Mar 3 2009Now Turn Away Son While I Blow Up Your Toy

wolverine blow up.jpg

This is a Wolverine punching bag. I bought one for my son. Blowing it up was my first homosexual experience. But it won't be my last.

R Rated Gadgets: Wolverine Blow Up Toy [walyou]

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blow me. BUB!!

That's a big bag of fail. Someone should submit that to

Well at least we know someone in that factory has an awesome sense of humor.

His face seems to say, "I'm sorry. This doesn't usually happen. If you tell Jean, I'm gonna give you the fastball special in your sleep!"

look at his face! he is getting ready for a good old fashion blow j

God, why didn't they have these awesome toys when I was growing up? Roller skates just don't size up to a blowing a mutant and then punching him later. I mean, I tried that once, and instead of the cops coming for a domestic disturbance, the damn Feds came. Something about an experiment or something. I was carted off with the mutant screaming, "Don't take him, I love him!"

massive FAIL- It's not even the Hugh jackman wolverine


You make me want to kill you

Was that designed by Bryan Singer?

He's the best he is at what he does, and what he does isn't very pretty...

So when the designer was demonstrating this product to the focus groups and to the company executives... at no point anyone thought anything at all about the placement of the character and inflation device? Careful. That thing's adamantium or something.

Schmegma, I can smell it...

Hysterical... that is like something out of the movie airplane!

just blew a load in your mouth

This makes for a reverse "Cherry Marble"... LMFAO

you have a child? thats scary

Let's play X-Men!

I'll be wolverine and you can blow me!

ahhahahaha... WOA GW!? Not your last? I dunno how that sits with me

If you tuck the valve in when you're done blowing it up, Wolverine becomes Wolverina. Or Wolverine the Tranny.

He could just say it was a masturbation accident. Kind of like the kid who got his anus stuck to the suction vent at the bottom his pool and had his guts ripped out. Now he REALLY could have used some adamantium blades. Or a Wolverina blow up doll like you use, GW.

I am curious about "C e l e b m i n g l e. C 0 M", It is a rom ance sit e for celebrites and million aires or admirers, why It it so hot currently? I can see their advertiment here and there.

I take that back

You make me want to kill you

Blowhole location made me laugh

on the bright side, some lonley house wives might like it or single women

WTF it looks like he has pigtails is it a girl isthat why they put the hole there?

Weapon XXX

*licking lips* i may need a shamwow because im salavating waaay too much! whoever placed that is an awesome designer!! rad to the power of sick guys!

I think Daisy died.

You said you had no kids! I'm outraged that you dumped your pregnant wife!.
nice post btw.

FAKE!!! This is a total photobucket job just like the time in the movie friday the 13 Jason is dead but they bring him back to life for 5 movies.

It's that 90's Jim Lee design, which works well, because the X-Men were pretty gay back then.

"You think this is gay, did you see Wolverine do those musicals in this year's Oscars? HIYO!"


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie NEver BAck Down where Max bought a cordless phone on Fbay. He received a pakage, and it contained a phone with a 3 inch cord. He complained to the seller, and was told that a 3 inch cord is less than they usually put in, so its a cord less phone.

omg my balls are blue anyone wanna rub them

That is the orgasm-face my first girlfriend made. I thought it was unique. I was wrong.

shit, piss, fück, cünt, cöcksucker, motherfücker, and tìts

Ha. Hah. Hahahahahaahahahaahahahahahahahahahahaha.

You amuse me so.

I think I love you. Or something.


My name is Mike Mozart of JeepersMedia on YouTube. I am a professional Toy designer and own the worlds Largest Toy Collection.

An Article dated March 19,2009 in the Advocate Newspaper and other Online News Sources stated that the Viral Image of the inflatable Wolverine toy was a Hoax Created by the Onion Site "ChristWire".

That is not correct. I JUST created a YouTube video featuring the Actual Wolverine toy.

It is a Wolverine toy Inflatable Squeaky Hammer from 9 Years ago. It was an officially Licensed Marvel Product, inported by Rinco, "The Rhode Island Novelty Company".

I have a dozen original samples and I JUST featured them in my Newest Product Review Video.

You are welcome to embed the video if you wish. My JeepersMedia Toy Review videos feature unintentionally inappropriate toys. I am a Top Subscribed and Viewed YouTube channel.

I recently Appeared on NBC on the Bonnie Hunt Show featuring the Hot New Toys for Christmas 2009.

Mike Mozart of JeepersMedia on YouTube


Is it just me or are the gloves and cut off sleeves just suuuuper gay? Change his original yellow to pink, I think he'll be good to go

that's very funnu

@ Gordon "Fücking" Shumway:
you make me LOL

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