Apr 4 2009Hardcore: Man Gets Hand Cut Off With Samurai Sword, Punches Attacker With Stump

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Peter Rogers is a hardcore dude. First he insults some guy's girlfriend's mother, and then, in the resulting bar fight, gets his hand cut off with a samurai sword but continues to punch his attacker in the face with his bloody stump. Wow, Mr Rogers (I really loved your little train set!).

Detective Garda Tony Gleeson told Dublin Circuit Criminal Court that Russell severed Mr Roger's hand at the wrist with his first swing of the sword and his hand fell to the ground. Mr Rogers continued to struggle with Russell and at one stage punched the accused in the face with the stump of his arm.

Det Gda Gleeson said that Mr Rogers had been in the pub with a number of friends that day when he heard someone shout, "there's the c**t" before he was struck from behind with a hammer. This blow came from Russell's co-accused and friend who was then wrestled away by bar staff.

Russell then swung a samurai sword at Mr Rogers and continued to strike at him four or five times before staff dragged him away. He was restrained by the bar manager but managed to escape and fled the scene.

Det Gda Gleeson said that one customer picked up Mr Rogers' hand and placed it in ice in a black bag. The victim was taken to the Mater hospital where he underwent emergency surgery to re-attach his hand. He is 'unlikely to regain full use' of limb.

First of all, good looking, Mr Rogers (I loved that episode where you visited the post office!) Secondly, how the hell do you get a samurai sword into a bar? I mean, I can't even count the times I've been frisked because a doorman suspected my penis was a WMD (which, to their credit, it totally is. Ladies?). Lastly, sorry to hear about your hand, Mr Rogers (don't forget to feed the fish!), but look on the bright side -- Best. Strangers. EVER.

Sword attacker sliced off victim's left hand

Thanks to Matthew and Cian, who once got their hands cut off but only cried about it. Wow, you two could really learn a thing or two from Mr Rogers here. Including, but not limited to: how to be a good neighbor.

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who the f**k carries a sword around anymore?!

Yay three I love u Miko!! <3

if i were to cut someones hand of atleast i would pick it up and highfive myself a cupple of times... anyone?

A hammer AND a sword?

What kind of bar is that?

Exactly Dave, surprised GW didn't pick up on THAT tasty little tidbit.

A farking HAMMER.

And speaking of tidbits, I'm ordering donuts in.....

since when is it ok to carry a sword around in a bar and why would you punch somebody with your bloody stump hand, that probably wouldnt feel to great

I thought Begby was in jail...

How does one go about carrying around a samurai sword without looking suspicious?

It sounds to me like a nerdy bar if people fight with hammers, and Samurai Swords... not just a sword but a Samurai sword! Whats next... a Level 19 FireBall Spell?!, Quick! use an Elixer! Sorry to hear about the hand, but that guys is freaken awesome!! I want him to be my neighbor!

Wow! What a story! Talking about a tough guy!

It's better to have the hand cut off than the balls!

Some sword yielding Russell is walking around with a bloody stump blood stamped shirt.

Link? Any proof at all?

It's just a flesh wound!

@4 That wouldn't be solely possible at that point..haha

I like the brutal actions of those who have no limbs.

From the article: Russell's defence counsel said his client had developed a cocaine problem and had been taking drugs and drinking for four days prior to the assault.

Cocaine is a hell of a drug.

Someone issue that man a platinum edition man card.

Geekologie Writer's WMD (penis) *swoon*

this reminds me of the time that a friend and i went to a little dive bar all jacked up on jolt and pixie sticks intending to bust up a neo-nazi concert. i went in first, and had a 2 oz. chisel hammer in my pocket. my friend, who was carrying a 6' long scythe carefully concealed under his kippah, burst in and yelled "it's time to drop the f'ing hammer" and so i dropped my hammer and watched as he got the shit beat out of him because there wasn't enough room to swing his scythe in this place. in hindsight, i probably should've ordered a beer chaser with that shot i had ordered, but i was a little wired and couldn't think straight. plus they were getting tired of kicking him and had realized we were together.

Haha! Angel dust is a dangerous drug >.<

I think I actually fainted from the hardcorecoolness of this man. And started getting involuntarily humpy... that's awkward....

Who the hell picked up the guys severed hand? I mean it was a nice gesture and all, buy why the hell do you pick up the guy's bloody hand?

"So what did your friend do while you were losing your hand?"
"He just sat at the bar getting hammered."


True story that. Anyone who doesn't believe it, try some google searches on Irish newpapers. I am from Dublin and that kind of madness does not happen a lot, but fair balls to the lad who kept fighting minus a hand !
Makes Brad Pitt and Jean Claude Van Damme look like muppets.

By the way his hand is useless now and he has lost his job and girlfriend and drinks all th time now. Hope he gets his head fixed soon.

@19 Agrees fully

@25 Nice one :D

Wonders why the thought it would be a good idea to not pull away the guy with the sword first?

PS wonder if they had this?


There would not be security on most local pubs so if some lunatic wated to bring a chainsaw in he could. If i remember the facts it was during the daytime, not a nightclub.
Coke is the problem, makes angry young men into Sword wielding killers. Never tried it myself but I have seen the dangerous things people try after taking it.

@23: "involuntarily humpy?"

I love you.

Doesn't it actually say that Russel continued to swing at Mr. Rogers with the sword, not that Mr. Rogers got stump punchy?

Also it's really easy to walk around with a Samurai sword because you just look like a sad c**t, not a ninja. I think a woman got stabbed with a samurai sword outside DIT Aungier street, which is also in Dublin. Could have been worse though, I'm glad you can't buy guns over here. Coke maybe a problem, but knackers who think they can go on murder spree's with a hammer and a god damn samurai sword are not good lads turned bad by evil coke.

31- It says both - read the whole article - link is at the bottom of the post.

fSN - You're never online anymore! I was buzzed and bored when I got home last night with no one fun to talk to... =(


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max takes off his shoes, and puts on sneakers, and then puts on a nice sweater. Later he don's a gas mask and gets together with the king and the trolly and cooked some meth that he sold to the residents of the neighborhood, making the day truly beautiful.

@18 - F U C K YO COUCH!

dude is a badass... and my hero

@ Ryan
Apparently you missed the move "Highlander" where McLeod wanders all over New York City with his katana under his trench coat. (In the theater the first time we saw this moving we started whistling tunelessly during these scenes.)

I'd rather expect there's blame to go 'round on this one. The MAN must have done/said something to elicit such a premeditated reaction.

Maybe it was a war hammer. But it couldn't have been much of one given the lack of impact on our hero.

All of you who are still lucky enough to have your lives, take them and go. But leave the limbs that you've lost, they belong to me now!!

Chuck Norris has competition for tough guy, he's never punched anyone in the face with his bloody stump!

I lived in D7 and worked in Blanch for years. I saw some rough types, but this is crazy! It doesn't shock me in the least bit though. Us yanks just assume that Ireland is not as violent as America. but I've never heard of anyone getting assaulted by a pack of children in the states or held up with dirty needles and such like you would in Dublin.

wow, he gets 342592438056 man points for fighting with a bloody stump
extremely amazing

This is why I'm going to purchase a .357 snub nose. If someone draws any weapon capable of causing serious injury or death, you have the right to defend. Defend with a PEW PEW straight to the dome. Anyway, the influence cocaine and alcohol are no good reasons to have committed this act. This is why everyone should forgo such drugs and just smoke weed. No one would be chopping limbs if they were high on weed (not on purpose anyway), it just wouldn't make any sense. In addition, they'd probably be too lazy/hungry.

Have you wondered who the greatest Japanese sword smith is? Read it all here.

Ahah, this happened in the deputy mare, across from charlestown.
I live about 3 minutes away from where it happened.

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