Mar 20 2009A Periodic Table Of Final Fantasy Characters

ff periodic 1.jpg

Loyal Geekologie Reader Rafi, inspired by all of the recent periodic tables featured, decided to make his own -- of Final Fantasy characters (full-size version HERE)! WHOOWEEWHOOOOO!

In this table you'll find the atomic numbers and symbols, as well as:

* Characters from Final Fantasy I through the upcoming XIII
* Heroes, villains, monsters, and summons from throughout the series
* Minor characters as well (because it was a stretch to match some symbols)

Impressive work, Rafi. Lots of familiar looking faces in the bunch. Now somebody make a periodic table of Geekologie and we'll be all set....for HYPERDYPER-DRIVE! VAVAVA ARRRARAAROOOOOOMM!! SPPPSSSHOOOWW!! *SPACESHIP SOUNDS* BEEPITY BOP BEEEPITY POW POW *sputter* SSSHOOOOOOOM!*

*GW not responsibly for what he types in spaceship mode or when he's been drinking. PEWITY PEW HORF PEW!

Periodic Table of Final Fantasy characters [raficus]

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Reader Comments

Awesome, awesome, awesome! Great work Rafi!

I am going to assume that this is somehow, alright.


Ahhhh good morning everyone.

Looks to be a good one today from over here =)

no fight around a fat girl today ?


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Hrm, it would be interesting to see someone actually do this for Geekologie. But not interesting enough to do it myself...

Beepity Boop Boopity Blow Me.

@5 Not with me, not likely.


Inframan is great, I finally got my bootlegged copy today and in great condition!!!!

naasy's been waiting almost 2 weeks for this to arrive, it's definitely going to be a good day. (sorry I have no comment on the periodic table of characters GW)

is a final fantasy nerd and likes this a lot.

I'm not really into the poeriodic tables thing, but if i saw a Zelda one that would be sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeett!!!

these are jsut lost on me.. i mean i get the concept and everything but i miss the point

Good excuse for obese people not to sit down!

SWEET! I likes! good job, Rafi. You make me proud.

Ummmmm....that's awesome!

This was clever about five periodic tables ago.

Kind of like how only the first two or three "lol cats" were amusing.

@12, Timbo, -
Yeah, that's what I thought, I love Zelda! Zelda if you're reading this I'll see you in the Castle Court Yard in the evening like usual. I never understood Final Fantasy, I've got a friend I think who thinks I should give it a chance, maybe I will. But there are so many Final Fantasies out there, at least 10, where to begin...

oh mi goad so happy!!!!

Things I could do without.

Periodic tables, bento boxes, Tokyoflash watches.

things i like

Star Wars related products, spoofs especially. Turtles. cowbell.


You always need more cowbell.

There is a black guy in the new Final Fantasy :(
I am not going to buy it now


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Lols. Totally geeky but interesting.

I want one... If they make one pokemon related... they are going to need a lot more elements... GO! ARCANINE! USE HEAT WAVE!

Where in the world are Xcell, Squall, and Cypher from FF VIII??? You missed all of the main characters from that serious!

you guys link to way too many things at once...douchebags

Did the real periodic tables put the elements in their respective places based on the letters in their names? Hell no.

I want to see all these new "periodic tables" redone based on multiple axis of qualities. Maybe group evil to one side and male at the bottom with a cross angle denoting popularity or something like that... wouldn't that be more fascinating (or maybe take too much thought)?

Basing a new "table" on the symbols of the original table means you just don't really get it and that you're less nerdy and more just plain stupid.

@catch22 (13): No real point, just silly fun. The idea being (without putting way too much thought into it), "Could I find a character to associate with each symbol?"

@TDizzle (27): Yeah, I had to make some cuts - sorry. But I did fit in Irvine, Laguna, and Ultimecia.

@butterbee (29): I'm a fan, but not a fanboy. Surveying the entire series to map popularity, morality, fighting style, etc. - not really sure if that's worth my time. Besides, that's bound to upset the masses even more. This is arguably as "neutral" as it gets.

Yes, I realize the real periodic table doesn't organize by name. But this was meant to be derived from the original table, not the concept behind the table (that would take way too much time to invent anyway). At least this way, there's still some connection to reality instead of being completely based on fiction (and that much more useless).

As Corion posted on my site: "The first way (the way I prefer) is to try to match up things with similar names or abbreviations as the names of the elements in those locations. That is what this periodic table did."

Thanks to everyone for the feedback. I'm just a guy trying to have some fun.


I find your lack of Fran and Ashe disturbing.

Where is Balthier? Am I missing him? :(

Im def feeling the Final Fantasy Table. It's A concept i've not seen before and I congratulate the creator of it.

This is a pretty dope Website in General, I'll have to put it in my links section @t


[email protected] for now,


aduh kasuh nama nama nya donk biar jelas nama nama jagoan nya yg pada blon kenal kan kasian .


I like that table..


Lol, this really starts to confuse you with the real periodic table.

i dont see edge

Amazing work. What a great way to remember elements

Hmmm I don't see Vincent Valentin and Zack either... and there's still some space left!

speaking is indonesia pliz....
i dont know is english

Thats awesome!

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