Mar 4 2009Tired Of Rubik's Cube? Try A Pentaminx


The Pentaminx is basically a Rubik's Cube on steroids. But not the oral ones -- I'm talking the kind you have to shoot into your buttcheeks.

While the original design was created by Andrew Cormier, the completed Petaminx puzzle you see above was cast and hand-assembled by Jason, who clearly has the patience of a saint. So what goes into a masterpiece like this? All-in-all there are 975 individual parts not including the 1,212 stickers that each had to be placed by hand, one at a time. Overall the Petaminx took about 75 hours to complete including the molding process, cleaning the parts, assembly and finish.

Whatever you do, don't tell this poor bastard -- he's pissed away enough of his life already. But me, pfft, I could solve that joint in like a minute. Check it -- *twist twist twist* *twist twist twist* *twist twist -- POW!* Haha -- you just got dodec'ed the hell out, son!

Hit the jump for a video of the first mix-up.

Petaminx Dodecahedral Puzzle Would Make Ernő Rubik Cry [ohgizmo]

Thanks to formerly SPELLINGNAZI, who has shifted his focus to grammer.

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omg first n i lol'd

I'm so sad I call second too

That thing's way to complex, I'd just throw it at something.

And... Is that fSN's first post cred? W00t.

A twist here.. and a twist there... and....umm.. oops.. maybe the other way....Noooo.. too far. Oh crap.. maybe If I just turn like this... nnnnoo... aarrghh!! Damn you GW.... you've only made this worse!!!

*Throws against wall*

AAAARRRRRRGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!! THE SHRAPNEL!! IT BURNS!!!! Bring me the ointment....and a Fudgecicle.....

My brain hurts just looking at it...

Try these simpler puzzles on for size.

woah! SHIT! Lets see all those stupid rubik's masters master this shit. I'm interested to see someone solve it.


i spotted a star in the middle. is a fun place to be! why don't you try it?

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#13 DIE! DIE! DIE!

This is clearly fake. How and why would there be 1200 stickers and only 975 total parts in the thing.

I mean there are stickers on the top of each puzzle part. Then there are more parts on the inside without stickers. It does not make sense...

I conclude this is a complete photoshop job.

@12 & 13. I'm going to kill you in your sleep when you least expect it.

its like a swift kick in the balls......i'd rather commit suicide than have to solve that thing

Oh, really? I prefer Millionaire Loving co m to any day of the week. And I would seriously kill myself if I had to solve one of these. If a group of super stealth sexy secret spies were to assail on me and give me the ultimatum of either joining their orgy or solving this abomination, I guess I would have to yield.

Drumroll… Rubik's3


Okay, I give up. My HTML skills are as good as a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest. Pew3, how the hell do you do that superscript?!

Drumroll... Rubik's³

Can't keep a good man down, biznatches.

Character map! Good job!

Now we're all in trouble!

Jason no last name like Beyonce?

and tìts

I ♥ gizmoduck!

Does anyone really enjoy these type of puzzles?

gizmoduck ≠♥ me

#15. It is real. Just watch the video. And of course it will have more stickers than parts. Just think of the Rubik's cube. Just look at one of the corners of the Rubik's cube. That one corner is one part. But it has 3 stickers on it.

There is a big discussion about this on I assure you this is not fake.

I bet he doesn't know how to solve it

OMFG, I killed my rubiks cube, I'd blow this thing up...with explosives...

#30. You are not very sarcastic, are you?

#33 - I was just trying to save you some embarrassment by explaining to you how it worked. You obviously were not being sarcastic. Nice try though.

#34. eat my shorts.

Oh. and it is still fake.

My brain hurts just watching that video.

you weren't sarcastic. and you are an idiot. and you don't think.
and you got pwned. stop it now. its real. get over it. stop whining like a wus.
btw "and its still fake" : thats what she said
"eat my shorts": thats what your mum said

just in case you are going to quote me now with the whining like a wus part and answer "thats what she said" to it or something. its not as funny when someone has done it already.

I think you mean "grammar". spelling nazi-2.

@ 38: u just called yourself an idiot. hilarious!

and i am too lazy to read... so sad.

It is fake. It is funny.

You are the person who got all excited about the "big discussion". How could this be fake after seeing the video? There is the sarcasm. What about this site is not for sarcasm? There is NOTHING serious here.

Go pull your twat over your head and fish.

This is the worst idea ever.

Hey GW, you forgot my "©"


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadows are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max decided to learn how to do the rubik's cube. He gets obsessed with it and figures out how it works. With that recent knowledge, he makes a 100x100 cube, 50 times in size. He then gets arrested because that's ridiculous.

The real name is Teraminx and it cost $2000-

#46) No, the teraminx has 3 turning layers per face. This has 4 turning layers per face.

if they sold it, it would say "where is your god now?" on the package
LMAO!!! :D:D:D

The first thing that came into my mind when I saw this: "Jesus hates you."

Following the steps of George Lucas, Clive Barker decided to aim his next Hellraiser film to a younger audience in order to make more profit from the merchandise.

... Only $2,000?? I wouldn't accept that damn thing for free, I'd much rather commit suicide.

Anyone think the half-assembled version has a death star-esque quality to it?

My head exploded just by looking at it

WOW that must be tough!


omg my brain just exploded

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