May 18 2009Geekologie Reader Make USB Gluestick

usb glue 1.jpg

Young Geekologie Reader Izzy Slypig went and made himself a 1GB gluestick flashdrive. It rotates up and out of the container as you twist the bottom. That is all. But, if you've ever wanted to steal computer files from preschool, now's your chance.

Hit the jump for three more shots of the drive in various states of twist.

usb glue 2.jpg

usb glue 3.jpg

usb glue 4.jpg

Thanks Izzy, now make me one in a pair of safety scissors and I'll be set.

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Reader Comments


Wow I was first, and possibly second.

I'm scared that it says this was posted today at 15:30...
it's only 14:22!!!!

I'm scared that it says this was posted today at 15:30...
it's only 14:22!!!!

3: OMG! GW broke the time barrier at last!! NO ONE IS SAFE!!

In other news, I kinda like the USB. 'Tis cute. And it's about time we steal documents and make those kindergartners pay.

Definitely one of the better ideas for a novelty USB stick.


w00t! SIX!

i think the usb is awesome. i'd buy one!


w00t! SIX!

i think the usb is awesome. i'd buy one! but then again, i am retarded. :P

I'd probably get confused and just eat it thinking it were a real glue stick...

oops. i mean seven. and eight. and now nine.

Wellcome to failtown, population: Brittney...

Who would carry that? You are not in preschool.

I use it at work, and it's almost like pre-school here in the bank.

@ 10 and nine must have been thrilled

I wouldn't have picked a gluestick, but cool idea anyways.

where are the zippo usb cards?

Another Monday. *sigh*
Based on these pics, I'm gonna go ahead and assume this kid was forced to make about 1,000 of these by his parents in their basement with that homework ball and chain. I'm sad now.


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never BAck Down where MAx was an ice cream man and he'd say things like stop me when I'm passing by, and he'd say he has all flavors and push ups too. One time a girl said she wanted to try his bomb pop and he charged her $1.25.

I made this one >>>>

Sorry for post 14 couldn't resist the 7 ate 9 post from Brittney @10......
Great idea but I lose the USB when it's not disguised

dont put anything important on that if you lost it you'd be in a sticky situation.

Sniff and Save

You finally finished it Ian. Congrats.

The comedic value of the comments section has dramatically declined.

Sadly, I concur with Ollie - now I must stab myself in the eye with a flash drive...

I know it's a pointless thing to say, but it appears that Izzy is so bad at cut-then-fold papercraft that he needs to use a glue stick. All of the little papercrafties in those shots are from, and they're specifically designed so you dont have to use any adhesive at all.


And yes I'm a jerk,

Alex, please contact me!

Love IT!! Love the paper marios in the back also!

You could make a similar one with a Push Pop!

I can't beleive this i made the exact same thing last week but woth a bluetooth drive i knew i should have posted it

If James Bond's Q did see this,he would have right away a flashback to his youngest childhood and would be deeply moved.

These are the results of a four years old kid after following the Geekologie Website for two days!

Simple ... yet functionally ingenious

Good job!

Come and join my brute:

Yea! Thanks for all the support guys! Btw it was like 1 am when I made those cubecraft things.

Those are some smart kids to be stealing files in preschool.

Well, I guess now-a-day's you have to train you spies at an early age.



Yeah bro!

didn't he just stick a usb in a glue stick? i tried it, it works.

i would have put it in a container that was originally containing lip product.
This is cool, too.


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