But He Was Just Here: More Urban Camo

April 7, 2009

urban camo.jpg

Urban camouflage is an ever growing fashion trend as more and more crazy people seem to be out to get you for no particular reason besides being batshit insane. Also, stalking. That's a problem too. Quick, look outside -- I am in your bushes! Can you see me? Sucker -- stalkers can use camo too! Now, look at the second bush to the right. Other way -- your right. You see me waving a stick? Made you look -- that's my penis! Honestly, what do you think?

Hit the jump for five more worthwhile ways to hide in plain sight.

urban camo 1.jpg

urban camo 2.jpg

urban camo 3.jpg

urban camo 4.jpg

urban camo 5.jpg

urban camo 6.jpg

Urban Camouflage: The Art of Hiding [toxel]

Thanks to Matt, who once tried to hide from a ninja by standing on a toilet in a bathroom stall. It didn't work.

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