Apr 27 2009They Were Everywhere!: ESPN Gets Hacked, Konami Coded, Unicorned And Rainbowed

espn hack.jpg

Somebody hacked the ESPN.com site to accept the Konami code (↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → ← → B A) and then to start adding unicorns and rainbows to the page every time you hit ENTER. I can attest to it working because two tipsters hit me up with the goods before ESPN caught on. Suffice it to say, I unicorned the hell out of that shit and then cooked pork chops on the grill. Unfortunately, when I came back to write this it had already been fixed. So if you're the one that did it, do it again (but not to Geekologie) so everyone can play with it. Then, I want you all to write your congressman about the unicorn olympics and sick that would be.

Hit the jump for another screenshot of the site from a reader who also wanted to display his bacon loving pride.

espn hack 2.jpg

Jonah Ray

Thanks to Jonah Ray and Jasper, who both rode unicorns to the moon and brought back space rocks.

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Reader Comments

what a damn weird hack :|

ups, sorry firstards xD

THIRD! and it didnt work for me

I love this! Unicorns, wow.

someone should do this to geekologie....but with t-rex's

@5: you can do it to anything. bring happiness to any website with http://www.cornify.com/

i have a feeling that his desktop background is some furry chick.
looks like furry boots
just saying

Here if you're wondering how ridiculous it looks like @ 0:42


It's still up: http://sports.espn.go.com/nba/playoffs/2009/news/story?id=4105618

yes! sports suck!!

That was awesome while it lasted.


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake bnecause the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in in the movie Never Back Down where MAx put a lava lamp on the stove and it exploded, sending a shard of waxy glass into his chest, almost killing him.

9:32 pst, unicorns still appear on the page linked to in comment #9.

#12: ???

stfu daisy. your a waist of space

That is NOT espn's website. it is a sub-domain of "go.com"

You must be one of those idiots that clicks links sent to you by your "bank"...

@10 Shut your face. Sports are great.

Hey, naas...

Quick question, bud.
If you're given the chance to clone yourself, would you consider making love to your cloned self? I'm emphasizing the word "consider" because I'm know the question is kind of taboo and I don't wanna startle you by asking you such a thing. It's the "idea" I'm pointing out, not the act itself. I know it's truly bizarre but I'm just curious.

Seriously though... What you think?


If anyone feel's like answering this question, feel free.
You know... this is the "internets."

i would consider it. Its you afterall, but not really. um no i would not have sexual relations with my cloned self

YES! GO UNICORNS!!! That's my team!

still works on googles cache

go go go!

haha thanks that was awesome

it also changes all the text to pink. i don't know why all websites don't have this. think of all the depression that could be cured..

why did i just read "Konami Coded, Unicorned And RainBONED"?!?!?! :|
i think i just might need vacations... or a mental hospital :D

At least it was Unicorns and not DICK DONUTS:


After i type the konami code, basically any key generates a unicorn/rainbow, at least on that page

@15: i type espn.com on firefox, it redirects me to http://espn.go.com/ so im assuming espn's website is part of go.com? Unless you know espn's actual website..


Would you fück me? I'd fück me. I'd fück me real hard.

@17 hrm that's a tough one, but I don't think so. If my clone had perfect boobs like they did in weird science I'm not sure I could, but I'd definitely cop a few feels to see how I'd react to being groped. Our relationship wouldn't evolve much from there

That is a great question, I find nothing taboo or startling about it. This sort of thing needs to be discussed & is important for the future. What about you?

@15: You're an idiot.


Someone definitely needs to do this to Geekologie.....But bacon starts to spam the page when you hit enter. That would be awesome.


no... bacon starts to spam the page when you enter a comment with "first!" omgwtfbbq!

Funny as hell!!!!

BTW- I think I'd do my clone self. And then forever ponder whether or not it was masturbation...

espn is definitely a part of the "go" network (I think disney/ABC owned). For quite a few years now, whenever you go to www.espn.com it redirects to espn.go.com

World Class I love the hack! and I heart Geekologie!

@31 the baconizer http://www.geekologie.com/2008/12/now_thats_a_tasty_website_the.php#comment

@33 it would be

It's too bad that it is NOT the Konami code which is Up Up Down Down Left RIght Left RIght B A B A

It's missing the last B A

it still works if you go onto espn and click few links before putting in the code.

If it is a female clone version of me, I wouldn't mind fornicating with it. But what boggles me is that would it be considered gay if you're just having sex with your own self that is of the same gender as you. I don't know, I'm still kind of skeptical about it. I mean, your right, I probably might cop a few feel but that would be it - nothing sexual. Even though it's "me" I still wouldn't have sex with it due to the fact that I'm straight.
Maybe if I clone Marilyn Monroe's dead body, I'd still probably consider having sex with it.
Dude, if we have that kind of technology now in our society I think it is the most awesome science break-through in the history of sex. Not only do we find cloning as an essential technology for health and food reproduction but also fulfilling our sexual fantasies to the extreme.

Cornify made my day yesterday. Seriously I couldn't start laughing. I put it on my browser so I can jazz up any site...I couldn't stop laughing. Lame? Yes. But sometime you need some cheesy, jazzy goodtimes!

I'm guessing you mean cloning in the sense of creating an exact replica of yourself as far as age, memories etc go?
Or are we talking about having sex with babies made from our DNA? My fingers are crossed for the latter.

OHMYGOD.Baconlover,wich server are you on?I'm on Draka...Add Whisperkill!

Yeah it would. Since you're a male & you're cloning yourself as another male, making sweet love to the thing makes both of you gay. Just grab it's nice plumpy boobs & tell it 'that's how you say hello to a clone'

If you clone Marilyn's body, be careful not to grow a rotting corpse. Freak of nature or not, that's just disgusting. ...and whatever you end up doing sexually with your clone, make sure doing it in front of a mirror. If the thing starts choking you, you can point at it's reflection while shouting 'look at what you're doing now' just to freak it out


couldn't start?

Is this truly a hack?

Is this truly a hack?

Yes is this a hack... anyone?

Great post.

love it!!

Yes, i've seen these sorts of hacks before. very amusing until it happens to you. I had it on my site, www.wantthelook.com

Nightmare!!! Hacks are in no way great when they happen to you. It happened on my site, http://www.arena-kitchens.co.uk and it was no fun trying to solve the issue.

I do believe I can say this fairly...
Fake and gay, well no cuz you did do it, but its not a hack.
Staged and Bi curious.

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