May 4 2009Cool: Sampling Youtube To Make New Songs

ThruYou is a project by Kutiman that involves sampling videos on Youtube to create all new music. The results are pretty impressive. In Kutiman's own words:

What you are about to see is a mix of unrelated Youtube videos/clips editing together to create ThruYou. In other words - what you see is what you hear.

This is the first one of seven different tracks, so if you like it go check out the others. And if you don't, well, no one cares. But don't let that stop you from leaving a Geekologie comment complaining about it. We'll all pretend to care and/or believe you could do better, won't we guys? Guys? Ha, I guess we won't. Suck it!


Thanks to Riki, Amir and Patrick, who once sampled over 100 different candies in one day and all got tummy aches.

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First! to actualy read the article....

thats actually pretty tight

Damn you heather

suprisingly well made.. songs pretty good too <--- fight meeeee!

i was obsessed w/ these a few months ago. the end of "i'm new" is my favorite part. noone knows who that girl is. she took her video down.

interesting, but nothing beats EBN when it comes to music from sampled videos

There is much people with good creativity now days.

That and a whole tons of free time.

holly crap!!!!!!!!!!! :o

amazing work... can't imagine how hard that was...

It DOES remind me of EBN, but it's definitely it's own sound. I really liked the one that GW posted here.

How much times didn't we hear a tune or a melody for example before in a song? Instead of credit to one this offers credit to all.

Very cool. Great idea.

This is very democratic.

No more starving musicians anymore! It's time for change!

nice, reminds me of another youtube video , you should check out.

Can't watch. Can't watch. Can't watch. Is this horse dead? Good. Can't WATCH!

How on earth did they do that? I mean I could see something like Pandora's software or Apple's Genius that analyzes a lot of music, but how did they gather all the videos? Just went around downloading every YouTube vid that had music in it? Crazy project - amazing results.

I liked this, and it was totally oriignal

I just looked at the "about" video on the site - he actually did it all by hand and by his own ear. In-sane.


Amazing find! That's why I keep visiting!

That's amazing! The girl singing "I am new" got me too.


that remind me of that geekologie visitor called "daisy"
she kept comming in and leaving the same comment for years , then she once stopped, they said she watching "never back down" while hanging from her feet upside down eating carrots and listening to sampled youtube videos.


@19- its called digging, all real turntablists do it, instead of a record store you got you tube with a search engine, which is alot easier and faster than going to a old record store, and hand picking and wondering what a record sounds like, then going in and playing each record to find the right sound.

@21- what do you mean by hand what does that mean, when you do this stuff on a computer. its not like the old days, where you had a film tape and hand cut the tape to edit the film together.

this was pretty cool i liked it.
i dont think that was the right daisy.

cool! i like this!


Thi is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max followed a trail of potato chips to Thumpers work, and whiole nobody was looking he loaded software on the firewall that would allow the thumpress to watch videos. This was a stupid thing to do because all the people who used to hear her complain about her network now were at peace, and stopped buying drugs.

not bad... i still liked this idea better when EBN was doing it in the late 90s
youtube that geek!

that cat actually has some talent... I'm impressed and thats a hard thing for me to say usually!


Shadow Hare isnt the only thing Cincinnati has....

Needs a little Boxxy sprinkled in. Otherwise, loved it.

I just watched his whole album on his website.


Shit yeah.

Colour me blown the f away baby.


That won't stop me! Nothing can stop me!

OLD. I saw this months ago. Geez get up to date with the tubes!

Would have been so much better if the rapping was left out.

I enjoyed it till the one dude started rapping then I had to turn it off. oh well.

because you couldn't be bothered to actually listen to the lyrics right? while the beat was off slightly with the rapping, the yound man actually had something interesting to say and overall it worked for me but then again I didn't turn it the minute I saw him.

*didn't turn it off

@38. none - May 5, 2009 4:12 PM

Are you kidding? I hate rap but that guy had his shit together. Yeah, all rap is stupid when you don't take the time to listen to whats being said.

That's brilliant!

38 you are loony tunes

wow this person is great :D

there's a lot more going on here than editing video clips. i'd have to watch all the clips it was made from before i believed it is what it says.

and to anybody who dismisses all rap because it's rap, take your head out of your ass and join us in the 21st century.

really unique at the end that girls spitting that...had a weird effect on me

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