Feb 25 2009Girl Vlogs About Going To Anime Convention Sweet Looking Super Famicon Zelda Mod

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Contrary to popular belief (and this sweet white jacket), I am not a medical expert. Apparently that Katsucon chick has some condition. I just thought she was a witch. Please accept this apology for being a dick and feel free to stone me if it makes you feel better. But remember: people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw orgies. Anyway, in chick's place is a Super Famicon decked out Zelda style. It's green in places, gold in others, and has a nice blue glow underneath. Also, a little Master Sword and over 100 comments already.

Holy Triforce: SNES Zelda mod is awesome [slipperybrick]

Thanks to [email protected], not to be confused with [email protected], who is thankfully behind bars.

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She'd make ONE HELL OF A ventruiloquist!! "I KILL YOU!"

my peepee just twiched!

why doesnt she blink?!


Man, how unfortunate. I didn't even get a minute in.

That's not a person, someone soldered 2 large eyeballs and a bunch of ugly girl parts onto a babbling mouth, gave it chinese teeth (cruel), shot it full of botox & gave it it's first roll of ecstasy.

holy shit, she could pull link.

8======> - - - - - - )0=

She's wearing those fake hillbilly teeth, right...right? Please tell me she's wearing fake hillbilly teeth.




That's cold blooded.

Apparently this screwy looking broad has Mobious Syndrome. I mean I think she's goofy as shit looking, but I'm not going to post links about her in my cool vlog so other people will make fun of her.

I have what you call "class"

That's when it burns when you pee right?

Careful, the cold, emtionless robots are coming.

Pause the video @ 22 seconds exactly and you have the exorcist. Falling in love all over again isn't going to be easy

The last 10 seconds she farts. HAHAHA

At 6:35 she farts.


Dude. Out with it - that's an animatronic stolen from Disney's "Pirates of the Caribbean" ride and reprogrammed and dressed to look and sound like an anime geek. Man. The lengths people will go to..... ;)


I agree with #13. Billy D Williams.

But the whole no blinking is very disconcerting .

She is making it worse for herself being into LARP/Cosplay though.

To each his/her own I guess.

Don't let this discourage anyone from going to Katsucon... its a good time. Also, Geekologie Writer is usually nicer than to pick on people with genetic defects...

Oh, c'mon... you geeks don't have anything better to do than make fun of a person with a physical deformity? I'm guessing 80% of the people commenting, including the Geekologie Writer, are not what most people would call "beautiful."

I always enjoy the bitter humor on here, but this is truly over the line to mean-spirited and offensive.

I'll keep reading the blog, though, cause I just like to complain but not do anything about it.

I've seen another video where she sings with a, ummm, large possibly female person. She was singing, kinda, and dancing, almost...

My penis sucked so far back into my pelvic region that I grew a tail...

Ok - be nice, everyone - it looks to me like she has Moebius Syndrome - here is a video of a man who has it explaining it:


Or, there is another syndrome where your skin essentially turns to stone, resulting in facial paralysis and paralysis of the joints, any connective tissue - which makes you look like a mannequin and is highly disabling. It is called scleroderma (or systemic sclerosis). http://www.scleroderma.org/medical/overview.shtm

From her appearance, it seems like Moebius Syndrome is more likely. So, please be kind people, instead of unnecessarily poking fun.

Not cool to pick on her for her appearance. Cheap shot.

You should take down this post before she hangs herself or something. You're better than this Mr. Superficial, I know it's hard to believe but it's true.

In a sick way she looks like Natasha Stillwell from daily planet after a few overdoses of hard drugs.

Also,she would have been my pick for the remake of the movie The Ring.

She's freakin scary

cosplay = cool.

but... dude, that was just cruel of you. Please have a bit of class.

Jeebus H. Christ!

Syndrome my ass, this bitch is on adderall. So am I but at least I'm super F*ucking handsome.

That's a Mongoloid if I've ever seen one.

And I have.

I didn't find this cool/entertaining at all... definitely not worthy of geekologie.. take it down

Shit has to be pretty damned weak for me to say "dude, that's weak", but here it is. Making fun of this chick is weak.

I get it, she looks weird. She's got a physical problem that she's comfortable enough with to post videos of herself online, cut her some slack for that.

all that being said...yikes. Lizard tounge.

holy crap cakes.. SHE DOES"NT BLINK!!!

scary zombie!!

Doesen't really matter if she has a condition or is plain "particular"; I agree that posting this is cruel and beneath you Geekologie Writer. You're not SW!


Agreed, this is poor taste, not clever/funny/anything.

Why don't you go make fun of all the other kids with Moebius?


Then you can start on mentally retarded and people disfigured in drunk driving accidents....

it will be hilarious.


holy shit did anyone else check out her other video!?!?!? the dancing ones are poetry in motion!!!

Not funny, not funny at all. If it's a slow day for updates, don't post anything; I'd rather have nothing than this.

Was she that chick who got her face ripped off by that monkey? It looks like the doctors forgot to attach a few of the moving parts when they put the new one on.


Very, very mean and small. This poor girl clearly has something wrong with her, and a bunch of anonymous jackasses are making fun of her. This post is atrocious.

Dream girl you amaze me all dressed in paisley
Love how not one but both eyes are lazy
When I first saw you you were drivin' the bus
Thick skin, strong nose like a rhinoceros

Dream girl so beautiful, lips all crumby
Skin like asphalt, nose so runny
Thick thighs, no waist, not a care in the world
You not crazy girl, you just my baby girl

If you envision in sweats with the neon patch
Half eaten squirrel hangin' outta your mouth
Rainbow poncho, the female tonto
Hear a loud noise drop a bucket like a bronco

Dream girl, you're a fantasy, you're the only one
Out there for me
My love

You got your cellphone ring set to Sex and the City
You like a hot bowl of gritz only way more gritty
Straight drippin' your turquoise my Santa Fe queen
One short leg you got the Santa Fe Lean

It's music to my ears when you scream in your sleep
And when you lift your skirt in public yo I can't help but peek
You like Cleopatra with the eyes of a pig
Love to watch you in the backer when you go out to dig

Girl how'd you get those mouse traps glued to your neck
Little rascal, how'd you get screwed to the deck?
You put away slurpees like a trash can

Your smiles all stainy and your not too brainy and
I like that!

Talking to your shoes lke it's your friend
I like that!

Yellin' at the walls of make pretend
I like that!

Tellin' you to stop it then you don't
You said you gonna stop it in my sleep
But you won't!

Last week thought I saw you on the straight turn that was a bag of trash
Just a big ol' bag of trash
I thought you look like a bag of trash

Dream girl I pitch a tent when you stomp in the room
Like a hellbound turkey mixed with a baboon
Your sexy and your spicy like a bowl of Chex Mix
And I always feel safe when I'm in your flesh mitts

Your teeth so clean coulda swore you were British
Never take the Chex Mix cuz you always get skinnish
Open clamps with both feet cuz your ambidextrous
No point cuz we know you eat nothin' but Chex Mix

Chex Mix number one food snack in the land
It's the cereal taste that you eat with your hand
Chex Mix at your local grocer buy your box
Your family will all say

Chex Mix, your the snack for me, your the only one
I'll ever eat or buy
Chex Mix your delicious, you got 60% less fat than potato chips
The end

I don't know. She's a little scary, but not that bad. I've been with worse.

At least she's young, not fat and has a decent complexion.

Not cool, GW writer.

Agreed, this post it's not funny at all, i've seen snails funnier than this. i just wasted 6:53 minutes of my life, thx GW.

GW - Don't listen to these whining little bitches. Mock who you wish. The people bitching are the same people who would laugh their asses off at a Carlos Mencia de-de-de joke in the safety of their own living room. Pussies.

I have to agree, this is not cool to post. Breaks a lot of rules for this blog. It should be removed, as this is just mean. Speidi - well that's FUN mean.

Seriously, what kind of drugs or condition causes no blinking and rolling eyes like that?

@ 47
Yeah, because posting on the internet isn't safe like being at home watching TV. Logic FAIL.

Damn, GW... definitely in bad taste, regardless of whether or not she has a medical condition. Are we just posting videos of people we find unattractive now? Christ man.

@43, thats the most beautiful poem ive ever heard, i think i started to tear up a bit :')

That's cheap, she's got a condition...jeez you guys.

Please Geekologie writer....please don't feed this poor girl to the internet a-holes....I thought you were better than that....

*cue in sad music and puppy dog eyes*

Not cool, this should be taken down. I love Anticlown, and check out their sites daily but this is not right. She's got a genetic condition; it's not like she's adopted some strange mannerisms voluntarily.

I think she has 2 glass eyes. Also this could be chuckys mom.


Mencia? OOOoooo, how controversial.

This is rather poor taste. There are plenty of Wapanese to make fun of out there without disabilities.

http://encyclopediadramatica.com/Wapanese#External_Links - just expand the external links related to azns and have at it.

@50: What? It feels pretty safe to me. Your logic is flawed. FAIL!

She posted this of herself on YouTube, she's obviously aware of her condition, and I'm sure is no stranger to ridicule. Gotta give her points for saying "fcuk it" and still pressing on with her life, going to conventions- in public! - in costume! Forcing people to look at her, she wants the attention.

So all you people who are offended by this FCUK OFF! Hypocrites, you all said "WTF?" at the very least to yourself at first glance anyway...

She does cosplay too: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eSyOX2VAj0g&feature=channel_page

She obviously has some kind of condition, i watched one or two of her other video's (she has makeup on in one of them, and doesn't look nearly as bad, but you can tell something still isn't quite right), people have made some pretty horrible comments to/about her both here and on youtube, its a bit harsh.. but screw it, if you make fun of one thing you should make fun of everything.

I think GW was aiming to break the comments for one post record, looks like this could do it.

Probably should pull this article. She has a genetic condition. Not something I want to make fun of.

50- Point taken on the logic fail. I'm still willing to bet you preach that crap here and laugh when you're by yourself though.
*I'm sure someone would care if I died. You for example, would feel just a bit happy - that's caring.*
Why ask for him to take it down? You could, just... stop looking at it...
She put the vids out there all by her happy self, welcome to the internet.
Stop Trying To Censor Everything You Don't Like. I don't like a lot of you, doesn't mean you don't have the right to say/post what you want and irritate the crap out of me. Bitch/whine about how mean/insensitive it is - if you must - but let it stay up.

although it is obvious she has a condition that causes her appearance to be this way..does it also cause you to say "oh i have to fart" **fart* and then make you post your stupid rant and fart on the internet..i doubt it

Meh. Video didn't do much for me...I guess I'm too jaded by my own damn sexayniss to be turned on by hers ;)

In all honesty, tho, instead of having this poor girl put up here for interwebs mockery, what about having a gallery of some of the nifty cosplays from Katsucon? (Or even a cavalcade of really, really bad cosplay, I have to admit I'm evil enough to laugh at that.)

But I didn't really find this funny, I guess...yeah, your take on it *was* amusing, but the video as a whole was just kind of sad.

(Plz to has more videos of people lighting themselves on fire?)

Also, @43: Brilliant!

All those who laugh at her are sooo wrong.

I love good humor. This isn't the case.

If you really find it funny - you're seriously sick. Or you're a stupid, limited person (which is MUCH worse than having a visual defect). Or you're a teenager - just not smart enough yet.


She has mobious syndrome. How cold-blooded to make fun of someone's disability like this. Geekologie is usually pretty funny, but this is a low blow.

Aww, 43 wrote #50-Rod's mom a love song! It's a good one too!

43 - I smirked and lol'd a few times - nice!

Hypno Dog, meet Hypno Vlog.

her eyes are creepy.

Geekologie Writer, o how the mighty have fallen.

This post is mean, and very uncool. I guess I thought you were more righteous than this... or at least old enough to know that making fun of peoples' conditions

duly noted.

@ 57
It's called sarcasm.

You assume too much, especially the dying comment. I might not be torn to shreds emotionally, as I don't know you, but loss of life is never something to be "happy" about. If you can't believe there aren't people out there that can have a sense of humor and not laugh at those with disabilities, I feel sorry for you.

GW, how could you post that? That's so embarrassing that Daisy didn't even post her 'comlete photoshop job' thingy.

@ 66
Wow, mom jokes... now I see what kind of person I'm dealing with. I'm done feeding the troll.

I love this site, however I agree with some of the previous comments where it's clear that this girl has some sort of condition or physical deformity and thats not something to be made fun of. No I don't think it should be taken down and I agree that this is the internet and that if you post something up anyone has the right to mock you or have their own opinion. However GW I never expected something like this from you, and to think, that girl is a perfect example of your demographic, a geek who sits in front of the computer all day. So instead of making fun of someone because of their appearance go back to your normal blogging i like so much.

OK. Great. Now this time with feeling.

EPIC FAKE! you can't make M sounds without touching your lips. damn you guys fail.


All those who laugh at her are sooo wrong.

I love good humor. This isn't the case.

If you really find it funny - you're seriously sick. Or you're a stupid, limited person (which is MUCH worse than having a visual defect). Or you're a teenager - just not smart enough yet.



Seconding the comments that this isn't a cool post. Plus, I didn't find it funny/entertaining.

Hope you consider taking it down.

Carrot Top needs to keep his kids off the internet.


This is a contender for the "Worst Post of the Year" on Geekologie. The chick is, like, paralyzed in the face or something. She's at the very least got some brain paralysis going on. She's not funny.

Hey, Geekologie Writer, why don't you dig up a video of someone in a wheelchair rolling on the sidewalk. Yeah, looking at disabled people is weird. I don't mind if they, like, fall or something. That's funny. But just looking at them?


The post and many of the comments are so insensitive, and so mean spirited...it's disappointing that so many people take an opportunity to show how unempathetic and insensitive people can be.

Just sad.

GW: I am not God Almighty, Supreme Being, Master of the Universe.

But, if I was I would tread lightly if I were in your shoes. The next time you step out your door you just might be hit with an 800 Trillion volt lightning bolt and you would not die.

You would have to sh!t out of your side pocket and eat through a tube the rest of your life, as I would let you live to a ripe old age of 100 with a severe disfiguring case of rheumatoid arthritis.

You can go back to your cheap low class childish banter now....

The universe is a mirror, what you put out reflects back onto oneself.

@79: F that.

They say the eyes are the window to the soul - if so, that's a portal into the crucible of hell. When she blinks, she makes me want to commit suicide to get the image out of my head.

I'm pretty sure if the "O RRY" bird and the crazy Goddess Bunny thing had hellspawn, this would be it.

Now to hopefully drown out the image of this video with a gallon of overproof rum and nothing but girl-on-girl pr0n.

That chick scared the crap out of me.

That chick gets the same treatment as everybody else if they post a video on the internet. Even if this was some average Joe people would find a reason to tear her apart so who cares

She has got to live in Utah, runner-up for the World Inbreeding Invitational (Alabama, you bitch!)

Didn't god create the deformed SPECIFICALLY for the entertainment of normal people? GW got her about 2 million hits. She should be thanking him....with hand jobs. And farting (see end of video).

i had to leave the office, cause i couldnt stop laughing! this is ridiculous. i dont think even daisy had a say in this. oh my GOD!! great arguements here. i love it. i am crying. oh god. this one goes to the books. GW. this is some funny shit who cares what anyone says. if you are going to post something in a public setting and you are frickin weird. you are gonna get mocked. nuff said.

i think she almost blinked in 43 sec, mark. almost!

oh my god, that video was like sofa king we todd it.

This is just a viral ad for Katsucon. Clearly it's working.

Boy, Geekologie writer, you've done some harsh posting... but ripping on a girl with Möbius syndrome I never expected.

Piss poor geeko... Piss poor.

I'm all for making fun of idiots and certainly geeky ones, but when it comes to down to actually making fun of someones disability or disease, it's not really funny.

This is the first time that I have actaully bothered to post. This is funny, people who accuse others of finding it funny and calling that wrong. You are idiots, funny is different or unexpected and this girl is both.

A quick note to those less mature, more cruel people, with a worriing lack of caring. Perhaps you should show a little more respect, acknowledging a difference or oddity is one thing posting with the intent to attack and bully is another, So quick tip for you.. Steralization, with bullets

87, really? Your telling me that this video made you go "boy, this video sure makes me want to go to katsucon. I bet these people have a blast!" more like anti-marketing!! as far a the GW posting this....its her fault, she put it in public domain.... opinions are like assholes, everyone has one

Yeah I realise she has a condition but still...

She looks like how the boatman on the river styx should look.

Jesus fking christ.

For those of you who are saying that people shouldn't make fun of her because she has a condition is bull. So it's OKAY to make fun of normal people? She's the one who posted the video, and if she thinks people are going to be nice to her because she has a condition, then she is wrong. There are alot of assholes out there.

I don't even have sound and this is my favorite video ever. I could die.

Here's another vote to take this down. Geekologie may ridicule many things but picking on this girl is shameful.

Yeah this is really inappropriate. I have never been ashamed of Geekologie, but this post makes me feel otherwise.

she looks like a cat.


I'm pretty sure she can see soul with her eyes.

If you're going to post a video of yourself on youtube, you're going to get criticized. It's just asking for attention.

"I'll swallow your soul! I'll swallow your soul! I'll swallow your soul!"

I watched her youtube video of her reaction to 2 Girls 1 Cup, it was more horrifying than the video she was reacting to.

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I think we all know she'd look just like Kairi from Kingdom Hearts 1.

Geekologie Writer:

Not everyone is ripe for mockery. When we mock the powerful, the arrogant, the bullies of the world, we're taking them down a peg... but when we mock the meek, the vulnerable, or those who just plain don't have all the stuff we have --those who don't have a peg to spare, so to speak-- we reveal ourselves to *be* the arrogant bullies.

What sets the Anticlown sites apart from something like Perez is an apparent understanding of that fundamental truth. Or *used* to set them apart, at any rate.

So far, I've had fun looking at the content on this site. It's a geek haven, thus "geekologie." This seems like a place to giggle over new gadgets and terrible ideas. I am, however, not one to make fun of people. It's happened to me too much. This post is in poor taste and I did not have fun with this one. I watched her other videos, and she seemed like she was a nice, goofy lady. Shame on you. Here's hoping for a better post later.

It's one thing to make fun of celebrities and stuff. But this girl has some physical limitations and it is cruel to make fun of her. She is not blinking. That is not something you can do on purpose. There is a neurological problem there. Leave her be and pull this from your website. I'm very disappointed in you.

Take it down GW. There is nothing funny about this. On the other hand maybe this will make some people aware of Mobius Syndrome.

you are better than this GW.. I love your snark and ridicule, but this girl doesn't deserve it. another vote for take down.

Update comment is not enough, remove the post.

Dear dear dear geekologie writer, I'm a huge fan of your website; I've been consulting it ever since it was created. I never post, but, well, I had to make an exception;

Please keep it geeky and avoid such posts of poor taste.Given some thought, mocking disabled people over the web is not even remotely funny, it's a deplorable trend for puerile audiences I wish your website would not fall in.

But you already knew that, didn't you :(

Take this down.

Jeez people, how do you know she didn't forward it to the GW?

Those of you preaching to protect her are the worst bigots and a-holes on here, you automatically assumed she couldn't protect herself.

Hell, whatever disability or syndrome she may or may not have, laugh at her, or with her, or TURN THE F-ING VIDEO OFF. You over-privileged sense of entitlement sickens me. Take some responsibility for YOUR OWN actions and expect the same from others.

She may surprise you by laughing at herself with you, or laughing at you. I'll say "Woah, she looks weird." I'd say it to her face, it's not like she hasn't figured it out, but it wouldn't stop me from being her friend or treating her with kindness and empathy either.

If we all took everything a little less seriously, we'd all be better off. She posted her own video where hundred of millions of people can see it, it's either a big F-off to those of you who think they're better than her (and I hope so, that would be a nice tasty epic fail for them, not that they'd ever realize or admit it), or she just craves attention, and as they say "the only bad press is no press."

The 2 worst groups here right now are the ones who didn't like it and immediately start protesting so no-one can see it. They're so lazy that they need someone to change the channel for them and don't have enough personal responsibility to do it themselves. These people would shoot someone then sue the gun company because God forbid something is ever THEIR fault. But the worst group are those of you who feel the need to protect her from herself, you more than anyone else, completely disregard her worth as a person. Someone may laugh and get on with their day and think they're better than her, but chances are good that if she laughed too, or struck up a conversation, they could be friends. You lot that get so self righteous for everyone else because either you have problems you can't (or just don't want to) fix, or you have no problems at all and instead of enjoying your idle time you use it to butt into other people's lives. You would not only stop everyone else from laughing, you'd stop her from laughing, or acting like a real person, for her own good.

Thus everyone would suffer, just so you could feel morally superior because you feel like you helped someone that you think too little of to even imagine they could help themselves. To you lot, save us all time and trouble and go F- yourselves.

She's a person, I can laugh at her if I want to, just like I can at any other person. I'm also a person and she can laugh at me if she wants to. If it's funny, I'll laugh too, if it's not, I can leave. So can everyone else (barring restraints). I have a good friend in a wheelchair that calls himself the 4-wheeled assassin and cracks jokes about it, it's how he copes. He knows he's in a wheelchair and doesn't need YOUR sorry ass to protect him from that knowledge.

If you really had respect for people, you'd let them make their own decisions.

F-ing bigots.

@13 There is a syndrome where your eyeball and lip muscles are severed? I just thought she was from the Appalachian mountains.

Delete the fcuking video already. Have you seen the posts on the youtube page? They're atrocious, as too are some here. Big respect to people voicing their opinions to support her. The rest of you, making jokes at the expense of this poor woman, are just a bunch of cnuts.

I'm not reading this site anymore. This is a person with a disability, and I don't think it's moral to make fun of them. Say what you will, argue back and forth; who is right who is wrong, etc. I'm not playing that bull. I'm just removing the link to geekologie from my bookmarks. have a nice life.


@43 awesome. It's not Valentines Day without you.

at 113

Yeah right.

Now this is why RSS shouldn't exist anymore: even though you deleted, all of us received anyway...

Sad shit, dude, sad shit...

:( why GW!!!! WHY!??!?!??!???!? i had respect for you and you hilarious antics!!!! but what you did was cruel.... :( ...please dont do it again

Good move GW


*nassy waves to you* =)

Is everyone done crying their opinionated little 'awww, that's mean' yet so we can move on? .....No?

Well when you're done campaigning for sensitivity, rightfulness, well mannered consideration and all around well being please let me know. Until then I'll be right here on the internet living in the real world.

Fcuking tools. It's okay to laugh at the handicapped and feel sorry for them at the same time, really, it is. Or just point and laugh, or just feel sorry...either way, it's the card they were dealt so count your blessings or whatever bullshit you believe in.

How many people here are "offended" by Timmy (or Jimmy) from South Park? Not many I bet...you laugh.

Fcuking tools. Especially you GW for taking it down.

it just changed to the zelda thing ? what happened is the internet broken?

uh... I'm lost are any of these comments about the yummy Famicon?

@ 1- 123 STFU and get off the internet.

113. - Cool down mate, first we're not all "F-ing bigots", I'm an atheist. I find your opinion pretty surprising. According to you mocking disabled people is actually preferable than "protecting" them. Plus you're assuming they are strong enough to withstand any mockery, it doesn't affect them, just like your friend in a wheelchair.

Well I strongly disagree. I don't believe that it was her "decision" to be scoffed at, and she probably suffer from those insults. The first video was obviously not intended to be humorous. And it is astonishingly odious to say that this is because people doesn't see her as a "person" that they try to "protect" her; I think it's totally the opposite, and that it's actually the people who mock her that don't see her as a human being and feel "superior".

there was a video about a girl with some sort of disability... now the geekologie write has changed the post and apologized;

I say thats good enough; people make mistakes all the time you know?

well done.

I clicked on my RSS for Hooray!: Hot Chick Is Going To Katsucon and saw Zelda Mod. Thought I'd finally lost my mind lol

one hundred thirty first!!!

Pew pew pew!

Fcukin A people. leave GW alone. he didn't know. He's probably the least crass out of the 3 blogs. he made a mistake. oh, that's right. all of you guys are saints. f*cking hypocrites.

Damn, I was too late and missed the video..at least I caught all the politically correct "nuclear bomb" that went off in here...
I have never heard of that condition, but awareness that it is.. in fact real..
I think empathy instead of sympathy would be the appropriate way to handle it.
after all, would you want someone to feel sorry for you when you just want to be treated like everyone else?

Cheers GW for removing. I laughed in the beginning because I thought she was on drugs or something. It's sad once you realise she has a condition.

liberal douches are ruining comedy. GW is comedian-ish you liberal c*m eaters. deal with it. I vote to bring the video back!!

i dont give a damn what anybody says.
i salute your shorts.

christ! i fail

GW unintentionally did his good deed for the day by making some of us newly aware of Mobius Syndrome. As a regular documentary viewer it's amazing how many different syndromes exist that we are ignorant of. We take good health and "normality" for granted. Every cloud has a silver lining, sometimes that cloud pisses down on you before you see the silver.

NONE of you people are considerate of the woman with the syndrome. You would never hang out with her, never invite her over, never include her in your life so quit thinking you are so socially correct. I see all of you smile your fake smiles at people and then quickly walk off in order to stop any further interaction. And all the while you are patting yourself on the back because you are so "nice". You're not.

lol @ "I just thought she was a witch." I admit I thought she was possessed at first.

i'm glad i got to see this before it was taken down.

it was hilarious.


@139... apparently SOMEBODY doesnt have any friends.....

#139 Grow up, If you want to sound like an adult learn to mind your P's and Q's.

Any post about Zelda gives you immediate forgiveness.

That Green and Gold Zelda Mod has moebius syndrome. It has not blinked at me for at least 5 min. Plus it's missing the controllers and I also heard it fart.

First time poster here, for one reason, Do Not Feel Bad GW Writer. Everyone bitching laughed just as hard as us, but we all can't be E-champs on the webs. <3

My god just because you laugh at this doesn't mean your a freaking douche bag my god, i feel bad for her but its sheer human nature to laugh at stuff like this, she probably makes fun of it to with her friends all the time....

147 wins for best comment.

Wow this post has made my day. Both the original post and the updated zelda post (not for the zeldaness though of course)

Theres so many great posters out there, but I just noticed 43s and I want to marry you 43.

And for everyone else who was hating on the GW. Well, if she didn't want to be made fun of, she wouldn't have gone on youtube to begin with.

Although I do feel a bit of sadness to her.

But I laughed.

lol #144 but my friends aren't shallow. None of us are perfect and we are at our best when we look to correct our own mistakes. Laughing at her doing something silly isn't any different than laughing at comedians, our friends, ourselves....

Now, let's all sing the Hansen song together: "Weird", followed with "Kumbaya"

@1 though 151: Geez GW writer! Didn't you realize that retards stick together!?

I found her interesting.

By the way, can I have the original link back already>

aw GW i still love you.


Are we there yet ??

That is the coolest Zelda mod I have ever seen in my entire life!

Well here's something, she's got some pretty good boobs...can't dance worth shit though: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EPAEVpKqVHg&feature=channel

So with this many hits, is this going to wind up under the "So Freaking Cool" side of the page now?

Why am I not surprized he took it down? I get changing your original comments about her if they did not reflect what you would've said had you known. But to take it down?
Welcome to geekologie, we're rude, crass, funny as hell, sexist, and apologize for nothing... until you whine about it being un-pc. In which case, it will be taken down, censored, banned. Did I say geekologie? I meant welcome to China...

@ $.02 and a pocket full of FAH-Q

That's an ignorant thing to say. Geekologie is a community and obviously a large part of it did not agree with what was put on the site earlier. They voiced their opinions and that was that. The poster took it down at his own discretion.

At Geekologie we talk about "Geeky" things, and I believe the consensus is we would never advocate discussion of putting down others, especially of things they have no control over. That garbage is for 4chan.

I honestly don't understand what GW did wrong here. It's not like he secretly filmed her and posted the video to humiliate her. This was one video out of many she filmed and placed online herself. She knows of her condition and how harsh people can be yet she still chose to put herself out there. If I were her I would be more insulted at the posters who felt they needed to defend and save her. Get a mop for those bleeding hearts of yours.

"She knows of her condition and how harsh people can be yet she still chose to put herself out there."

That doesn't make it ok for people to make fun of her. She should be able to live a normal life like everyone else without having to deal with assholes like some of the people here. Why are you perpetuating the problem? Deep down inside I hope you feel that the post was immoral and so were all of the people that laughed at her.

@ Adam: Oh bullshit, get off your high-fcuking-horse. Tell me you've never called someone retarded or a retard for doing something dumb.

Fcuking hypocrite retard.

thank you for changing the post GW!
Now I can keep coming religiously to your website.

agree with 150. 147 is an amazingly beautiful person.

Hey what happened ta da REtard? OH!

Where's the video for this retard? I need to make fun of her!

If she had a "condition" (Which I doubt) she shouldn't be vlogging.

or maybe she should I dunno. Who cares.

I heart Zelda

GW = woose

GW you inadvertantly raised awareness to a terrible disorder that many (including myself) had been unaware of... for raising awareness of moebius disorder, you sir ...deserve a medal

And one continues in this February on the customs. Today it is a Snes good old which passes on the grill on a well-known topic but ever used on this platform, I named Zelda and the shutter Link to the past. Excite the Pal version and its limps gilded, this time the inspiration comes from the Jap version with this metallized green applied to a good part of the hull which knows seen smoothed for the occasion.

Not badly of detail like the disappearance of the LED power, replaced by a luminous carpet of light blue, as well as the base laid out on the button ejects for the sword of link, composes this console. Several parts have summers also gilded but here not of painting but an effect chromium-gilded way mirror or this reflects all that passes (like the cartouche of the play).

The basic modifications are also there with the switch and the complete dézonage of the animal as well as the cutting of the port cartouche and its valve to measure.

---The Original Post Translated From French To English

Remember the 300? Cast this one off the mountain...

Wait, so @167 you can come back because he took the video down, so now he's PC, but "147 is an amazingly beautiful person."?

147. C3PO - February 25, 2009 8:13 PM
That Green and Gold Zelda Mod has moebius syndrome. It has not blinked at me for at least 5 min. Plus it's missing the controllers and I also heard it fart.

So you can't laugh at one, but you can belittle them all? You are a F-ing douche.

And for all the asshats like Adam @165
"That doesn't make it ok for people to make fun of her. She should be able to live a normal life like everyone else without having to deal with assholes like some of the people here."

All of us "normal" people have to deal with assholes, if you really thought of her as an equal, you'd let her do it too.

I too am a little disappointed that GW buckled, like a belt.


Who was censored and oppressed here? People voiced their opinions about the post... and GW deleted it, because realizing she had a disorder changed his humor about it. Which he has a right to do. The End.
If you think this compares to China, I think you have some travelling you need to do.

To everyone else whining about liberal bleeding hearts, and saying everyone secretly laughs at this....
Yes, I laughed. I can see why GW posted, it seems to be an extreme version of the stereotypical nerd, thus his posting it up here.

But.... after reading the harsh comments and realizing she has a disorder... it's just sad. It's not funny anymore.
And if we are going to laugh at her, what stops you from going further and laughing at people disfigured by war or born with cleft tongues etc. etc. Obviously, GW readers didn't think this was appropriate. If that's your kind of humor, great. Go to another website to laugh at people with problems. But this is not that website.

Thank you GW, for continuing to be so awesome.
And it was interesting to see where everyone comes out on here. GW readers really impressed me, especially compared to the YouTube viewers.

Thanks man, I still think you're cool.

BAH! time to hit up google video to get my daily lulz... as to those so concerned with other peoples feelings, realize that in the big picture it doesn't matter at all.

there is not one thing any of you people could do to improve that girl's existence.

187- If you will notice, I agreed that since he saw it differently, his commentary did change to suit his new view (for a short time) - more power to him. My issue comes in when people champion things like freedom of expression - as long as it doesn't ruffle THEIR feelings.
Yes, a lot of people made below the belt comments about this girl; they are jerks. I fully support their right to be jerks, just as I fully support the right of people to say "I think this is wrong". What I have a problem with is forcing something to be hidden away because it offends you. That is wrong. My point about people laughing at the less fortunate is simply to point out that the same people offended by this have most likely said/done something equally offensive to someone else in their lifetime.
The rights we give lipservice to here in the states should be applied evenly. If you're a PETA member, be a PETA member, I disagree with you, but I support your right to state your views. I will excercise my right to respond without threats or violence in any way I chose. I would just like to see other people do the same.

Seriously! I Want to see this video! Where is it?

Side note, the girl in the original video needs a hug and some better friends. (That is my non-informed opinion - her tone has desperation, loneliness, and anger in it from what I see)

#02 -
Point taken, and I think we do agree on Freedom of Speech.

But then that also means all the people unhappy with this post also have the freedom of speech to complain about it.

184- I fully support the right of people to complain about it. I even support their right to tell the people mocking the girl that they are (insert insult here). I do not support forcing it to be taken down. It's the censoring of offensive material that leads to the problem - who decides what's offensive? Hence the China reference.

Except that no one forced it to be taken down. GW decided to take it down based on his readers comments. Most types of media usually take its audience into consideration. This is not censorship.

Shall we just get to 200 and bed this whole things, every opinion has been voiced and each one is wrong.

The only certian thing we have found out is, in some way, were are all retarded, Each and every special one of us.

I heart you all, Expect the retards :D


No! Let's make this the longest running thread on GW!

I'll provide useful incitation for the prolongation of this conversation:

Active Eugenics! Should unworthy people be put down?

@ 166

How did she do something retarded? She posted a video talking about going somewhere. DAMN THAT'S FCKING RETARDED.

@ J.D. 177

In a previous comment, I stated that it was not ok because she has no control over her condition. For people to laugh at her for this regresses them to an elementary school playground bunch of punks.

one hundred ninety FIRST!!!!!

Pew pew pew!


That was tried once. Didn't work out to well. I think there was a really big war and everybody decided it was a bad idea.

Oh! @188

Thank you! I'll watch it when I get home.

who cares if she has some disease, she's ugly.

I am not GOD, but if I was (note earlier comment @80) I would see that you have repented from your evil ways. This is good for you and I will withhold the 800 Trillion volt lighting strike on your ass until another time.

For the other many many childish, insensitive and empty hearted folks who made fun of her for her disfigurement, perhaps you will have your face ripped off by a crazed chimp escaped from a local zoo and THEN YOU will see what it feels like to be on the other side of the coin.

It's not so funny there.........

Negative karma never produces Positive results....

first on the famicon thing, ON SNAP!

196 - See comment 117. You failed twice.

what the hell did GW post here that has everyone in such and uproar? I came on here and saw a thing about N-64

Watch, it was a combination of the video (link'd at comment 188) and GW original commentary mocking her. Something along the lines of, "This is a goddess, those eyes, those teeth, see her in her full glory at :40 - 1:00...," so, go watch the video, think that commentary, and re-read... Then kick yourself for wasting that much time a day later...


200 and firts!!!

Giving in to PC pressure is lame. Expected more outta you geekologie. Put the wackjob back up. Dont be a sissy. Peace

My Dixie Wrecked.

203- que?

@204- McAllister

The fcuked up-est thing about this video is the girl, not her disorder. Yer all getting worked up about the not normal-ness that she can't hide (the disfiguring nature of the disorder), but it's the one she can hide (her personality) that's the saddest part here. She may be nice, but her social awkwardness is standing in the way of things for her way more than her looks. None of you are normal by the way. No one's normal (or we all are, I can't figure it out).

It's the starwars kid all over again, but with a genetic abnormality and a less funny personality weirdness. My point? No one here seems to have actually considered anything but her looks when making their judgment. She's weird with or without the disorder (listen to the video instead of watching it and you'll be just as creeped out). Or I have no point. Just wanted in on all this fun... after the fact.

Screwed if you do, screwed if you don't...

206- See 183.

And how!

Alright, so ~ 1% have considered more than the looks.And that's rounding up, assuming I haven't forgotten any others - perhaps vast majority would be better to say.

But on the looks side, she'd probably be a pretty good hug.

I think this post has more comments than the nazi cake parents. It's amazing what people will say about a stone face.

Whatever happened to those nazi parents anyway?


Child services took the kids away. F.uck 'em, that's why.


@ 199, thank you. I already read the comments, now i must find the link.

213 - the link is in comment #188

you're pathetic geek writer. you and every poster here who jumped on board with the insults.


you're pathetic ricky. you and every poster here who jumped on board with the words and the thoughts. pathetic.


is nobody really cares

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