Apr 22 2009Best Nintendo DS Case Ever? Hint: Yes

ds hooters 1.jpg

This is by far the best Nintendo DS case ever crafted. If you can't tell by the censor block I put over the picture, they're boobs. But not just any boobs. Really soft looking ones. I swear, we get a picture of Jessica Chobot licking this and BOOM!: the cover of TIME Magazine. For the next thirty years. Also, peace in the Middle East.

Hit the jump for the uncensored picture.

ds hooters 2.jpg

Nintendo DS Cover (NSFW) [wiinoob]

Thanks to Julian, who thought they were ice cream sundaes. They are, Julian, they are.

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hahahahah I WIN


i guess its as good a reason to have knitted boobies around the house as any


C'mon, at least when you squeeze them they should lactate hand cream or something. :(

is it just me or do they look ... kind of wrinkly.... :P


I know someone who's naptime pillow is made almost exactly like this. only instead of knitted boobs, it's regular soft fabric...


Can I use your boobs as a pillow?

they need some areola action

So is this what happened to Miss Piggy's titties after her gender reassignment surgery?

11- If you can get the bf to move his giant head, yes, you can.


Don't worry, my massively large head lice will not only move his head out of the way, but they'll also pack his bags and purchase his plane tickets to Antartica from priceline.com. Them's some smart bugs!


Did I say head lice? .....I meant cra....err....PALM AID! My PALM AID can do that stuff....Yeah! I'm a Dapper Dan man, damnit!

wiat what the hell i had first


Was the censor really nesseccary?
btw, I can't spell neccessary and I majored in English.

Chris = FAIL! ;]

GW, you are my hero.

PSP-licking girl deserves some love.

How the --- has it got to the stage where a knitted pair of --- has to be censored on the homepage? Why is stuff censored at all? I don't think the Geekologie audience is a particularly prudish or oversensitive bunch, right?

EDIT: Unbelievable - I just had to edit the F word and the T word out of my comment. This is the beginning of the end for Geeko.

knitted genitals need love too!


Welcome to the club. We haven't been able to type the naughty words for quite some time now.

seriously... censored wool made boobs ? wth !?


It had been too long since I left a comment on Geekologie... when did all this shite come into place? Really sucks.



This is when it began. I think.

Wreaks havoc on game play for some, huh?

@5 They aren't knitted, they're crocheted!

Although, knitted patterns for boobs are out there. 8D

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