Apr 14 2009Gross!: Man Grows Small Fir Tree In Lung

tree lung.jpg

Apparently some guy was huffing pinecones when he accidentally snorted a bud into his lungs, where it grew into a little tree. Please note: man was not actually snorting pinecones, I just made that up for the sake of providing you with the highest quality investigative journalism. Also, I don't know know if you could tell or not, but I made that graphic using Photoshop. Elite skills: I'm full of them. But hopefully, not evergreens.

Artyom Sidorkin, came to a hospital in the city of Izhevsk in Central Russia last week, complaining that he was experiencing chest pain and coughing up blood.

After submitting to an X-ray the doctors saw a lump in the patient's lung. After a biopsying the lump the doctors pulled out a 5 centimeter fir tree branch out of his lung, complete with needles.

Sick! At least he didn't swallow it though. Because one time I swallowed a pumpkin seed and then several months later pissed a jack-o-lantern, complete with cut-out face and candle. Boy did I feel 8 pounds lighter!

Hit the jump for a graphic shot of the tree and partial lung after removal. NOT recommended for lunch viewing.


Man Grows 5 Centimeter Tree Branch In His Lung [io9]

Thanks to Dorothy and Richie-Con-Carne, who both grew watermelons in their younger siblings because they were mean.

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This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie NEver Back Down where Max helped a kid who was in a bike accident and ended up renting a room from his mom. Later he had sex with the kid's mom, right in front of him, and took him to the disco dance place to find some chicks for himself.

should be on the next episode of House...

i agree with daisy, something about some kids mom and disco dancing... totally fake

O' Christmas Tree
O' Christmas Tree
*coughs up blood*
Thanks a lot Santa...

Nom nom nom.
just in time for lunch.


That's just nasty!! I guess it would have had no problem getting nutrients and oxygen. Sunlight is a problem though, no wonder it was still so tiny.

Sounds like that one episode of X-Files where the weird silicon fungus was exploding peoples lungs.

I've gotten a piece of fur burger caught in my throat before...

I guess it's not the same thing.

Probably one of the FAKEST things I've seen. Come on now! No root sytem? Really? You mean a branch just grows from nothing? A branch that could only grow needles on it if it were a sapling (which is big)? Kinda like giving birth to a 2' human arm. Stupidest thing I've ever read. Come on, Geekologie Writer. You've seen it all - this one should send off alarm bells.

I know this might be off-topic but found out Mr. Geekologie's real name - Matthew B. Don't know surname.

In Soviet Russia, trees build houses in you!

I grew a marijuana plant in my lungs once.

And by lungs I mean my closet with grow lights. It eventually made it into my lungs.

Wow. my mouth hung open in the student lab, this pic got to me... people stared.

UPDATE: someone threw a branch in my open mouth.


Why does everyone who says that it is a photoshop job always say "fake because the shadow's are all wrong", granted fake it may be but damn, come up with another line!

@15 - It is what we in the business call a "running gag." And Daisy is a marathon runner when it comes to this gag.

Them damn aliens are at it again, I tell you. First my cattle, now my trees. Why don't they just probe us and get it over with?

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, not sure about this one...

I suppose the only good thing about this, is that he can now brag about having that pine freshness in his breath that we're all looking for these days.

He'll be a real babe magnet, I'm sure...

Does anyone else thinks this looks like a lobster tail?

Nasty.. he's lucky it didn't get bigger

This reminds me of the time that i took up doctoring, and read all about some mold that grows on pot and apparently was found growing inside the cranium of a pot smoker who was complaining of sinus headaches.
Now I just make hash from the moldy stuff, and toss out all ~50 micron and smaller bits.

Mmmmm...does anyone else smell that pine-fresh smell?

At least they didn't pull out a DICK DONUT:


hmmmm i don't think it grew there

you'd think he would go to the doctors complaining of inhaling a tree branch, not chest pain.

but then again he might not have noticed, i mean, would YOU notice when half a fir tree went up your nose?

I bet he could hold his breath for hours! He has a whole ecosystem in him.

Daisy's right this time, there is no way that this is a sapling. I've grown thousands of trees from seeds and cuttings, and this is not what a fir sappling looks like. That is a piece of a mature branch.

So he either aspirated that thing into his lung, or the whole story is a complete fake.

- bob

don't the seeds from fir trees come from pine cones?

how the heck did this guy inhale a pinecone?

This shit totally already happened to Chris Burke from "Life Goes On".


@9: ha ha, fuuuuuur burger.

the best evidence that this is fake is that the needles are green. Growing in a dark enclosed space like that would not allow for the production of chlorophyll. I'm not saying that it wasn't found in his lung, just that it didn't grow in there. He probably aspirated it at some point.

this is pretty obviously not real. i know it's lame to say "oh, this is so fake" to everything, but in this case, it's deserved. don't people realize that trees require sunlight to grow? there's really no possibility that he inhaled a seed and it started growing in his lung. that leaves the possibility that he inhaled a 5cm branch with needles...that's not entirely impossible, but i would assume that it's pretty difficult. in any case, it's not something that he could've been surprised about, but something that he did intentionally.

also, the location of this story? central russia? that's two steps from saying this happened in magical fairyland. gw needs to start getting a little skeptical about every crazy story that he finds.

wtf is this daisy photoshop bulls.hit i keep seeing all the time?!


I dunno what to make of this one, or the thought that snorting a few marijuana seeds could yeild a similar result

looks like a crockroach

@7: Yep plenty of oxygen, trees love it!

@32 As much as I also believe that he aspirated the entire thing (no light == no tree), what green do you see in that picture? It's nothing but red and brown (with a white background).

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Omg, it's The Happening!

Actually 38 trees love carbon dioxide and kick us down sweet sweet O2.

Ummm this is so fake. This is another notion supported by invented data and/or skewed analyses. Seriously? I agree with Warren Piece, this is fake. No root system visible? Why it is almost like someone ran out of the operating theater and yanked off the tip of a branch, shoved it in there to make a sensational story that just might make a little sugar flow their way.

One more point, I know it is covered in blood and all, but for something supposedly growing in the complete darkness of A LUNG it sure isn't etiolated (ever left onions or potatoes in the dark and they grew? were they green stout? NO) and seems to have greened up just nicely. Perhaps this guy also had a window in his lung providing it with light?

Now I want to hear more about the guy with dredlocks who was complaining of headaches and he was found to have centipedes living in his hair.

He may be relieved about the cancer, but he now must contend with the potential for Pine Beetles...

Can we say PHOTOSYNTHESIS? I'm surprised only a handful of people are touching on the real deal breaker, no light=no green. Why didn't the so-called botanist call it on this?

Thank you sailor---to put it in layman's terms--plants use a chemical called Cholorphyll to absorb light and make food for themselves (The actual chemical equation which takes place is the reaction between carbon dioxide and water, catalysed by sunlight, to produce glucose and a waste product, oxygen. The glucose sugar is either directly used as an energy source by the plant for metabolism or growth, or is polymerised to form starch, so it can be stored until needed. The waste oxygen is excreted into the atmosphere, where it is made use of by plants and animals for respiration)--thus no light no food no growth---thus fake

Well, for all you "oh no it's fake it's photoshop and the shadows are all wrong".

maybe.. a video?


I'm more concerned that the "Doctor" isn't wearing gloves.

welcome to my video game

It's a good idea. Thank you

Has nobody looked at the scale on the ruler in the photo?? The scale is in metric and measures a little over 2cm / 20mm. That's around 3/4 of an inch. The piece has no roots but is possibly small enough to be sucked in?? However I'm sure the chap would have well and truely known about it! Possibly not a fake but definately not a sapling.

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