Jan 4 2009Russian Roulette: The Nokia Gun Phone


This is a conceptual Nokia gun phone made by somebody in Photoshop. It's fake. Mad fake. Faker than the ID I use to buy booze (I'm 16). Because no phone company has the gigantor cojones it would take to manufacture an actual handgun-phone. And I think we can all agree, that's a fundamental problem with today's society. That's why I outsourced the manufacture of a gun-phone to a friend of mine. And I've got to tell you, this shit looks legit. *BRRRING* Oh, if you'll excuse me -- I need to take this. *BANG* Oh. Uh-oh. Listen, I've gotta run to the vet real quick.

Gun Phone Concept [uberphones]

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REAL!!!: Thats no photoshop, the shadows are right!

Hey, I need that!

Its getting rough in the hood,, as I only have two hands you know!

I need one to hold the phone/gun and one to hold my beer and steering wheel, so I can use the other to text, chat, and keep the car jackers at bay while I profile in my lowrider wif that big fartpipe........ now that cruising!

Why do people insist breeding other items with phones?
First it started with a camera, then camcorder, then BAM the phone and the tv is gettin it on. Turn around later, we got mp3 making it a 3 some, and then a gun trying to make it kinky

looking at this makes my back hurt

whats up with geekologie on sunday???

i mean seriously.. we never used to see him on sundays but then all of a sudden he starts blogging on sundays....

these things make my day!!

Hes on crack

Looks a lot like my Nokia Wii controller I use for Call of Duty

Oh, that's like... spanish, right?

Cahones... Cahones... That sounds like "Cajones".

Maybe you mean "cojones" (cohones in such case)?

It's like engrish fun, but in spanish!

i guess that would make it spanrish.

in any case the word "balls" would have sufficed.

and why not put a better phone in, like the iphone or something. i'd love to see some tool walking down the street with a set of headphones plugged into his gun.

does that make any sense?

This is the best post I've seen here in awhile. The concept of a gun phone makes me laugh and laugh.


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactl like that scene in the movie Never BAck Down where Max's cigarette company offered a bunch of money to any town that could quit smokng for 30 days.

Right before the 30 days was up he had BAja drop smokes from a helicopter, and he tried to give a man a light with his gun lighter. Unfortunately the gun lighter got swapped for a real gun, and he ended up killing the guy.

Of course the guy would have died eventually anyhow.

This is shit. Someone merging a few pics in Photoshop does not equate to a product concept, and certainly doesn't warrant a newsposting.

F***. Terrible.

So either the phone is very very thin (possible), or the grip of the gun is really fat (more likely), or there isn't any room for a clip (dumb, but I wouldn't put it past whoever thought this up, given that it's just a Photoshop job).


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadows are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max had his Del Tacos order swapped with Pa Sajak's. Pat's order was laced with strong drugs, and this messed up Max big time. He pulled his peter our and went Pew Pew all over Col. Sanders and then ordered a bucket of chicken. Baja realized Max was having problems because he usually doesn't like chicken, so she lured him into a cardboard box with bacon flavored ice cream, and then hit him over the head with a spare tire, to allow him to sleep it off.

Meanwhile, without his drugs Pat Sajak wasn't able to function on the wheel of fortune. He pulled out his gun to kill himself, but ended up calling Vanna White with it.

The tags on these things always make me laugh.

...Bang bang, that awful sound, bang bang, my baby shot me down...


lol you mean CAJONES, and what CAJONES mean is the drawers where you put you clothes or your kitchen utensils... you could say CALZONES which mean underpants...? haha

@14 - oh go update your twisted pr0n site and quit bitching.

The iphone concept w/headphones would be funny as hell.

phone+gun=LAMESAUCE, so if you shoot someone, then have to ditch the gun, you leave your phone with it? PFFBBTTTT I say. PFFFBBBBT!

Actually Spider, post 23, it's COJONES. Way to sound like a f***ing idiot.

heheh Daisy, Pat Sajak does run a lot of drugs around his show. Trials and tribulations always follow him to Del Taco, it's so strange but true

just in case you cared, "cahones" is actually cojones (the right spelling in spanish)

It would be better if the mic and speaker were located at the business end.

reminds me of a friends friend when I was a kid. he had novelty cigerette lighter that looked exactly like the 9 millimetre pistol he kept in his desk. he got mixed up one day and took his nose right off.
true story.
kids don`t let this happen to you.

this gun phone is cool, i love it,

you can check gun lighters www.abclighters.com

this gun phone is cool, i love it,

you can check gun lighters http://www.abclighters.com

and i bet the clip is the battery, and it has a camera in the nozzle, so you could 'shoot' someone, with a gunshot sound!

you guys are gonna love this but thats actualy a us army picture. its a screen saver on computers, over here in iraq the message is talking about missions and such on unsecure cell phones is dangerous. it has some lame tag line on it along the lines of "the most dangerous weapon" or something super stupid

yo remember me. im your good poster remember oh i have made a replaca panzershreake and attached an air compresser to it im going to test it tonight . happy trails


I reckon they ought to be selling those on QVC instead of that stupid snuggle blanket. That's the definition of practical right there.

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