is clutching her purse? Racist.

Hit the jump for three more, all of which contain shocking discriminatory undertones.

star wars days 2.jpg

star wars days 3.jpg

star wars days 4.jpg

Disney Star Wars Weekend Posters [geektyrant]

Thanks to Warfaremonkey, who once saw a guy cut in line and Jedi mind tricked him into thinking he had diarrhea.

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