Apr 16 2009AT-AT X-Ray Reveals Shocking Interior

atat xray.jpg

THEY'RE DINOSAURS! No wonder I was always so drawn to the lumbering giants so much. Admit it -- I'm not the only one who's lighted his saber during the Hoth battle scene, right? Right?

AT-AT Walker X-Rayed: It's a Dinosaur! [gizmodo]

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that is the shit, they should have done a part in the movies showing that they captured animals and would make them half and half, like darth vader half man half robot, but they should have shown the flesh parts on the AT AT . would have been awesome like a live action SONIC the hedgehog

@3 - clearly

LOL @ imperial veternarian clinic bottom left

i dont know, that doesnt seem right.

This is stoopid. Fact.

sadly, i kinda enjoy these kinds of posts

This is awesome. Show some more. I want to see the AT-ST

@ Freddy K - Everyone knows the AT-ST is just a chicken in a suit. :)

I KNEW IT!...now it fits so easily into my SUV...hehehe

How do they poop?

it has a crystal bead dildo in its sphinctre


14- So just got buy a new one...

Lmao I saw that coming

Look.. it has a tail!


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max was captured to be sacrificed to the sun god, but right before he was killed there was an eclipse, and they didn't need to kill him.

So exactly which part did Luke cut open and throw a detonator into?

They are harnassed dinos.U didn't know?


Must have this on a shirt. NOW!

All this Star Wars nonsense is saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad.

Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad I tell you.

you guyz r retarded X-rays cant penetrate metal dummy

its all cool and stupid...i just like it cause its stupid

' Isn't a dinosaur. The legs may have some sauropod like characteristics, but the torso is certainly mammalian and the head belongs to a turtle! Seriously - check an anatomy text.

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