Mar 25 2009Sure, Why Not?: Turning The 8-Bit Gameboy Metroid Into A 16-Bit Full Color Version

Remember when Metroid II: Return of Samus came out for the Gameboy (1992)? I remember it like it was yesterday because I have a time machine and may or may not have stopped in the early 90's on my way back from the Jurassic era (best singles cruise EVER). Anyway, Project AM2R (Another Metroid 2 Remake) was undertaken to turn the 8-bit Gameboy game into a 16-bit, full color joint. This is a video demo, which I'm not afraid to admit gave me a nostalgic boner. Did somebody just say pogs? *BOING!*

Project AM2R

Thanks to Keej, who once stuck it to Mother Brain like nobody's business. You nasty, Keej.

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Dogville, one of the best movies I've ever seen. Right after the most extreme elemination challenge, MXC.

Nintendo rules:

So is this a ROM hack that will be available for download?

Looks awesome BTW.


ah well. looks pretty good. I'd buy it......

...If i lived in the 90's


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Between Soft spouting their propaganda bullshit about the US, poop reciting Tina Turner lyrics, and Daisy posting her photoshop posts.. I wonder why I even scroll down to the comments section anymore.

This reminds me of the time I found a pristine copy of The New York Times from 1901, and turned it into a 234 page glossy magazine rife with personal ads, "escort" service listings, and plenty of photos of half naked women and wookies. It didn't sell no ebay half as well as I thought it would. But the wookie was surprisingly gentle.

6- because you're hoping to see my witty post?

Well, I haven't really palyed Metroid since the 90's. Watching this video got me thinking - maybe I'll give it a shot one more time.

<><> \o/
............i i

@6, Ollie Williams,
It's not bullshit, we need to change our laws, the law is an ass. Don't you know anything about the unfair stuff that is going on in the courts? There's a reason people hate lawyers you know, there are some honest lawyers though. Dogville is a great movie about America.

You must have heard about the racists in Florida right, this is but one of many stories about how the court system in Florida is working
Google more, the unfairness is everywhere to find. The cops beat him up to force him to confess, just like in Sovjet.


It's a fictional movie you idiot. Fictional = fake
Just because a movie is poignant, doesn't make it real. A documentary is real and is presented as such. See:[1]

Your Dogville movie is a work of fiction and is presented as fiction. If you can not tell the difference between reality and fantasy, please kill youself now before the langoliers eat you alive.

what the hell are you people talking about?

and that gameboy metroid needed a face lift, really. i remember playing it and then putting it down for a few days and trying to come back to it but getting completely lost in the maze of tunnels because they all friggin' looked the same.

I for one can't see the video....

But i mdo know "The Man" is out to get us all


Yes, nail on the head.

seeing those missiles bounce off reminded me on how frustrating that game was sometimes....

im still pissed the prime series wasnt done in 3rd person... or at least with a 3rd person option like RE4

DoctorM64 is the man to thank!

But thanks to you for posting this!

16bit full color, nice :)


this video made me cream as well.

#2 u are right on

@19 yeah, why not

naas: because super metroid is still my favorite

I don't remember Samus being able to grab on to the side of ledges in Metroid II? I also dont remember missiles ever bouncing off of the Alpha or Gamma Metroids. They must have added that bit to make it harder. Just so long as you can still morph ball down the throat of the Queen and blow her up from the inside out. If they changed that part I would be devistated.

This is about as useful as adding knees to the ghosts in Pac-Man.

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