Mar 24 2009British Scientists Producing Synthetic Blood

fake blood.jpg

Apparently British scientists are ahead of everyone else in the race to produce a synthetic blood supply using stem cells. Go you, Britain, here's a teacake.

Because stem cells multiply indefinitely, it would be possible to enormous quantities, researchers said.

The cells can be made from universal donor embryos - the O-negative type - and can be guaranteed to be free of infections because they have never been inside a human.

The idea of destroying embryos to create stem cells raises ethical issues, but in theory, just one embryo could meet the nation's needs.

Stem cells aside, I think the real issue is this: if synthetic blood is so readily available, how are we going to track the vampire population? I've seen Blade, those bastards are crafty. I suggest we start culling the herd now before it's too late. And speaking of culling -- I'll take care of Edward, you get the rest.

British scientists on course to become the first to produce synthetic human blood [dailymail]

Thanks to phuzzygish, who one made some pretty believable synthetic blood with corn syrup and food coloring.

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drink it, its whats in you

gatorade will market this in america

ROFLISH Top Ten member


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Hey GW, Why is "Transformers" in the tags? That's kind of a stretch...

absolutely 100% enough reason to allow stem cell research!!!

thunder dome

If we can make synthetic blood, metal will be able to make it and that's a bigger threat than vampires. Another step closer to Terminator reality! Where can I buy thermite?

My wife & I had an option to buy stock in an american company set to make synthetic blood, and I am glad we did. It will still be several years before it's news regular, but it is going to be a big deal

cure for aids?

Coconut juice, look it up people black man came up with it brought to you by a white guy

@5 You are funny as shit. hahaha Just like that chick that posts the "TOTAL PHOTOSHOP JOB" on every post.

Thanks for making me laugh private dancer.


ears on mice,blood,cloned dogs....soon my pretty pretty

it would be possible to enormous quantities, researchers said.

I accidentally the whole thing?

if its good they have all my support...
better then this, only cloning dinossaurs, ain't i right geekologie writer? pewpew

What is with GW's Twilight obsession this week? Did they bring in a temp or something? Hell, I'm a Twitard and still thing Edward Cullen is a douchebag...

Oh no, synthetic blood. How is a bum supposed to get his drugs these days. You know! Used to donate blood to get some cash and then take the cash straight to the thug. You know heroinists are the perfect blood donors because they're already used to sharing needles and they need the money the most. I fear that synthetic blood will be the end of the good old days when heroinist used to be the heroines who saved the day and provided some blood for those poor bleeders.

I can't believe that fake finger flash drive kid hasn't cycled through out of the 'so freaking cool' section yet. GW please hit the reset button when it's within your reach

Awesome! I'm so happy that science is back in the White House and 8 years of anti-intellectual buffoonary has finally been reversed. It's so scary to think that Bush based his decisions on Bronze Age thought rather than the 21st century. Hooray for the next 8 years! Hopefully Obama repairs the vast damage caused by the Bush policies.

I *heart* Edward!

20 - Wrong country. This isn't here in the USA you ass.
Also, Bush never banned stem cell research (hint, he couldn't) he simply didn't fund it. Take your political inadequacy elsewhere. If you are going to post political comments on a non-political article, at least TRY to get a fact or two in that opinion of yours. (I will give you credit that had he been able to ban stem cell research, he would've, but he couldn't.)

@18 that's bloody funny!

Yeah, I know

I'm British, can I have one of the teacakes?

If I here one more twilight refernce on here or the superficial, I am going to snap!

This is the last thing that happens before vampires come out of hiding. TrueBlood anyone?

Now they can use real blood in the movies when someone is shot or blown up!

If my nurse looked like that, I'd rather let them pull the plug.


@ 27 : That's exactly what I thought of!! Although the Sookie Stackhouse books that the series is based on came to mind first. Soon they'll all be "coming out of the coffin!"

Kind of wondering if the Teacakes thing was intentional or if it was just used because it had "tea" in the name. Also wondering if anyone else knows what teacakes are.

@ 22 - and that's exactly why this discovery was made in Britain and not the USA. The USA used to be the center of scientific innovation in the world, but not after 8 years of living in the dark ages. Imagine the boost to the economy a company that produces synthetic blood would have. And FYI, cutting off funding for stem cell research is essentially the same as banning it. In the USA, discoveries like this require basic science research that occurs in academic institutions, which are federally funded.

You get money for plasma, not blood.

Embryonic stem cells are inferior to pluripotent stem cells. Obama's big show of "lifting the ban" was just a bunch of unnecessary drama bullshit.

Hell yeah science.

@34 Embryonic stem cells ARE pluripotent stem cells genius.

Actually "lifting the ban" was a huge deal. Try asking a scientist instead of Rush Limbaugh next time.


lol, the british ain't like that anymores... you know, that was like 200-300 years ago =.=

vampires say it tastes like astronaut chow though. So don't take your garlic necklaces off just quite yet.

I should've been more specific. The stem cells I was referring to were ones being synthesized using skin cells. It's amazing the progress that has been made using no eggs or embryos at all.

I also don't listen to Rush Limbaugh. Stop assuming that everyone who doesn't think Obama is the messiah is a raging conservative douchebag.

Barack Obama saying that he was "lifting a ban" (that didn't exist) instead of simply saying he was going to increase funding (from, admittedly, the nonexistent status it was at) was a false impression on the uneducated, who now believe that there used to be a "ban".

I would think that synthetic blood would stop the need of Vampires to prey on humans. Making them less of a problem.

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