Mar 22 2009I Believe I Can Fly: Terrafugia Takes 1st Flight


Remember the Terrafugia "roadable aircraft" (drivable plane)? Well it took its first test flight earlier this month, and as is evident from this video after the jump, it was boring as shit. The Terrafugly has a 450-mile flying range, converts from plane to plane that can drive in 30-seconds, and is still scheduled for sale in 2011 for about $200K. Which means your kids can probably expect a wealthy neighbor crash-landed in the backyard sometime soon. ZOMG, his eyeball is hanging out of the socket. Quick -- poke it back in with a stick!

Hit the jump for the video and a bunch more pictures (one of which gave me a little twitter down there).





Official Website

Thanks to Joe, Hunter, Chris, Mitch and Andrew, who don't need flying cars because they all own rocketships. PSSSSHOOOOOOW bitches, PSSSSHOOOOOOW.

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Reader Comments

wow, that looked pretty pointless, i could do that with a plane

Wow, welcome to the 1950's.

That is all it is, a plane. I don't get this one.

Wheeee. Who cares? Twitter, where? I have twatted.

weee! i believe i can flyyyy!!!

twitter: the space between a woman's twat and sh*tter

Too bad it's made from a stretched & mutated volkswagen, if there was a delorean doing this it might be impressive

That was more of a glide than a fly... i mean wtf!

this isnt really new. there was a guy called moller who created cooler and better flying cars years ago, i think the first one like 20 years before... and his ones can start without a runway and are "affordable" already (i think 500.00US$), but thats not more expensive than a new lamborghini.
check out his stuff over here:

Shits old...and shit.

wow....yet another way to look like an idiot...Seriously, that car/plane looks like shi t.

Since there don't seem to be any actual pilots commenting here, I'll add some.

One big difference here is the ease of conversion from road to flying mode....30 seconds vs. three reason it's called "Transition". Taylor's design called for trailering the wings when roading; the Transition just folds them.

The importance of a roadable airplane is that when you get to your destination you have ground transport with you. There are thousands of *little* airports the Transition can operate from that have no good available ground transport once you get there.

It's also a great advantage to have the option of driving home if the weather deteriorates while you are enroute. And the modern materials engineering undoubtedly makes a huge performance difference over the Aerocar, too. It's interesting how similar the Transition is in appearance to the Aptera electric car.

As for Moller's Skycar, it looks like a lot of fun, but Terrafugia is a *lot* closer to having something certificated and salable. If you think your neighbors are going to let you operate a Skycar out of your driveway, in most neighborhoods you'd better think again. (Note that Moller's not currently taking deposits either.)

Nobody's going to crash a Terrafugia in the backyard, because you can't land it there . Unless you have a 1,700 foot runway.

Agree with #2

Anyways, to fly this, you would still need a pilots license. And if you think airports are have a mass volume of air traffic to deal with now, just wait until every 1 person in 1000 has one.

i like it i want one

In World of Warcraft this would be a flying mount ,but seriously moller has way better ideas but i like that this one might be use as a car .

So you would have to drive to the freeway at 3 am in order to have enough pavement to take off - which would put you at work about 4 and half hours early. Even if you sleep through lunch, it would not make up for having to leave work at 1 am in order to find enough clear freeway again.

Definitely want one! I also want Moller to get his prototype fully functioning as well.

It looks like those wings give you one hell of a blind spot.

Is not quite precisely what the Movie Back to the Future II was showing us this would be like


where's daisy?

The traffic jamb killer lol!

Herbie 3000

@13 The only airports drowning in traffic are the major hubs. There's *thousands* with at least 1,700 foot of runway with only a few flight ops per day. And they're probably closer to where you actually wanted to go. And once you land you can *drive right there*. No airport shuttle. No rental car.

@16 You operate the Transition from an actual airport, not an unused stretch of road. Take a look at to see where the little airports are.

Just wanted to give props to the One Crazy Summer reference. Awesome!

Why is that T-Rex wearing a scarf?

The car mode has some wicked blind spots.

"Back to the Future: Part II" is coming true! Huzzah!


Because it's cold.

so does the odometer work for flight hours too?... i bet anyone that buys one... will take it on the road exactly one time, then park it realising a cessna and the car they already drive are a better alternative to this piece of useless junk....

look at the blind spots! even with a head check lane changes would be sketchy

@31: An odometer measures miles driven. A Hobbes meter measures operating hours on an aircraft engine. Since the engine is running when operating on the ground, I assume the Hobbes in a Transition continues to run whiel driving. Hobbes meters are usually driven by an oil pressure switch, but sometimes they are electrical. Often aeronautical tachometers record an "hours" number based on counting engine revolutions, too.

While you can drive the Moller on the ground, it's not really a roadable vehicle.
I say it's pretty cool. I mean, it's 2009 already. Where the hell are all the flying cars? I'm pissed!

Pretty cool, wish I had 200 grand

pointless.....know of some art guy who made things like this,,,but his style was building things that did not work..from belgium (explains it) he had some arb idea that he needed to build planes balloons and carz that would never be used or could be used some o these guys buliding really nice looking space ships outa lego.......why? why? why? why? ...where do u find the time for all this?


The terrafugia needs the technology of the hilicopter where it lefts up directly from the ground and can stop in the air(pause)

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