Feb 7 2009Doctoral Student Furious After University Throws Out His Collection Of Lizard Dung


Typically, you don't want bags of crap hanging around for too long. But not Daniel Bennett -- he loves that shit! Now he's furious that Leeds University custodians threw away part of his doctoral work -- a 77lb bag of Butaan Lizard dung it took him 7 years to collect.

"Whether it was the largest collection of lizard shit in the world is uncertain, but it certainly contained the only dietary sample from that little-known species Varanus olivaceus, and probably the most complete dietary record of any single population of animals in South East Asia. Its loss left me reeling and altered the course of my life forever."

First of all, Daniel, I don't think "shit" is the proper scientific nomenclature. And secondly, if losing a bag of crap can alter the course of your life forever, well, it's time you take a long, hard look at your life anyways. Just saying, tons of birdshit on my car.

University apologises for lizard dung clear-out [wigantoday]

Thanks to RyanThePerson, who is an actual human and not just shit stacked that high.

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oh... poor daniel.. shit happens

damnit! I did NOT [email protected] :(


I have no issue communicating without the use of profanity. Quite frankly, the english language offers much more colorful adjectives. The point being made is simply that in this country, where this blog is hosted, we have freedom of speech. The same freedom of speech that would protect this blogger (GW) in court. I find it rather disingenuous of him to post NSFW content and genitalia jokes, then censor our comments about them.

Okay, this sounds like a lame thing to be upset about... But he spent 7 years picking up lizard crap to design a new way of studying dietary habits. It would piss me off too.

Hm, things could have been worse...


Top ten!


If u like shit---> click on my name

7 years of collection in a foreign country to produce your doctoral thesis and possibly some breakthroughs in the understanding of a part of nature no one has studied.

I would be livid, and demand that the university fund the necessary trips it would take to gather more shit. haha

pay me to pick up shit and ill pay someone else half to do it. in turds of course. free money!

Makes me proud to be from Leeds, this does.

*Wipes away a tear*


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Baja got caught when her house got picked up by a twister. When the house landed on an evil witch she found that she made some enemies, and many friends. And to get home she nbeeded to follow the path of golden bricks.

DAISY!!!!! = FAKE!!!!

This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell Daisy is fake because her shadows are all wrong


He should be mad, they had no right to trash his collection like that because theres good research in the chemicals it contains


This is a complete. You can tell its a.

This is exactly like. Tender Dracula. The two drunk french actresses play eye spy in the car for hours as they are bored of causing car crashes with their feet.

it's shit...get over it

when someone throwing out your flaming bag of lizard shit ruins your life, it's time to reexamine. Perhaps seeing a vagina is in your cards this decade after all!

To the people who say it's just shit: I'm guessing none of you are from academia. Study of ecology and biodiversity means nothing to you, but it's someone's livelihood.

On a separate note, why on earth did he take 7 years? Most doctorates are done after 4 or so.

wow....poor guy.....i wonder if the first thing he said was .....SHIT!!!!!

Tough shit fella :p

Hah shitty...

Yeah this reminds me of the time my roommate found my collection of used condoms (over a hundred) and threw them away.

I found it was him because he confronted me about why some of the condoms had sh!t on them, so I told him straight up. Girls won't you let you fukk em in the ass, but dudes will bend over backwards for the dick. Lets just be real about it.

Rat-shit, bat-shit, dirty old twat,
Sixty-nine assholes tied in a knot.




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