May 29 2009Geekologie Reader Makes Himself Lightsaber


Geekologie Reader Ike, the same one who successfully played poker on a roller coaster, went and made himself a lightsaber. Although, truthfully, it was modeled after Travis Touchdown's beam katana from No More Heroes. Ike made me promise not to tell you how he made it, but suffice it to say there were lasers and smoke and selling your soul to a sorcerer involved.

Here's a real fun tidbit- with enough money (I think about $600) I could make this sucker burn. That's right! Fully functional lightsaber! It also extends and spins. Woot.

Nice, Ike, I want one. Except mine MUST be of the burning variety. How else am I gonna start a fire while camping -- rubbing two sticks together? Pfft, what do I look like, a cub-scout? I AM ALL MAN-SCOUT! Don't believe me? I've humped bears before. Haha -- admit it, Yogi!

Hit the jump for a couple videos of the saber/katana in action, including one with some Travis Touchdown cosplay.

Thanks Ike, i want mine to match my penis: purple and burning.

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Reader Comments

Que plasma flashlighty.

OMG!!! Thats so freaking awesome! I want to burn stuff! But I can't watch the videos at work :( 35 more minutes :P

Meh, won't be satisfied until I can cut through a blast door

But would it cut through Superman?

9th! He used peroxide and mt. dew or something.

Meh, that's cheating.

Geekologie readers usually have too much time on their hands lol

I have no idea why I didn't find this good at all...

I so want to cook bacon with this......or make a kittens in a box video

hmmm ... junk? Whats the point, i could have done better hooking up a neon on a flashlight.... bored :P


The video is complete assbaggery. And by that I mean CRAP.

This clutz made a homemade lightsaber much better,
His step by step is here,

Wow that sucked. What a pos.

The Star Wars FX Lightsabers are way better.

Not bad, but I've seen crazier things on lsd. The picture looks cool though if you stick a piece of mirror between your eyes & blink while staring at it

Chip chip chip chip n dale
rescue rangers
chip chip chip chip n dale
when there's danger

sorry, had a song in my head and wanted to share... fackin friday needs to end now...

@ 12— yeaaahhh.
I'd pay to see a saber fight.. or a twirl-off.

@ Grip, awesome!

I was just about to play no more heroes again on my wii that game is win! should've made his last katana.

^--- Motorboatin' Champion 2009

There was not a dry titty in the place. Naas is taking me out to dinner later to celebrate.

this reminds me of the time that i spent researching a way to make a real functional light saber. lasers just don't cut it (if only i had a mute for this damned trumpet)
you'd need a pretty damned big plasma cutter to make a working "light saber", and the magnetic forces required to contain the plasma for such a length would require far more electricity than you can carry around with you. of course i may just be talking out my ass.

wtf that was not a lightsaber. why is this even on the site, its stupid.

2 bestiality references in a row?

something you want to tell us gw?

Errr... Lemme clarify peoples.

That's not Mt. Dew or anything like that, and those "Real FX Sabers" are just some suck-ass effects.

My saber is an actually laser! As in, that green junk you see is laser! Coming out a sword! And unlike those toy ones, this isn't housed in any plastic chamber.

And it sure as Hell doesn't go "zwhoom" when I turn it on.


I could strap a green laser to my penis and blow cigar smoke in front of it and get the same effect. Does that mean I just built an awesome lightsaber? No. Although my version would be highly profitable as an eroticsaber and the GW would by 50, still doesn't make it any good. That kid that made all the Halo cardboard guns and armor did better than you. Sorry bro, try again.

LOL! Oops! #25 was directed @23. See what happens when I get talking about strapping electronics to my wang?!?!

Ah, no problem dude, I knew what you meant. After all, 25 and 23 are numbers! Those suckers are hard!

The dance he does in video one is shuffley!

@ 25

I think you forgot to mention it was a miniture pen laser you strapped on your wang....Ha ha! ZING!...........I have no life.

Where is Daisy when you need one?

So, wait. It's a few green laser pointers in a handle that, when turned on, shine into the top of that white housing which stops the lasers from going any further. You always have smoke blowing infront of it because it makes the beam look wider and more brilliant, and you could make it cut/burn by buying some of those Hercules laser pointers that actually burn shit and are also green.

yay! Mystery solved.

It looks almost real with the curtains closed! Good job!

Where's Daisy when she's needed

For some reason this reminds me of Space Balls

LOL, what's with the recent rash of penis references??

You know you COULD do that daily and rename this blog the PENISologie...

It looks a little more like a necron gauss rifle, from Warhammer 40K, but its still kewl.

Must See!!!!!!


Must See!!!!!!


This isn't Goliath's sword, it's his laser pointer. Played out?

Gotta love the purposely asstastic video quality. Is this guy REALLY afraid of someone figuring out how he made this thing? What a fvck!ng tool.

I had a mate who believed that the way to rule the world was to create a lightsaber and cut down a lamp post....

We pointed out the many flaws inherent in this but he was instant.

It's a good idea .Thank you.

Hmm i suppose a powerful laser diode with the proper lens and appropriate use of a one-way mirror would produce similar results.

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