Mar 16 2009Ooh La La: A Gallery Of X-Box 360 Mods

360 2.jpg

Personally, I like my XBox just the way it came: solid gold with diamond accents. But apparently some of you peasants like to glue plastic and shit to your XBoxes to make you feel special. Good for you. Hit the jump for a bunch more, including several Halo mods and a pretty sweet looking clock/tissue box combo. Now if you'll excuse me, I must call my servant to wipe my lips clean after breakfast. *ahem* Heeeeere kitty, kitty.

Hit it for a bunch more and the link to an even larger gallery.

360 9.jpg

360 3.jpg

360 4.jpg

360 5.jpg

360 51.jpg

360 52.jpg

360 6.jpg

360 7.jpg

360 8.jpg

360 1.jpg

21 Super Cool Xbox 360 Case Mods [aleptu]

Thanks to Andrew, who modded his PS3 to look like a Walkman. Andrew, that is so fresh.

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Reader Comments

naas is a douche - first !

i still wont buy one

Nice Mods, but seriously those guys should get a life, or a girlfriend :D

the time and money put into modding the dash of that suzuki coulda been much better spent... the quality of the job is great and all.. but seriously... thats a terrible waste


who needs chicks when u have such a sweet case mod....and a hand


The one in the car is pretty amazing though - can't wait for that fatal accident on the news...

I once made my XBOX out of solid chocolate... but then the Easter Bunny stole it... now I make other obscure things out of chocolate, and wait.


Still waiting...


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max was kidnapped by skinheads and forced to make them some drugs. His formula got them really high but then incapacitated them with explosive diarhea. Later he formulated a pill that turned meatloaf into stew.

Just imagine how pissed off these people will be when the red ring of death strikes...

Nice mods kiddies...

@1 goochy <3

The last one wins....because you know they need the tissues because they aren't getting any lovins from the girlies...

the half life 2 is the best of the bunch, though that last one delivers a disturbingly and realistic portrait of a gamer's second greatest pastime...

The last one obviously had the RROD because hes converted it into an alarm clock/tissue dispenser. Thats what they can do when they get the RROD.

Haha, the tissue box/clock mod is the perfect solution to a red ring of death. (Which I happened to get two days ago immediately after buying L4D)

All the guy in the second pic is missing is the T.V. that covers the windshield

Poopie and i like bigggggg peepie dicks

Hey, Sony, remember that game and/or console that you made that was great?
Yeah, I don't either.

WOW you guys are stupid. The car was a real concept car by suzuki, NOT A MOD.

@ 11
Im pretty sure if any of them get a RROD they wont have a problem fixing it themselves. if they can mod there xbox's like that im sure they have the skills to fix a RROD.

I actually saw that car in person. Its an IGN sponsored/branded car and has another 360 in the back seat. The hood pops up and projects a screen onto it so the people in the car can play, and the trunk also pops open with a screen and projector that the xbox in the back seat is linked too, so you can stand around outside the car and play too.

Its cool but absolutly rediculious and impractical.

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