Apr 26 20093...2...1...: Largest Model Rocket Blasts Off

rocket 1.jpg

Remember the world's largest model rocket? Yeah, well it blasted off yesterday without a hitch (or Space Bat). This is a picture of the 36-foot tall, 1,600lb beast about to take to the skies. There's a couple more pictures and a video of the launch after the jump, so be sure to check that out. But not my girlfriend, or I'll punch you in the eyes.

Hit the launch button for the rest.

rocket 2.jpg

rocket 3.jpg

rocket 4.jpg

Shots of the 36-Foot Saturn V Model Launch: That's a Big Rocket [gizmodo]

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Reader Comments

thats cool

first!!! XD
*slaps JK*

That's awesome. But what's the point in having a LARGE model rocket?

@2=epic fail

So... these people have accomplished in their spare time what North Korea has been trying to do for years?


Wowwy wow wow! That's amazingtaculspacular!!

And the point of a large model rocket is?....killing time?...getting chicks' phone numbers?....somebody help me out here


@7 AND 3
larger model rockets go higher and are much more impressive


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max and his friends lit off a model rocket and not only did it go out of control and blaze through his dad's office, getting him in trouble, it ended up making him a homer, if you know what I mean, since he could only launch after that from brokeback mountain

I thought it'd go higher.

I did came closer to the Moon than the rest of us

Well done! Hopefully next time it will be bigger and with a wider reach again.And maybe it's going to carry a lill payload as well to start with.

How is that even considered a model rocket. 5 people could easily fit in that thing.

@ 12

right one on my it friend

Lmao @ 5.

Thank god for geeks with money and spare time.

The spare time, I have. The money...not so much.

That's how Superman would fly........

stfu daisy, your a waist of space.

I think it was made out of legos

Didnt quite make orbit i see

I'm saying that might as well be called "mini-rocket" not LARGE model rocket....That thing is huge.

niiiiice i bet it did better than the TAEPODONG II

lol #19 waist of space....... what's with disy's waist? oh wait... you meant WASTE!

@ 19, stop stealing my name!!!!

@24 Since we're on the subject of correcting other people's mistakes...Daisy, not disy =) you can thank me with your mom

WELCOME TO AMERICA..wher the people of this nation can build better MODLE rocets than the acctual government of North Korea...PWND!!

They should've made a 7 kitteh krew with all different breeds. Then when it transforms, they all pilot differnt limbs & that extra seventh cat pilots the tail.

You guys, that model rocket is a fake. It's Photoshopped. You can tell because the shadow's are all wrong. Plus, NORAD didn't fire an interceptor missile at it after it launched. What a fluke... #10 Daisy called it right.

At what point in size does a model rocket become an actual rocket?

You have stolen North Korea's secret military secrets! You will pay for your mockery! I will unleash a tide of swine-flu upon the world and dance upon its devistation!


(I am so ronrey)

Just glad it didn't land on someones house or kill anyone

I want a whale.

daisy, STFU!!! nobody gives a $#17 about max and hid friggin father, and the photoshop crap needs to end.

oh, and by the way, north korea may not be able to produce rockets or reliable space flight, but south korean scientists invented the worlds first glow-in-the-dark puppies!! look it up! (its actually really sad and animal rights activists are going to have a field day on it.) luckily, we cant do anything to those moronic scientists in south korea!


You haven't seen anything until you've seen MACHO MAN Randy Savage trip/FREAK OUT on a bongful of Salvia:


Daisy, u are too wrapped up in conspiracies to see the truth. The shadows are correct, includind the possible shading on the dark side of the rocket, but you never noticed the reflection in the sunglasses. This has alien technology written all over it, especially seeing as us humans dont understand how important it is to build 36 foot rockets that dont go to the moon...

I sure hope there was a monkey on that rocket


Wow..I wish I had a model rocket that size! I bet it cost a fortune..

Also see this:



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