Jan 8 2009Wow, Just Wow: Puff The Magic Dragon-Cake


Now THAT'S what I call a freaking cake. This massive firebreathing bitch was made for some Dungeon & Dragoners for a very special feast. A feast which included, but was not limited to: mozzarella sticks and corn dogs (see gallery after jump). Now that's what I call eating like a king. Or a handsome prince! HIYO. Anyway, this amazing piece of delicious was made by Mike's Amazing Cakes. Now who else here gets the feeling Mike sold his soul to an evil sorcerer to be granted the gift of cake? You think it was worth it? I personally wouldn't want to spend eternity being force-fed cake with my asshole sewn shut, but, you know, that's just me.

Hit the jump for the gallery and a link to an even more massive Flickr stream.









Astro-Lopithecus' Flickr Gallery

Thanks to Manwai, who once cut a dragon's head off with his penis. Just like in the fairy tale!

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My puff the magic dragon themed 'room' is nothing like this, no dragon cake or anything - but there's a lot of puffin & even more magic in there I tell ya

#1 good for you. Don't you feel like a winner today? Good, here's your prize....

these guys did an amazing job on the cake... althought from the first picture it looked like it was going to be way bigger

...wait wasn't puff green like my magic stash of pixie nuggets??

Defenitely a joke. take you anyway

so where do i collect my prize?


I agree, the thing looked huge from the first pic.

ahh good for you Eric, you took me. Hopefully the secret location & information about your reward will be revealed somewhere near the end of this comments section, so stay tuned =)

Holy shit! That's so bitchen, why did those bastards eat it?!?

@9 probably because they paid a shit ton of money to have it made, damn right I would have eaten it too. Does anyone else want to point out how this is for some Dungeon & Dragoners for a very special feast? That's a little sad to say the least, not that they play the game but that they probably paid quite a bit of money to have this cake made for "a very special feast."

that is pretty
epic dragon cake and corn dogs??


c'mon now. between the dragon cake and the cheese fountain, they didn't exactly have room in the budget for gourmet eats.
corn dogs and mozzarella sticks (or tater tots, can't exactly tell) seem to be the best they could do

did you see the cheese fountain?

LOL @ Corndogs!


Daisy is a complete photoshop job. You can shes a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This has absolutely nothing to do with that stupid ass film 'Never Back Down,' which no one ever saw anyway.

What the hell kind of cake it that? That last picture looks like frosted sweetbreads.


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max wanted to fight a dragon, so he snuck into the Dragon's nest when it was away and stole some old dragon scales to have Baja make into a shield.

Baja took the bits she cut off the scales and mixed them in with some tuna fish. When Max demanded a tuna and bacon sandwich after sex, she dutifully made the sammich while Max wiped his junk on the curtains. He then almost broke his teeth biting into the tuna bacon sandwich.

That is an awesome cake! Wow! It looks delicious and you can't keep it a Dragon like that would be dangerous to have in the house for too long, you have to slay it.

Is that a cheese fountain or are they ketchup and mustard fountains for the corndogs?

Awesome dude, awesome...well, the cake is anyway.

"When Max demanded a tuna and bacon sandwich after sex....' hahahah


Nice try daisy, nice try.

Given the age & technology at the time that movie was done, I gotta say it was pretty impressive despite the 80's hairstyles and themes

Someone must be a level 8 baker...

To be honest, I've found just about every other cake posted here to be pretty stupid. This one is really impressive.

I'm guessing these D&D geeks fooled women into coming to their party by stating that it's a Harry Potter cake?

I want to eat a 12 sided die.
Why did they eat it ass first?

I'd bet my third testicle that the neck and head are not cake and that is why they only ate the body (its the only edible part).

Aww man, I wanted a thigh... got stuck with a stupid wing... whatever!

This cake kicks the crap out of every other cake ever posted here. Even the stand up optimus prime...

@21 - Dragons layer Cake!

Yes, I really just did make that freakin' ghastly pun. And I'd do it again, y'hear?

(blame Gears of War 2 and an early start time for work this morning)

That's fantastic- shame to cut it really. If I only saw pics of it I would never guess it was cake, looks like it could be ceramic or the like.

I wonder who got to slay the dragon...

@19- yeah it's a mustard fountain for the corn dogs. And the fountain closest to the camera I assume is a marinara fountain for the cheese sticks.

Anyone else find it ironic that the cake came on graph paper? I guess only people that designed their own dungeons would get that. -Er, I mean Dungeons and Dragons is for nerds!

OMG it looks delicious! And the one who did it, is definitely an artist!

The cake is a lie. The cake is a lie!

Wow...very big;;;;

Its a piece of cake to bake a pretty cake!

To the guy who'd bet his left testicle that the head and neck are inedible. Bakers have been using rice crispy treats and dowels to make thin tall -edible- structures in place of where normal cake would topple or collapse on it's self. So, The head and neck may very well be edible. And you, well, You're quite possibly out of a left testicle..

wow!! did you make it?? I want to eat it!!

FAKE! Someone photoshopped girls into that party. They aren't showing up any other way...

This cake is amazing! I'm linking to it in my blog and stealing some pics. Appropriate credit will be given. Let me know if you want me to change anything!

Have a good one!



This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is absolutely identical, with 110% assurance quality guaranteed or your money back, to a scene in the movie Tender Dracula.
Dracula's resurrected man-servant's ex-wife who is now the wife of Dracula, is out pinching rose stems with Ted Nugent branded boss clamps, when she discovers a rare butterfly.
The butterfly whispers to her the location of a secret base on Hoth.
The butterfly is later reprimanded by Admiral Akbar.

I like how the girl in red is waaaaay off to one side, looking horrified. Perhaps she is frightened by Mega-Una-Brow Girl, Destroyer of Cakes!

Also – Is that a nacho cheese fountain AND a salsa fountain? Classy!

Also, Also – ‘Hey I have friends coming over for a party, perhaps I’ll throw on my nicest grey t-shirt.’ Uber-Classy! Come get some ladies!!

Also, Also, Also – I think the mixing of one Christmas plate and one Paper plate really sets the holiday mood.

It ISN'T puff the magic dragon - it's a D&D dragon, you can tell because of the D8- and D20 around the cake.

uneducated buffoons... yet another reason why nobody over 35 should use the internet.

As everyone has pointed out, the most remarkable thing in these pictures is the girls… I wanna see the photos where the birthday boy whips out his +1 mace…

The shadows are all wrong :)

But seriously, I thought the image was photoshopped before I saw the next few. Cool stuff.

It's such a shame that they destroyed it but at the same time, it's either they eat it or let it rot... Both equally painful in my opinion.

the innards sort of look like a king cake. Cinnamon sprinkled bread and colored sugars with white frosting usually. In a king cake there's a small plastic baby, and the person who gets that is supposed to buy the next king cake. I would guess if that's what this is, then there was probly a real 100 sided or 20 sided die hidden in there for the next person to buy one. At least that would be a cool idea, but I bet this thing cost a ton of cash.

pretty EPIC cake!! i'd try 2 preserve a cake like that in some way, put it in a museum setting 4 everyone ELSE 2 look at & enjoy

& besides.....i'll lay bet that there r quite a few FEMALE "Dungeon & Dragons" players, too

Not sure that I would ahve been able to cut it. I would have passed the knife to someone else

Was the "event" a loss of virginity for one of those 30 year olds?

AMAZING CAKE! Wow, some of these people posting know how to say just stupid shit ....

"Why do something and get knocked for it when you can do nothing and ,, well .... yeah .. "

This cake was amazing and I'm under the impression that someone at the party made it ..

what a freak cakeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, THATS WHAT I CALL CAKE OF THE DRAGON:::::... jajajja

Vin Diesel plays dungeons and dragons. So you can't really say its only for nerds and virgins.


Must be a lot of thick frosting to make it look that cool? Where's Lenny Lipton?

As someone else pointed out - it must be fake, there are females present with it.

Also, it is the cover of an old issue of Dragon magazine. I'm not sure which one, but I know I've seen it there.

I bet the caked tasted like cardboard. It is also terribly unauthentic. Everyone knows that REAL dragons are made of rum cake on the inside, not chocolate layers

#43: It's a D10, not a D8--uh, I mean, D&D is for nerds!

I don't think I wanna eat a dragon...

It's not a ton of frosting, it's probably buttercream and a thin layer of Fondant then air brushed. also @ 48 if it is fondant that doesn't go bad. a lot of presentation cakes you see in stores and museums are foam on the inside with the decorations and icing being edible.
Also I am female and 23 and I play D&D I'm also a lot cuter than the girls in these photos ;)

OMFG MOZZA STICKS!! in picture 5!!!1!!one!1!!1!1

Corn dogs, sausage links, and a giant cake named puff the magic the magic dragon? I want to come to the next party and chow down.

the guy above me just informed that me they are mozza sticks, even better!!

That is simply amazing.

That cake is brilliant, I wonder whether there were any special ingreadients in puffs cake? hehe

They killed him!!!!!!!!!!!

Did he even get a fair dice roll at least?


Amazing cake.
I find it amusing they couldn't (apparently) afford better food. Must have blown the budget on the cake.
Hey, at least it was worth it!



(I love how my comment isn't anything extravagant.)

really, people visiting a website called GEEKOLOGIE bashing D&d'ers for nerds?? mwahahaha! hahaha! thats really really uberfunny. compliments on the cake. and for the unbelievers, look better. u can tell whats marzipan and all if you just look

not fake. mike mccarey is just that awesome.

mmmm, cheese sticks

since nobody called it... FIRST COMMENT.

Hmmm... if I were to try and fake a dragon cake, I would start by laying some sort of large scale graph paper on an empty table top, so that I could match the exact angel when I built and rendered my 3D mode - - which could then be very easily photoshopped into the original photograph. The biggest challenge would be matching the lighting conditions and overall look and feel of the original photograph. But again, I would use some sort of LARGE SCALE graph paper to make this task really easy. I'm just saying...

Really cool cake. Seems a shame they had to slay that dragon.

wow. what's with all the hate mail? It' a cake...nicely done for someone or a group that has their own theme. The fav food was probably corndogs and cheese sticks...so what....
photo shopped? omg, whatever....

This is a REAL cake. Go to http://www.mikesamazingcakes.com/ to see all of the cakes from this company. Oh, and I'm also a 23 year old chick who plays D&D...and I'm marrying a D&D player who wanted a cake like this for his groom's cake...but since that cake cost over $800 (the bakery's minimum charge for a cake feeding 50 people is $800) it was a little out of our budget.

Yeah it looked much bigger.. also, are the dice real? They look like it.

wait.. are those.. ketchup and mustard fountains..? Thats creative but sounds a little disgusting.

hahaha for those of you who think this is fake.. what are you talking about?? this was a real cake .. my english teacher ordered it from mikes amazing cakes for her husband's birthday.. and yeah on a teachers budget not much funding left for good eats but they had a lot of fun and the cake was delicious!! she told us a little about it and how much he liked it! and yes the dice were real she provided it for them to make the dragon's claw on it.

the reason the "shadows are all wrong" is because the frosting colorer the cake maker used got on the mat a little bit you can see it on th board after it was cut...

Magnificent! Also if you don't eat it the cake and frosting inside with rot! I'm assuming the wings, legs, tallons, neck and head were all fondant. Some it must have been supported by wooden dowels. I know this is a bit rude but how much did it cost, roughly?

If I made something that awesome I would stab anybody who tried to eat it. rofl


not quite bob

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I didnt think it was a cake until i read the title

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LMAO at D&D is just for Nerds/Geeks.....I hate to break it to ya but I thought the same thing until I went to one of my friends house...after a bunch of nagging about D&D.

When I got there, half of the people that were playing were very good looking women...I was Like WTF??? There is no way they play D&D, there just with their husbands/boyfriends...But they actually Enjoyed playing the game O.o/`

I bet the same people who think D&D is for geeks/nerds think Hot Video Gaming Girls don't exist either...LOL

BTW it looks like an awesome party...Hate to have gotten the bill for the cake though..xD

Honestly it's amazing how people don't check the links.
Great work they did on the cake, and I wonder what it would have tasted like my self...

Great work

if only dragons were that easy to kill in DnD :p

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