Apr 29 20093D Chess Adds Dimension To The Game

3d chess.jpg

Tired of playing plain old chess? 3-way chess just not cutting it for you anymore? How about some 3-D chess? What rolls down stairs, alone or in pairs, rolls over your neighbor's dog? What's great for a snack, and fits on your back, It's 3D CHESS CHESS CHESS! Ooooh snap -- you just got Ren and Stimpy'd! Anyways, this 3D chessboard was designed by Ji Lee and bears an unstriking resemblance to Star Trek Tri-Dimensional Chess. Truthfully, I never even know the rules for chess*, I just like playing with the pieces. Haha -- my castle just stomped one of your guys with the hat! Now it's gonna....WHAT'S YOUR HORSEY DOING ON MY QUEEN?!?

3D Chessboard Is Like Q*bert for Smart People [gizmodo]

*I was kidding for the sake of the article, I'm actually a Grand Dungeon Master.

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This is going into dangerous territory. Americans struggle with 2D chess at the best of times. This is going to cause some serious headaches.

#3, I do have a headache

#4 Don't worry I've got your back. I've heard of this problem hundreds of times with your kind. Your left leg goes in the left side of your pants. You still with me? Then your right leg goes in the only remaining hole. Then it's just a case of pulling them all the way up. Well done! You just dressed yourself. Have a cookie.

meh, looks a little like the top of a tetris block at 1000x

this reminds me of q-bert and the fact that hnefatafl is way better than chess.


I see you have returned. How's my dead father's cock taste in your toothless mouth? Also, this site is an American site. NOT YOUR A PEON, NOT GAYSIAN, AMERICAN. Now kindly go fück yourself.

@5 as long as you're on your knees, I think I'm better off with em down

wow cool, now i can play chess from an aeial point of view and it will feel like im playing lamo 2d chess

I see the anti-American troll is back, oh dear. He's taking very special care with his spelling and punctuation this time, it's nice to see that he cares.

ando does have a point, you are all rather stupid

I know I am, but what are you?

At first I thought ando and meatsack kid were the same person, but that would take at least a small amount of thinking to do.... impossible

It's LOG, It's LOG,
It's Big, It's Heavy, It's Wood
It's LOG, It's LOG,
It's better than Bad, it's Good....

@14 this statement is coming from you, an american, the most unintelligent of all races

I'm gonna have to agree with #15 on this one... very compelling argument.

USA all the way

into a grinder, hopefully


I think you have race and nationality confused. So much for your extensive knowledge of the English language. America is the home to the majority of the world's races. meatykid is a scientologist. It's the only way to explain such ignorant discourse.

#16 I didn't know "American" was a race.
Wow. Way to flex those superior intelectual skills there.

@21I didn't catch that one!

hahahaha Meatsack you're retarded!

im counting the entirety of the american population as one race, mostly because you share the same brain cell.

i suppoe your right, disease is more accurate

Meatnut...that doesn't even make any sense....

that is all.

Here is what you do, ignore dumbass comments and move on, oh shit... the paradoxial nature of this comment will make my head explode..........

timbo seems to be the leader of your group.
thats how you pick your presidents isnt it? you pick the candidate with the lowest IQ

If you're going to hurl insults at someone else's intelligence, you should try not spelling like an 8-year-old. Ando and Meathead here are probably the same person—same piss-poor spelling and grammar, same obtuse arguments.

There are stupid people everywhere. If you believe otherwise then you haven't traveled or are probably one of them. If you argue about it on teh interwebz you're definitely one of them

hey GW, more gamer chicks please

Stop feeding anti-american nationalist trolls.

LOG LOG - damnit, I'll have that in my head all day...

It's big it's brown it's wood!!!!!

everyone wants a log,
everyone needs a log!

So, like log for girls, will there be 3D chess for girls?

all this is is a chessboard with elevated squares. real 3d chess has 3 boards, one on top of each other.

Hey Thumper, can you watch YouTube videos at work?



This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max moved to Montana to start a dental floss farm. He also kept bees, and would use them for their wax which he melted down, and while riding a pygmy pony, he would pluck some floss off the dental floss bush, and using a pair of zircon encrusted tweezers, he'd swish the floss around in the wax. And as he rode off into the dawn of montana you'd hear him holler Yippy-Ty-O-Ty-Ay.


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Ricki-Oh where Ricki moved to Montana to start a dental floss farm. And got strangled by Oscar with his own intestines.

Can't watch any vids, and most websites are filtered. As a matter of fact, I can't get to Superfish or IWatchStuff either. Just geekologie.

@39 there can be only 1 Daisy. Imitators have fallen before, don't become one of them

@16 we made be stupid but we build a da mn good bomb NAZ!


anyway, 4-D Chess is where its at. The extra dimension means you feel the geek spirits steal your soul!

#43 No, the extra dimension is the complete and utter waste of time spent pondering how one plays "4D Chess", assessing meaning to it and then actually playing it. As a side note, those usually fulfilled by such activities have also been known to be avid "first" posters.

meatykid just fyi....


there is actually 3 level chess... that, my friend(as mccain would say) is the true 3-D chess

Amazing idea!

#44 Wow, Im flattered that your last post before the super AIDS consumed you body was about my post that took me 5 secs to think of and post. CHECKMATE! LOLOLOLOL


I want it now! Butch Decossas

Oh no. Apparently I'm being consumed by "the super AIDS". By the way , #48, its should be consumed YOUR body....
just sayin.


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