Apr 24 2009Cat Appears Wirelessly Controlled By Printer

This is Molly the cat. Molly the cat appears to be wirelessly controlled by the actions of this home printer. It's a very special connection. Not as special as my printer and I, but that's only because we've been going at it since junior-high. Isn't that right, Inky? Now tone me. Oh yeah, baby. Darker!


Thanks to the-iguana, who once shot a man for calling him an anole.

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That's awesome!


oh thats funny

I really friggin want to watch this.



This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max befriended a robot who got hit by lightning and it saved his buisiness.

our tortie does something quite similar (and she looks quite similar) with the printer. one time she got herself in such a tizzy that she jumped up and landed on all the buttons which made a very loud *BEEP* noise, and she flipped out further, jumped about 3 feet into the air and ran away. i think torties can just be really skittish.

Wow I think someone has the same connection with his printer as steve has with the oven at quizno.

To everyone who can't watch videos at work: have you tried copying the link into something like keepvid.com, and downloading the video file?

Those are tell tale signs of robot kitteh, I've seen it before. It just appears cute while that cat is really downloading information on KILLING PEOPLE

Daisy, always good seeing you☺

horray for wireless printer cat...

more than wi-fi controlled, he looks like an epileptic or tourettes cat!

no joke, i have the same exact printer


I have the same exact printer








I don't usually eat retarded cats but, I will make an exception in this case.

That's pretty good...but this one gets me every time!


My scanner is very much lookalike! Almost the same.

Yay!! I have a cat named molly!

What a delightful little furball. They failed to show what Molly does when they turn on the jukebox. All I'll say is that it looks a little something like this, but with a bit of the foxtrot mixed in:


poor cat is jumpy :(. Naas, seriously stop, Daisys posts are the equivalents of the first! posts, just stop.

oh gosh i wasted another 1:33min of my life...
damn u cat

too much caffeine? 0o

Reminds me of the alarm clock and the crocodile from Peter Pan, and how it makes Hook twitch when he hears it.

That is so my cat, who is fascinated with the printer, but it is too too hysterical to touch the cat when they have their head near the paper outlet listening to the noise and watching the paper slowly coming out...they can leap as high as a flea. Printers are clearly to cats what robots are to GW, evil and not to be trusted. (Better keep an eye on your printer GW, 'cause cats have better senses than humans do, and may know something you have overlooked) I would question Inky if I were you.

but g dubs, wouldnt dating a printer be similar to dating a robot? just last week i caught my printer trying to put its poisonous ink on my paper! Almost as if it hoped I'd absorb it into my skin! It's weird... it looked like it wrote a letter to santa on it, too... and it wanted exactly what I wanted! What does a printer want with a velociraptor anyways? Is it going to *vrum... clack* it's way into battle against the humans on it?

It's a good idea .Thank you.

good article...thanks a lot for the information!

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