Jan 7 2009Time Flies!: An Artsy, Steampunkish Watch


Deviantartist sadwonderland went and made a steampunk styled wristwatch. While it doesn't look super steampunky, I still like the style. Hell, I'd wear it if I was a woman. Or, haha, home alone with the door locked and shades pulled tight. I'm not kidding.

This is a fancy steampunk-style wristwatch, fully functioning, with a new battery in it all ready to go!

A pair of angelic wings and decorative clock cogs frame the timepiece, and a charm chain hangs below, carrying a cog and a small victorian heart.

Perfect for costuming or fancy time-travel parties!

I'm digging those wings. And you know what they say -- time flies when you're wearing a steampunk watch! What do you mean they don't say that? Well what do they say? Toy boat ten times fast? Fine! Toy boat, toy boat, toy boat, toy boat, toy boyt, toy boyt, toyboyt, toyboyt, toyboyt, toyboyt! Oh, now everyone in the coffee shop is looking at me funny. F*** you, people, I'm a blogger damnit!

Lestrade Watch [deviantart]

Thanks to KXHone, who doesn't need a winged watch for time to fly, just alcohol.

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Reader Comments

the very first!!!

Very practical. Expect it to be all the rage at the next comic-con.

I want to see more of the chick wearing it. Her arm looks sexy.

If that thing could fly off the wristband and attack people at your command, I'd definitely buy one. I'd attach a webcam and send it out to fight that owl from clash of the titans. That'd be something steampunky to watch

I like it, I couldn't wear it though, the dangly stuff and wings would get jacked up pretty damned fast...

I'd totally wear this shit.

anyone else notice that you couldn't actually read it like a real watch? it's turned on a 90 degree angle.

Cool...until you impale youself with those wings in some knid of freak accident!

#7, but you get to read the watch like like a FIGHTER! Hand raised in a closed fist, chin up, poker-faced ...

yay...I love when people just glue a watch and some random metal shit to something and SHAZAM "steampunk"!

Anybody else notice those "clock cogs" are really lock washers.

@#7 ppl can read it easily enough. just turn your arm up so it's vertical when you read the watch

This is some straight up Underworld type stuff. It is cool and all, but the right chick would be the only one to really pull it off. And by right chick I do not mean DAISY. Yeah, I mentioned Daisy on a post that she actually hasn't commented on. I guess her 15 minutes on the internet at the library is over - however briefly it may be.

Why are all these steampunk assholes always gluing old mechanical watch parts to stuff and calling it "art", but then they go to make an actual watch, it has a cheap quartz (i.e., battery powered) movement?

Isn't the whole steampunk aesthetic supposed to evoke a turn of the 20th century, pre-electronic-age vibe? Why didn't this loser just give it a Casio digital display while he was at it?


Yes no Daisy!

That's true! Cheers!

Oh, so now we're including things that aren't even good enough to be deemed steampunk, they're just steampunkISH? No, cheers.

@11 - Totally the first thing I thought. Amateur hour.


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is xactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max was learning magic. He borrowed Baja's fathers watch and wrapped it in a hankerchief. Then he smashed it with a hammer, and put it in a bowl, and mixed it with eggs and water. He then passed his magic wand over it, and said viola!

He looked in the bowl, and asked if anyone wanted to see a card trick.

Daisy pulls through!

That is some cheap, sad ass steampunkin'.

Ya'll are just hatin because you secretely want one


Seriously, can this steampunk fad end. This is stupid and no one is wearing this shit out.


This is a complete phosphorous job. You can tell its snowflake because the shadow's are all bong.

This is xactly like that scene in the movie Tender Dracula where Commisioner Gordon lights up the bat signal. Three minutes later Dracula arrives and asks what the emergency is. Commisioner Gordon replies the national debt.
Dracula exsanguinates him and flies off to a drive in movie theatre.

Does it come with band-aids?

Pffft. If you think that's good, check out Liek's stuff.


super tacky...but i like it

If you want steampunk stuff that doesn't look like some retarded three-year-old threw glue and ballsack chunks into a bowl and waited, then go to etsy. They have all kinds of cool stuff there, and a lot of it is one of a kind.
Just do a search for steampunk.

I can't believe I have to f***ing say this:

Art Deco ≠ Steampunk

lock washer ≠ cogs

Steampunky ≠ worth mentioning

If "steampunk" consists of little more than gluing plastic bits to a piece of leather then i've been a steampunk artist since i was five.

@10: You beat me to it.

I really like Steampunk a long time now. And I just hate how people glue a lot of shining shit in everything and say "lol steampunk".
F***. It is "steampunk watches", "steampunk clothing", steampunk f***ing everything. Just glue some gears and voilà.
I hate this new trend.

A bloody clock would never be steam-powered. So, there is no such thing as a steampunk clock.

And this one is just silly.
I prefer the one I made. There are no numbers. Only the word "Rape" instead.


@31: I don't know about a "bloody" clock but there are steam-powered clocks.


Awesome watch, but actually found someone whoi think does a much better job of this, also on dA


Aranwen is also on Etsy, some really incredible steampunk inspired works there, really made my jaw drop :)


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