Mar 15 2009The Periodic Table Of Video Game Charcters

periodic characters 1.jpg

Wow, what a periodic weekend! First yesterday's table of typefaces, and now one of video game characters! WOO WOO! Hit THIS to see the thing in its entirety. So, what do you think? Personally, I think it's questionable as hell. It looks like they just threw characters into spots based on their names with no regard for valence shells or reactivity. Now, I hate to be a stickler for science, but why is Neon dry humping his bed's footboard?

IHC's Periodic Table of Video Game Characters [iheartchaos]

Thanks to JJ, who's smart enough to realize Raiden and Kratos don't belong in the noble gases.

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Reader Comments

I wouldn't say that popeye is a video game character.

Popeye = Mario

Wow. GW is posting on a Sunday. How surprising...

That is epic! I need that in poster size!

Yeah, Hefer from Rocko's Modern Life isn't a video game character either, as far as I know.

i could be wrong, but i did not see Master Chief! wtf?


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max was driving his Moped pas Del Tacos, and Rush limbaugh was chasing him on a souped up pogo stick. Apparently Rush thought Max had some Oxy Contin. Max eventually ran out of gas, and rush caught up. He offered MAx some gay cut off gloves, in exchange for the dugs, and max gav him Canada Mints instead. Rush crushed up the mints and injected them, he was immediately able to play hockey, and hated America.

There was a Popeye arcade game many years ago. Heffer was a character in "Spunky's Dangerous Day" for SNES. The images on the table aren't from those games, but they are technically video game characters. Several of the entries on this table come from video game adaptations of other stuff.

can some one tell me who "pa" is
i remember it
but i just cant put a name down of what game it was

That's Parappa The Rapper or however you spell that...

I'm not impressed.

everyone knows iron man should be Fe, not Ir. cant we have some realism here? this periodic table is mildly retarded.

show me a periodic table of playboy centerfolds, then you'll get my attention.

The hell, where's Guybrush?


These are pretty much games for all ages.You noticed? Where's Pokemon?

i want a pokemon one now... dam n straight thats how i roll

lowlands- i didnt even read your comment, pikachu is in there but we had synced minds, pokemon all the way!

Hmm... Kids might actually be able to learn their periodic table like this. Not perfect, but I like the idea. Now if we could somehow apply this to physics, algebra, and other boring subjects.

i am particularily happy about the usage of America McGee's Alice for Al ..

i used to loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee that game when i was younger.

@7 Love it Daisy, thanks for reading :)

@GW posting on Sundays :)

@naasy today after 75 degree weather in chicago :)

EFF YES! anyone catch manny calavera in there? grim fandango changed my life. it's how i picked my name in spanish class.

"All your base are belong to Remo!"

I miss one element in the table, and I think they should've included her, Ze -> Zelda! Li -> Link was there, but what about Zelda? Someone needs to reinvent chemistry so as to better fit with the game characters!

@21, Kelly

That's what I was thinking. Glad they remembered Manny from Grim Fandango. That was one kickass game. There should be a sequel or something.

I-iiii am Mg, I've got a Mf gun for a haaaaand

Waitaminute- no Samus Aran or Q-bert?

That's weak.

(Cool points for the Yars' Revenge nod, though!)

Whoops- just noticed Samus.

VEGETA ????!!!

DBZ Anyone ?

There's a Periodic table of QR codes too... amazing

Anyone else notice that Iodine has a picture of Pit? Granted, he's from Kid Icarus, but his name isn't Icarus :(

they couldve done better i agree with 6 and 23 but Y couldve been yoshi and Sr definetly should be Sora from kingdom hearts oh and At should be Altair

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