Apr 13 2009Cute: 2-Year Playing Street Fighter II Turbo

This is a video of a two-year old playing Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix and pulling off Zangief's Double German Suplex simply by mashing all the buttons. Which, ironically, is how I play.

My two year old son's first time in front of the joystick, playing against another five year old online in Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix. Manages to get a couple grabs and finishes the third round with a double suplex. He also did Fei Long's flaming kick and some other special moves in matches I didn't get on video. He's better at flailing at 2 than I was at 22 when SF2 came out in the arcade. :P I'm so proud.

Hearing the father say "push the buttons" gets pretty annoying after the first time, so feel free to skip to the last 15-seconds to watch the kid pull off the suplex. Then, start training your own child for a promising career in video games. Hey, anything can happen. Believe it or not, I even touched a boob once. *poker face* Admit it -- I had you going for a second!

Baby Pulls Off Zangief's Double German Suplex [kotaku]

Thanks to Julian, who once beat Sagat with one eye closed, just to be fair.

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Reader Comments


that is so cute!

WTF push the buttons, push the buttons? sounds like something else.

pretty good... im gonna train my fish better though

They start younger and younger... soon we'll have sea monkeys in wombs playing consoles



street fighter vs mortal kombat

go go go go go!

great way to start a kid towards violence, people never failed to amaze me and they always stereotype themselves.

Que awesome line:

'...who once beat Sagat with one eye closed, just to be fair.'

Kid is pretty smart!

When i was 2 i played too with my awsome famicom.
And hell yeah it was street fighter turbo 2. xD

@1 spelling fail, it's first not FR1ST as you so put it.

I had a similar experience once, but instead of pressing a bunch of random buttons I had someone else do it for me... >.>

There's seems to be a lot of douchey comments today!

@12, you're such a noob.

Is this kid retarded?


No, but he is receptive to sexual advances. You'd better go save him!

I like at 1:00 the dad becomes disappointed / annoyed with the kid. "Keep hitting the buttons... argh, you're no son of mine!"

children with technological abilities frighten me...

at least I know the dangers of the DICK DONUT


What did you expect from a guy with a shitty entertainment center that he made in 8th grade wood shop. Clean your effin house dude it's a pigsty.

Great, another obese kid in the making.
Get the kid out from in front of the TV, go outside, and play with the kid.
yes, it means you'll have to put down the box of twinkies and bottle of YooHoo.

That's just like the video I made a few weeks back. Read the 'more info' before you watch.


i swear to god, if i hear the word "buttons" one more time, i'll kill that son of a bitch father.

Wow, the dad's so annoying.

Pff. I could beat that kid.

Fighting game EPIC WIN.

Parenting EPIC FAIL.

His dad is VERY OBVIOUSLY HIGH in this video. Its undeniable.


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