May 11 2009Child Safety First: The Stroller Trike

stroller bike.jpg

The Taga Stroller Trike allows you to get some exercise while at the same time getting those pasty leeches of yours out from in front of the television -- and into traffic! HONK HONK, BEEP BEEP!

Taga isn't the first pedal powered vehicle with space to load up the kiddies, it does put add a few new levels of convenience to the way you schlep your offspring around.

For starters, it folds up so you can fit it in the car trunk for trips out of town. Then there's the wide range of attachments, including setups for two kids, covered seats for rainy days, and shopping baskets. You can even adjust the length of the Taga depending on what load you need to carry.

Sure, why not? Unfortunately, the Taga is currently only available in Europe because using your children as a protective shield from oncoming traffic is frowned upon here in the states. Which is exactly why I'm moving back in with my parents. Taco night! Ladies? Just a heads up though: if we mess around we have to do it with my bedroom door open.

Taga stroller/trike is an awesome way to bring the kids along on your trips. [dvice]

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Reader Comments

And I will drive into your kids.

i can't believe the marketing photo has all riders w/o helmets! shameful!!!

Cue the guilt of posting on the internet drunk.

where' did the balloon come from?
I want one


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max designed a baby robot to be used in crash dummy tests. Everyone loved the cute baby robot until it went crazy and burnt down the car testing centre.

Interesting use of crumple zones and what could only be considered fluid filled soft boned airbags.

Do want.. except i dont have any kids... I'll get some one way or another.
"It's okay kids, strangers candy is the sweetest."

Eh kids in the front is a little worrisome but where else are you gonna put them - in saddlebags on the side? Octomom might need that. An entire bumper surrounding her bike, with kids. Or on the back where you can't see them? I suppose the front is the best, most stable (2 wheels) load-bearing decision..

@1 I love you

^ ^ but not in any gay or creepy way, it's straight pure love - honest

Jews are the best... I noticed the "schlep,"

That mom is hot as f*ck. I'd hit it for days.

@12...i'm glad i'm not the only one who immediately thought that....

Aside from kids in the front being scary, notice it has 3 wheels so the possibility of tipping is reduced. But I don't see any steering mechanisms, can this thing be turned or are the wheels fixed? That would prove to be quite a FAIL.

This looks great,maybe it can drag a trolley as well.Quite handy when you visit a supermarket.

But her legs are so short lookin... total contrast to


Yeah, I'd hit that too. But then, who am I kidding. I'd probably have sex with GFS after a few beers. Come here Gordon, sit on daddy's lap.

PS- Halo chick has flippers. kthx.

For kids,there goes nothing above their mother's sweat dripping on their heads.

Flippers vs Pin legs? Never said i wanted either

I'm not sure why, but I'm tired of some douche always whining about Photoshop and how the "shadows are wrong". It's annoying. Let us have fun and enjoy these atrocities.

On the back of the trike there's still some space left for a case of beer.They should develop this trike more.


This is a complete photo job. You can tell it’s real because the shadows are all right.

This is not at all like that scene in the movie Always Back Down where Max stoned Daisy to death for not knowing when to quit.


Nice, including the ballon I count a total of 760 points before the counting the 4 times multiplier for the moron factor... Hopefully they will remake Deathrace 2000 and put this in there...

Absolutely no way she gave birth to one, let alone two kids.

Those are not her kids i can give her some though

#24 IS RIGHT!!!!
WTF kinda saftey/ advertising thig tries to show kids on bikes without helmets!!

the kid in the back is holding the bar which steers the trike. one quick pull and she's off the sidewalk and into traffic.

Where do they mount the spare tire?

Well, since this is only available in Europe, I'm gonna guess that this picture was not taken in America. Far away from America's bike helmet laws where it can be

And yes, there is no way she birthed two young children and still have a body like that.


Hey, so if she eats it, her fall will be broken with the cries of her children...


Did someone order 360 pounds of bear lovin'? Hope you don't mind. I brought Sailer Jerry with me. Now let's get to the buttsecks!

That kid is cutting the brakes!

The one thing thats missing here people is _________. Thats right you guessed it, NOS, Nitrous Oxide. Nothing more useful than popping those fat lil pillows of goo juice on the front of your bike with the front end of a bus like NOS. Just find that open hole through traffic and make a break for it! Oh shit, gonna get t-boned, hit the NOS. POOF! You've made it. No brakes, um duh, thats what my bumper of goo juice is for...

Thus also making a stride for human reproduction. Gonna need a steady supply of go bags. Get to work people!

This is Read but cost almost $2400!¤cy=USD

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