Mar 2 2009Oooh, Yellow-y: Pittsburgh Steelers Case Mod

steelers case 1.jpg

Somebody went and made a Pittsburgh Steelers computer case modeled after the team's helmet. This is it. It glows yellow to make your room look like you've got a secret gold stash in there or the briefcase from Pulp Fiction. Sadly, I'm not allowed to watch sports anymore because my doctor says they make me lash out at the television. Which is true, I do. ISN'T THAT RIGHT, YOU STUPID GIT!? I SWEAR, IF I COULD FIND YOUR REMOTE I WOULD BEAT YOU WITH IT! HEY, TURN OFF THAT CLOSED CAPTIONING OR....THAT'S IT *bodyslam!* Haha, how'd that feel, you jerk? Great, you're leaking plasma on my new carpet.

Hit the jump to see the keyboard, which is awesome (take a look at the keys).

steelers case 2.jpg

a casemod straight from steeler nation [technabob]

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BAH! So close to 1st... BAH!

this is madness, this is SPARTAAAAA!!! this is rad to the power of sick guys, but not really... can it get rid of mildew, i didnt think so! youll be saing SHAM WOOOOW everytime

no, but really, this is rad to the power of sick, i gonna go sray paint my computer maio colors, with a paint gun, what kind of bullet should i paint to fit in a glock?... that is how paint ball guns work... right? wait, wait... opps, sorry mom!

This is so dumb.

Steelers suck


Or you could call it the ugliest case mod ever. I don't hate the Steelers because they won the big game. Nope, I hate them because I'm from Cincinnati. I have always hated them and I always will.

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no joke, I am sitting next to the computer case they modded to get this result :P

its by icute

The first person to say this is fake and photoshopped blows goats.

Steelers suck. So does this casemod.

What if you want type the word "SEXY".

Couldn't do it. No "X" key.

Pass me the Cheetos.



o mai, four T keys.

As if it weren't bad enough it's Pittsburgh....Not a fan.

Its yellow. How annoying is that! And the keyboard idea is lame.

FAIL on multiple levels.


sttepsboo ghrpiftb bufblall

Sorry, I was trying to use the above keyboard with half the important keys removed.

OK, I get swapping out the letters to make Pittsburgh Steelers (although it's kinda stupid) but why is the 6 key swapped out with the one from the 10 key? And they get minus a few points for failing to replace the windows key with a "stillers" key with the Steelers logo.

I don't even know what sport Steelers play but I'm booing this because it reminds me of a wasp that stung me.

Stupidest thing ever. Steelers suck!!!!!!

I am a Steelers fan and i like the case but everything about the keyboard is just fraked up...

@ 20

the six is set apart from the other numbers because the Steelers have 6 super wins (the most of any team)

@ 22 I agree

@ 23 being that you called them "super wins" you are quite obviously a steelers fan. either retarded or gay...not that there's anything wrong with that.

steelers are the single worst team of all time
every other team will agree

this is a total waste of time, effort, & pc

Epic casemod for a Steelers fan!

Don't hate just because you can't duplicate. First team to win 6 Super Bowls! All your pathetic teams have been pwned bitches! Scoreboard baby!

#22 - Seahawks blow dead goats. 4-12. Losers! When's the last time your team even had a sniff at a championship? Bwaaahaaaaa!

#15 - The Browns? Please! 4-12 also! They couldn't beat a girls Pop Warner team. You don't remember the 31-0 spanking we gave ya? Fail!

#8 - Cincy? 4-11-1??? STFU! Loser!

See ya in the playoffs next year!

This is actually a good friend of mines mod it's awesome that you picked it up for the site. As for all the comments on the keyboard can you guys seriously not type by memory? It's not like he rebinded the keyboard.


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie NEver BAck Down where Max was drinking a coke in the tunnel at a football game. A player who was kinda sad, probably because he was outed as a homo, came by. As he did, max offered him the bottle, and in return the player disrobed, and tried to smother Max with a sweaty jersey.

Thank you for all the positive comments on the case I had a lot of fun building an no non of these shots are fake. If you want more info on what I did or how I did something email me: rodrosenberg at

Thank you

Rod Rosenberg

@26 & 29

Both of you can rot in hell for supporting the team that put dirty play back into football. Even your beloved pedophile, coach Coward, said Cincy is getting the ring for the 2009-2010 season. Eat shit. Oh, #26, shut the fück up.



I believe he meant "super" as in Superbowl. Not super as in the sticker your mother puts on you to make you feel special.

I find it hilarious that all the Steeler hate comes from fans of the worst teams in the league. The Seahawks? Browns? Bengals? Puh-lease. Seahawks fans still crying about SBXL and I'm sure they always will. They got their chance at revenge in week 5 of 2007 and what happened? The Steelers shut them out 21-0. As for being 4-11 this year, I know it must be hard to stay afloat in such a tough division. Pfft...

Do I even need to bring up why Cincinnati and Cleveland fans hate the Steelers? Perhaps its because they wish their teams had half the talent that the Steelers do. And the talent they do have, dont want to be there. Not that I could blame them, I'd want to play for a team who at least had a chance of winning once in a while too.

Cinci's two biggest play makers hate playing for them... oh wait, T.J. went to Seattle didnt he. I bet Chad Johnson wishes he could go too, but seriously, who would want a guy with as big a mouth as his especially when he cant back it up? The Cowboys perhaps? Eh, looks like it's time to head down to the Hamilton County Prison and round up a few new Bengals players. Go get the bail bondsman.

The Browns not only cant keep their talent, e.g. Kellen Winslow, they cant even get their act together under center. Quinn or Anderson, Quinn of Anderson. What a lack of leadership. And now with Mangini back in Cleveland... good luck with all that.

As for the Cards, tough shite. You lost. His feet were down. It was a fumble not an incomplete pass. You had your chance and you lost it. It's not like they deserved to be there anyway with a record like that. Again, it must be hard to keep afloat in such a tough division. And dont say the refs gave the game away, they gave the Cards every chance they could to make it a tight game. If the refs gave the game to the Steelers, then why is it then that the Cardinals offense were not called for half of the holding/facemask penalties that they committed against James Harrison. Both teams got away with some shit in my opinion, Pittsburgh just capitalized on it more.

At the end of the day, you can say that the Steelers suck all you want, but talking shit has never won anyone a Super Bowl. And guess whos walking around with 6 Super Bowl rings. His name isnt Bidwell I can tell you that much. It's Rooney. But oh yeah, your coach has a Super Bowl ring doesnt he. Yeah he does, courtesy of the black and gold.

Kiss the rings bitches.

The keyboard mod is epic fail

@33. couldnt have said it better myself. all jealous they dont live in the city of champions......and it they think Ben is done with only 2 rings, they're highly mistaken. He'll retire with no less than 4 - bank on it.

I could see this computer if it was the 'Cincy ' model. it'd probably look like an 8 track player taped to the side of a fruit loops box.

@33 & 35 & everyother steelers fans
I hope you all choke on your stupid primanti sandwich
REED & Ravens D were infinite times better than Shitsburgh & Polamalu (get a hair cut)
the only reason you beat baltimore:
we were the only team to go 17 weeks in a row
also we have a rookie QB from delaware....delaware (& all wins you barely pulled out),
stop the cockyness you lost to the eagles

If by "infinitely better" do you mean "2nd place to"? Look at the stats, the Steelers played the same schedual as the Ravens. But with the Ravens ranked 18 in offense and the Steelers ranked at 22, the Ravens played the easier offensive schedual because the Steelers had a crappier offense compared to the Ravens. Therefor, the Steelers played tougher offenses than the Ravens did and the STILL put up bigger numbers on defense.

The Steelers may have lost to the Eagles but they didnt lose to the Ravens. They couldnt beat the Steelers in week 15, supposedly because it had been sooo long since they had a bye, but they couldnt beat them in week 4 either, 2 weeks after the bye, so dont gimme that crap about the bye keeping the Ravens from beating the Steelers. The Ravens had 3 chances to beat the Steelers and they FAILED all 3 times.

Sure, blame your loss on anything OTHER than the fact that your team could not produce. When you win its all, "We won because the Ravens have the skills" but when you lose its all "We lost because of some other outside forces, certainly NOT because we didnt have the skills".

Its too bad that Ravens fans cant just be good sports and say, "Yeah, the Steelers were the better team today." No, there has to be some kind of excuse.

So cry me a river Ravens fans. Better yet, cry me Three Rivers.

WOW!!! Very nice caseeee!!!! GREAT JOB!!!!!

Haha, I'm a Browns fan but I still think this case looks really nice, great idea!


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