Jan 28 2009Not Again!: Another Kid's Toy Promoting Islam

Remember the story about the children's doll that allegedly says "Islam is the light"? Well now there's a Nintendo DS game that says the same thing, thankfully discovered by BY THE SAME IDIOT THAT COMPLAINED ABOUT THE DOLL.

Months ago, Rachel Jones was shocked to discover her 4-year-old's baby doll seemed to have a hidden message: Islam is the light.

Imagine her surprise when a game for her 8-year-old daughter's Nintendo DS had the same message. Jones said she's angry this is the second toy she's had to take from her children.

"Not just my daughters' toys, but we have a son too," said Jones. "Now I feel like I need to listen to all of his little toys to make sure they're not saying it."

Well, I don't know what to tell you, Rachel. Except stop procreating. Also, your fifteen minutes of local-news fame were up last year, let somebody else have a turn. Like the kid that got a cherry pit stuck up his nose, that's something.

Video game plays strange message? [wpri]

Thanks to Mark, whose Teddy Ruxpin doll promoted Wicca.

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I want to pimp slap that stupid bitch. Who f***ing cares, go cook some dinner.

when i was a chld all my toys told me islam is the devil. look where we are now in a war. consider the following

It's not her fault those stupid islam are trying to take over!

just shoot all the toy makers...ya

If you don't care you probably voted obama....just saying

f*** islam. Not only is that bullshit, it's creepy as hell.

This bitch should kill herself. Funny how the news doesn't even explain why this is a problem. Apparently all Muslims are evil. Stupid Local News and local Jesus loving Cunt bitch.

My guess is that there is a baby noise free sound package and this is one of the sounds.


Does that game allow you to record stuff? Maybe she recorded it


some of you folks would be singing a different tune if it said "Jesus is the light". deny it all you want, you know it's true.

I'm actually a designer for a toy company. Everyone in the industry knows that every toy baby is powered by the light of islam. Everyone also knows that this bitch is crazy.

There's a ood reason for that #8 Christians aren't 500 years behind the rest of the world beheading people and their book doesn't tell them to kill all non believers. All muslims should stop worshipping their pedophile prophet and blowing up everyone who doesn't.

What I find most offensive is that these toys use only half the sacred catch-phrase! It should be "Islam is the light that mutilates little girls and oppresses women". Jeez, Fisher-Price, get your act together!

Aaaaaah! For Allah!

When I was a child I could walk on the ceiling, I'd butterfly up onto the wall

@10 @11

Ditto. Just wipe islam out...problem solved

While we're on religion Jehova's can get lost too. If I want to join you nutters I'll come to you. Stop knocking our doors and posting watchtowers. Same goes for the Avon lady, f*** off!

Stupid bitch. The baby noise is probably just some stock sound effect that toy manufacturers choose to implement with their products because it's cheaper than actually getting a baby, and waiting for it to make them.

Anyway, why the hell is it important whether or not it says "Islam is the light"?

What's wrong with Islam? And more importantly, who the hell is stupid enough to be brainwashed by low bit-rate recordings of baby-gah?

Then again if she's dumb enough to do this TWICE, maybe her kids are as impressionable as play-doh.

I can't understand why everyone is ranting at that woman...it's not something about islam, it's only that a child toy should never contain any kind of secret message apart from funny and harmless easter-eggs...

who cares...

let just play some double dragon, contra, bad dudes and drink till the break of dawn

Did anyone else find just the game itself a little creepy? What kind of kid wants the responsibility of feeding and bathing some stupid baby. Kid's don't even want to do that for themselves.

Yet again, a brilliant news story from the heartland of America... Indiana! (*scoughs*)

worshiping anything in masses makes me sick. I only worship GW and fruityloops...Betchya can't find that.

I didn’t realize Islam was so offensive. Maybe it is, to close-minded-racist-American-middle-class-bitches who don't know the difference between extremist Muslims, and the average civil Muslim, but, f***, that doesn’t even sound like “Islam is the light” I hear “the light” part…but this is like turning up my VHS of Disney’s Aladdin and trying to hear the “hidden message” Aladdin supposedly speaks under his breath that people were up in arms about. Wtf? I HEAR NOTHING
Now kindly go to hell, lady. Teaching your children to hate Muslims is cute and all, but I’m tired of hearing about you.

Pocky is the light... mmm pocky!

Also Jessica Biel's ass, that is also the light.

@10 sure... and the rest of the world is advanced because of christianism... yeah right...

Bacon is also the light

Christians don't behead people they drop daisy cutter bombs on them. thats ok though I guess.I mean the bible does tell you to kill all non believers.

I caught my midget playing this game. I immediately took it away and sent him to his cubbyhole!

I love the repeated ignorance about Islam on this thread. Can we talk about how similar monotheistic religions are when it comes to cultural customs and war? You know, since they pretty much evolved in the same location, based around the same values, and pretty much involve all the same prophets? Of course in each religion, you keep gaining one more.

Also, that baby toy and baby game is stupid. Its making a baby noise. And I doubt that subliminal message is going to convert anyone in Indiana to Islam. Considering they probably don't have a mosque 100 miles in the vicinity of their 8 year old son.

I blame Scientology for this misdemeanor.

@25 ...funny I've never seen the Bible tell Christians to murder unbelievers like islam (oh ya and rape and kill women, LET'S NOT FORGET THAT!)... You must have an updated version.

@8. Simon-Peter - You're right, I wouldn't be pissed if it said Jesus is the Light, know why? Because America was founded on Christianity, not Islam. I still don't agree with a doll having hidden messages about religion without some kind of warning whether it be Christian or Islam. Perhaps the box should say "Islam Baby Game" or something.

@ Cameron



And with a moronic statement like that, you must have voted McCain.

Morons, it says "Jesus is the light" as in

Jesus is the light of the world.

google it, better take care of your kids and quit buying them toys so you dont have to baby sit them.

For'f***Sake! America(North) is so f***ed up these days.

(insert political slam here)

You know, when those Islamic Brickarms Lego minifigs came out, a lot of people bitched and whined about it. Now that this dear lady (aka spent piece of used jet-trash) comes out with this, all the Islam sympathizers are like "So? What's wrong with Islam?!". Hypocrites.

Dammit, I asked for a BUD LIGHT!

I say we kill all religious people

If you're retarded enough to think some "all powerful being" created the universe and has a plan for human kind then you shouldn't be playing the Life game.

God/Religion is born of fear and fosters that fear. Let the fear go, life is a happy place, live it instead of wishing for a better place once you're dead.

It's really weird for toys to promote a religion in this manner. Almost kind of brainwashing. The packaging should be marked as such - parents should have control over what influences are made on their children. I would feel this way wether it was Islam, Christianity, Buddhism.. etc. Kinda reminds me of the chimpoko-man episode of south park.....

@21 Pepper. Go to LiveLeak and spend 100 hours watching videos and reading peoples opinions and you'll see that Islam is hated worldwide, just especially in the US and all over Europe. People have had enough of their ways, extremist or not, they hate the rest of us and want us all dead. Islam is the most dangerous belief on Earth.

You wouldn't hear any "hidden" messages in Aladdin on VHS because it's a crap format. The signal to noise ratio of the audio wouldn't allow it.

People bitching about how Islam is just like Christianity or Judaism, or even Hinduism, or in general just like "all religions" are ignorant fools. My guess is that you've never:

1) Read the Koran in full, more than once (I have)

2) Know *how* to read the Koran (I do)

3) Know in what order the Suras are written (I do)

4) Know what "Islam" and "Muslim" mean (I do)

5) Know how the Koran is "physically" different from, say, the Bible (Again, I do)

6) Know what "abrogation" means and how it relates to the Suras (Again...I do)

7) Know which Sura was the last word on non-believers and how and why it trumps all other sayings on the subject (I do)

8) Know what a "Hudna", "Jizya", "taqqiyya", or "dhimmi", "Dar al Islam" and "Dar al Harb" are. (I do)

9) Know the history of Mohammed as told in the Koran, but also by other historical records including the Hadiths (Again, I do)

10) Understand why he became the way he did, what the changes were, how he murdered political opponents, married a six year old girl and f***ed her when she was "ripe" at the age of 9, how it applies to societies there today, why Mohammed detested Jews, why Mohammed raided Mecca, what Mecca was before Mohammed came along, and a whole lot of other things.

Until you actually know all of these things, please refrain from commenting about how Islam is is just like Christianity, Judaism, or other religions, and shut the f*** up.

For the record, I'm an Atheist. I judge all religions equally. But in so judging, I come to very different conclusions about each one.

@ all of you- your all a bunch of big gay fags- shut up already

and contra kicks ass!

@38...I don't care. It is a religion, and all religions must go. The only relevant ideal is the ideal of self and making one's self as perfect as one can make one's self for one's self.

Islam is the same as the rest in that there is a higher being, you're "bad" or "wrong" for doing certain things or feeling/believing certain things, and other general tenants of the various religions...


Screw them all. You want world peace, get rid of god/s, you want freedom from oppression, take your freedom away from the non-existent god/s. Humans have been enslaved by their fear of the nothingness beyond death for too long. Grow up and live your life. (this addressed humans, not you #38)

@Boosh: the one thing that Christians, Muslims and Jews can all agree on: STFU

This woman is clearly a moron. I agree that we have the right to choose what our kids are exposed to, she should've taken the game away if there was inappropriate content (according to HER) and gone on her merry way.

38 - Do you know how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?

Why is it most Christians are so quick to condemn Islam when they know so little about their own religion? You both pray to the same god (along with Jews). The Torah is the foundation of both religions. Abraham built the altar at Mecca. Christians have extremists that practice terrorism: IRA (UK), Army of God (US), Phalangists (Lebanon), KKK (yes, they claim to be a Christian organization), Aryan Nation (ditto), National Unity (Russia - they even bombed a US embassy).


I agree in part, but you're also wrong.

What about cultural religious groups? Most Jews, for instance, are only culturally Jewish. In practice, they are atheist. They identify mostly as a cultural community, not as a fervently religious group. How do you define them? What about a lot of Western Europeans? Most are not fervently religious, but they identify themselves culturally as Christians. They take off for the holidays, their practices in culture, not in philosophy necessarily, are tied to Christianity, etc...how does that fit into your equation?

Likewise, I do not paint all Muslims with the same brush. However, it is clear that the Koran is very much like Mein Kampf (and before you get pissed off at the comparison, that was Winston Churchill who originally said it). Islam is an ideology akin to Nazism in broad practice and our every day lives. That in itself merits lots of thought about how big the problem is. Again, I don't think that most Muslims are even aware of this (many do not even understand the Koran even though they can recite much of it by heart). You can't just paint all these people with one brush. I can paint an ideology with such, but not all these people. And even so, you deem to paint all ideologies with one brush. That is unwise and screams of a total lack of comprehension about each and every one.

@38. Oh yeah!?!?!

Well I can ride my bike with no handlebars.


and my goldfish tells me to not give a shit about this woman

beefy - I love the smell of hypocrisy in the morning... You want others to abandon their beliefs and adopt yours. Mass-organized Atheism is just as repugnant as mass-organized religion in its oppresiveness.

Not this shit again. Her kid is going to grow up so suspicious of everything, poor kid

here's how it would go:

"Hello, how are you? Do you believe in god?" "yes" BLAM
"Hello, how are you? Do you believe in god?" "no" "have a wonderful day"


Wrong. Allah is not Jehovah. That you say this completely contravenes everything we know about the roots of Islam. That you don't even understand this means you should start learning instead of spouting off.

Christians and Jews pray to the same God. Muslims do not. The entire point of Islam was to do away with the "corrupt" interpretations of Jews and Christians.

@47, I want no mass organized atheism...where did you get that?

Anyway, I'm out. I've got better things to do than lecture about how a ton of people here seem to know absolutely nothing about what they are talking about. Not only that, I am actually mocked here for pointing out the things which are important to learn and chiding people for being so blase and childish in their approach to things.

I don't go around commenting on things I don't understand. And when other people do it, it really pisses me off. Sorry.


Everyone on here ranting against Islam obviously doesnt know shit. The Quran doesnt tell people to kill believers of other faiths, it just regards them as out dated methods of worship.

And the christians have had their fare share of f*** uppery, remember the little thing called the crusades where they staged violent conquests to reclaim the holy land from the muslims and the jews? Does anyone else remember that during this time the Roman Catholics attacked and conquered many other Christian lands in the Byzantine empire(Also christians and romans) just for the sake of land?

If your going to blame other religions for shit that you have no idea about than have fun in hell, cause you've got a special little spot reserved

@beefytee: That's a strong viewpoint, obviously based on thoughtful consideration. The world's religions are responsible for most of the chaos and suffering in the world, and their destruction is coming soon. But this will not bring relief; rather it will precipitate the end of the world as we know it.

The structure and order evident in nature defy the understanding of modern science (scientists admit that they haven't even begun to scratch the surface of understanding our Universe - when they find the answer to one question, it only raises a dozen new ones). Don't let the stupid and harmful behavior of people lead you to the conclusion that life came about by chance.

Screw all this religious shit! You should join my religion!

Excuse me.... I'm Jenova's witness! Have you heard of the Life Stream? We praise Hojo and his doings for helping us bring Mother to our planet! If you are wondering the benefits, it won't let you live, you'll only die faster! The time has come for Reunion!

51- You're right, I see now you don't want it organized, you simply want all people who believe in God to be eradicated. I get it now, you are NOTHING like the EXTREME religious nuts who want to kill all non-believers. You just want to kill all believers... Come the f*** on man. How about we all just stop killing each other over religion or lackthereof? Oh, wait... then you couldn't pretend to be above those silly god worshippers...



"....Kill those who join other gods with Allah wherever you find them; besiege them, seize them, lay in wait for them with every kind of ambush...."(Sura 9:5).

"When you encounter the unbelievers, strike off their heads, until ye have made a great slaughter among them...."(Sura 47:4).

"....Make war upon such of those to whom the Scriptures have been given as believe not in Allah, or in the Last Day, and who forbid not what Allah and His Apostle have forbidden....until they pay tribute..." (Sura 9:29).

"Say to the infidels: If they desist, what is now past shall be forgiven them; but if they return, they have already before them the doom of the ancients! Fight then against them till strife be at an end, and the religion be all of it Allah's." (Sura 8:39).

"Proclaim a grievious penalty to those who reject faith." (Sura 9:3).

Sura 9 is the final word of the Prophet about unbelievers and abrogates ALL previous words about them. All the stuff about living in peace with others is a mere footnote. Sura 9 represents the final word and the only and most important word about unbelievers. Anything about unbelievers in other Suras makes no difference whatsoever. Sura 9 *is* the final word of Mohammed and Allah on the subject. You can point to other Suras and say "but it says here..." and that doesn't mean shit. And the fact that you might point to other Suras and show how they are different means that you don't even understand how to read the Koran, that you don't understand Islam, and that you are blowing hot air or simply outright lying.

Judaism and Christianity make no such final claims. Islam does. So please don't lie.

Whoever's been talking about Double Dragon and Contra have this argument nailed.

Summer Seale.................you "know" absolutely nothing.

And obviously..................you're not alone.

There are 6.75 billion people right there with you. And they're adding up. Eight at a time, I hear.


You say this...why? Did I quote wrong, perhaps? You actually have another "interpretation" of the Koran outside of the actual words of the Prophet?

Please enlighten me.


@57...who's pretending.

Point, set, and match.

I found it funny how they say you can decide for urself if u want your kids to have this toy. From the way they portray it, it feels like they are blaming the DS, not the game, or the idiot developer,

This is so f***ing ridiculous, America is going right down the toilet with this bullshit.

I can't wait until my plans to rule America as a supreme dictator come to fruition, this bitch will be the first to go. Followed by her family and friends on general principal. In order to be effective you have to completely destroy her entire social stem.

It sounds more like "me likely potatoes" to me

well, that's obviously FAKE!!!

One thing I don't understand is how both of the toys she purchased said the same thing. It sounds fishy, she probably programed both of the toys to to say it.

Is this the right thread for a argument ?? ;)

@ SS

No. You misinterpreted.

I don't question your knowledge of the Koran. I question the knowledge of the person who wrote it. And the person who wrote the Bible, etc.......These people who claim to "know."

You even say all religions are different. Which means someone is wrong. What does one "know", that the other doesn't?

Keep an open mind, please. Though I'm guessing it takes one when learning all of these religions, in search of "knowing."

A salami delight?

Who really gives a crap.

Shouldn't it be "Allah is the DS lite"

@14 & 35/40... umm, are you inciting Genocide?!

Also, if you want world peace, stop being so f***ing narrow minded. Peace would come from understanding and the acceptance that no one is the same, not from uniform beliefs and conforming ideals.

No wonder the world hates America...

Christ said "by their fruits you will know them". All religious people should ask themselves whether their form of religion is really bringing about good and positive behavior in the majority of its adherents (good works that these people would not have produced on their own). If not, whether that religion calls itself christian, muslim or whatever, you can take it and throw it in the fire - it's worthless.

@Summer Seale

For one thing, Allah just means God. It is the same god that Jews and Christians worship.

For another thing, you are painting every muslim with the brush of "follows the qur'an exactly" and are incorrectly assuming that your interpretation of the qur'an is the only correct one. Also, you are assuming that the qur'an is the final word on Islam.

I find it interesting that you mention in general terms all that you know, but don't explain any of those things that you know in greater detail... it's almost as if you picked up your notes from your freshman year of world religions and wrote down a bunch of terms and shit your professor said that you didn't bother to listen to.

And, I also find it interesting that you didn't bother to mention that the way of life set down as "right" for Muslims is founded entirely upon scholars of the faith interpreting the hadith and qur'an; not just what the qur'an and hadith says exactly.

Anyone who says that a faith is defined by its book absolutely has a very large flaw in their argument somewhere.

@ Summer Salami

always gotta be right don't ya?

nobody likes a knowitall!!!


Obviously, someone took a baby and recorded what it was saying at random. It just happen to be that the baby said something that sounds like "Islam is the light" and now it's in 2 toys so far. Compare the one from the doll with the one from the game, they sound exactly the same. Those morons just recycled the sound, nothing special.

I think she's only hearing it because she wants to. It's all about power of suggestion. I'm betting that Muslims as a whole have better things to do than to try and brainwash children with 3rd party DS games and baby dolls. If this is their idea for brainwashing children, it's the worst idea ever. These are the same camp of people that claim playing KISS records backwards reveals their secret Satanic message, or that Brittany Spears does the same thing, but telling you to take your clothes off.

It's all f***ery in my opinion.


Wrong. I quoted Sura 9 later on, and explained why it is so important. Also, abrogation is the accepted interpretation through all strains of Islam. There is no exception. I also quite clearly stated that I do not necessarily equate Muslims with what Islam teaches, just as I would not have equated all Germans with what the Nazi party taught.

And there are only two real recognized "strains" of Islam: Shi'ite and Sunni. Sufis, Alawites, etc...are considered heretics by 90% of Muslims. There are few fundamental differences in the interpretations of Shi'ite and Sunni Islam. The original schism occurred with the battle of succession, and not with the interpretation of certain scriptures. Shi'ite Islam has certain holidays which are different from Sunni Islam *only* due to the political and historical schism, and not due to different interpretations of the same texts.

While certain passages may be interpreted differently, certain codified structures may not. While you may argue with the interpretation of the words of the Prophet, say, on the matter of the veil (because his wives went veiled, but never ordered all women to be so), you may not argue with the order of the original statement about veiling in the overall structure. That structure has great importance and relevancy to other statements in a definite historical timeline - one which you appear to choose to ignore. I can, however, guarantee you that no Muslim scholar disputes that order, nor that timeline, or the importance of it when determining which words take precedence over others. Again, you appear to not understand this at all.

Just as you may not understand the differences in the Hadiths which you point out. Why anyone should, say, take the words of Aisha more literally than, say, the words of lesser people who were around at that time. It is you who paint with a broad brush. I merely explained why people who paint Islam as a "religion of peace" are full of it. They are full of it. There is absolutely no dispute that Mohammed himself tortured, murdered, raped, and pillaged, and then glorified it in the name of Allah.

And, by the way, Allah is not just "God". Allah was a specific deity before Islam came to power, adopted by Mohammed for his own uses. Allah was a twisting of one of the pagan gods of the Arabs before Mohammed came around. Allah had a shrine at the Ka'aba along with all the other gods/goddesses when Mohammed destroyed the Idols. There was a good reason why Mohammed chose Allah and not another name, having much to do with his wife, the trader routes, and the customs of Mecca and Medina at the time.

And for anyone not to understand this is tantamount to blatant ignorance about the development of the Meccan and Medinan Suras and why they evolved the way they did.

And, @76

You're a f***ing ignorant asshole.

@79. Summer Seale - I can honestly say that I would NEVER read a comment that long on a blog. Go publish your novel(s) somewhere else.... Jesus (is the light).....

@79 that's right hahaha

All you asshole "Christians" need to shut the hell up. You're just hearing whatever you want to hear. How is this a big deal? And by the way, you ever actually read the Bible. Like the numerous verses of "And they slew every man, woman, child and beast. And it was good, and God was pleased." That sounds like killing all non-believers.

@ summer seale

You might want to keep in mind when the Quran was written, war was a common thing, and from the beginning of Islam, Muslims had to fight a friggin lot in order to survive.

sure there's some extremists today, but what religion doesn't have extremists?

I seriously doubt 90% of muslims follow these passages you put forward.
When was the last time you heard of a Muslim attacking a non-muslim any where except the middle east? and dont say 9 - 11, there was more to that than just scripture.

WHY is this such a problem? WHY does she feel the need to take this away from her kids? Is she fearful that the kids will grow up to hate her - because she's American...not because she's a crazy, controlling psycho!?

Islam is not the problem. Closed minded people who are ignorant certainly don't help matters. Organized religion of any kind should be outlawed. FREE THINKING SHOULD BE THE ONLY OPTION!


Summer Seale, you're a second life freak who has too much time on her/his sad hands. Get a life

this is just like a scene in that movie Never Back Down where Max and Baja divorce because she catches Max playing second life and f***in some chick in the game.


@ Summer Seale *Worship* *Worship* *Worship* (Joke)

But ya I see that you know what you are talking about and I completely agree with ya.

I see from your site that you like catgirls. Right on!

Jesus people at it doesn't say "Death to America"or "America is satan"

@84 Right on Soul Brotha.

hahaha ewww

summer seale, why does any of this matter to you? This all takes place in the far off realm of RL, it shouldn't concern an apparently naked virtual cat girl such as yourself!

"Organized religion of any kind should be outlawed. FREE THINKING SHOULD BE THE ONLY OPTION!"


And I must ad - GO DAISY!


I do not dispute the commonality of war at the time, nor what it took for groups to survive. I do, however, dispute that Mohammed should still be looked upon today as "the perfect man" and emulated in the highest. My call is for an Islamic reform in a liberal light.

Extremists in Islam: Very true, and as I have said, I am an atheist. However, as Sam Harris says, nobody lies awake at night worrying about the Amish, and there is a good reason for that.

On 90% of Muslims not following verbatim the passages: Also true. I said that I do not have any problem with Muslims at all, only Islam - just as I would not have castigated all Germans for the teachings of Nazism.

On attacking non-muslims outside of the Middle East: Madrid bombings, London bombings, Twin Towers 1993, attempted millennium bombing, Achille Lauro, Uganda 1976, Poitiers 732 AD (three hundred years before the crusades), the Bosnian "Handschar" division in 1944, and the list goes on. The fact that 90% of other Muslims do not engage in these activities does not mean that those that do are mistaken in their religious fervor according to their beliefs. That is like saying that since 90% of Germans didn't actually work at death camps, Nazism really was an ideology of peace just struggling to survive and "hijacked" by a few fanatics.

I am not so stupid as to believe that Islam can be "wiped out" as an ideology, but I do hope and work for a total liberal reformation of it. And I do so as a compromise only, knowing full well what Islam actually means in a historical context and today. I wish more people on here would have that same understanding and goal, but it appears not.

Wow... 90 comments, that's gotta be a record.

The fact that it's this controversial proves it's islam is no good....

Ah!!! Just shut up already all of you!!!

Can't we just say we were all put here by an alien species because our race was an endangered species so they moved us here so we wouldn't die out there, but eventually they'll come back and see how much we've advanced, so they'll get frightened that we are getting to powerful too fast, and then completely wipe us out with a huge meteor that they grabbed with there TRACTOR BEAMS!!!

You know or not...

93 - Not even close


I create and produce content in SL for fun. I also make some money with it. I also happened to create two virtual particle chambers which are used by educators in Teen SL to help kids with Autism and other disorders as a sort of virtual "Snoezelen Room". I may enjoy walking around in SL as a mostly naked neko, but at least I've done some good in the world.

Weird...my toys told me I had a genetic imperative to erradicate the jews at all costs....

i'm just curious why a) the the mother it is playing it with so much interest after being disgusted at discovering it, and b) why ANY mother in their right mind would be ok with buying a game for their 8 year old where they have to look after a baby. Assuming the worst case scenario (the kid LOVED the game) Will she be blaming Islam and Nintendo when her kid ends up having a kid of her own at 17 because she loved the game so much?

@ Summer Seale

Fair enough, I guess seeing some of the other positions that some of the other posters have taken, I mistook your arguments as anti-islamic, but now I understand.

I agree with your liberal reform idea, it would probably make this situation a lot more bearable.

I personally think Islam has many many strong points, and that it has a very interesting and significant history. Hopefully one day there isn't such a divide between the west and the middle east.

WTF?!? Christianity can't be connected to murder because it doesn't explicitly say it???

Where the f*** were all of you people during history class??

What the f*** do you think your standing on here in the Americas?? Yea, that's right you white devils! STOLEN LAND!!!

You killed all the natives if they didn't accept Jesus, and want to blame Islam as the worst of the two?

Maybe we should kill all Christians because of what Man has done in it's name eh??

f*** this woman and her bigoted racist cheescake thighs, and the white succubus reporting the story.

@ 100

Yay! Mythological References!

@ summer seale

oh shit, my bad, that actually sounds pretty crazy

good luck on ur future work

religious people are dumb


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exacrtly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max found a lamp in the trash and when he was cleaning it up, it made smoke and Mork from Ork came out and granted him wishes. He used the wished to get prostitutes money and drugs. the rest of the wishes he wasted on unimportant things.

Having Friends (I do)


Lets beat the other record!

Bad islam!

I completely (don't) agree with all the controversial comments taking place above this one...

Except for you Timbo, you okay in my book

Scoreboard Finfan!

@ Summer Seale

I appreciate your posts regardless of the second life catgirl stuff.

@78. Britney just tells us that "All of the boys and all of the girls are begging to If U Seek Amy" Which is true to be fair, I know I would.

No way I'm reading 110 comments.

What I find ridiculous is that the news doesn't even question if "Islam is the light" is what the game is saying. It's a baby noise, it could be interpreted in a million different ways.

"Is mom a delight?"
"Fish bomb in the right!"
"Wisdom if I bite."

Granted, none of them make much sense, but neither does the phrase "Islam is the light" as a propaganda tool. If some radical really wanted to put a subliminal message in a baby, they'd probably say something like "Serve only Allah," or "Convert you heretics or we will declare jihad on you," or something much more forceful and less cryptic.

oh my god, the baby said something that sounds like islam is the light now i have to kill people. seriously wtf? check youtube and type: misheard lyrics. same stuff there.

...and they all lived happily ever after! The End.

Faith = Ignorance.

Religion is for the weak, and the world is a horrible place because of it.

Nice wood-paneled living room. im guessing the rest of the double wide is also as lavishly decorated. Stop buying islamic toys if your dont want islamic messages with them

I don't think she's teaching her children to hate other religions or cultures or anything, but if my kid's game said something like that I wouldn't take it away from them. The kid probably wouldn't even notice it was saying anything.
I'd just tell them that some people believe in what they do, but you believe in a different religion and that's okay.

It truly saddens me to see so many people so angry about what other people believe. I understand the anger/frustration at the negative actions of others, but not the beliefs of people in general. Before you guys go all “the beliefs are the foundation of the actions” on me; I understand that.
I don’t understand using the soapbox method (or any other method really) to condemn all forms of belief that do not align with your own. If someone is peaceable, I see no reason for your rage. For those of you that believe that your faith is the only right way, good luck with that, although IF you are right, I suppose you won’t need that. For those of you that believe having faith is a weak/sad/pathetic/negative thing, I would say that I don’t understand your need to ridicule/lower others to make yourselves feel better about your life choices.

It pisses me off that people are intolerant of racists.

It REALLY pisses me off that I don't work with thumper, cause I want to rail her in the pooper.

wow. this has a lot of comments.

i better step up my game..


I hate these Americans. East coast and some west coast americans are alright but the rest are so country bumpkin f***ed up religious nuts I wish we could nuke the whole f***ing lot of them, We could all live in peace after they all f***ed off.

oh my goddd so many comments haha. guess theres just a lot of talk to go around when theres a political/racial/religious topic on this blog :O.

it's funny how all these christians are JUDGING ppl from another religion

@115: LOL

@SS - It's all the same god. Some made-up, omnipotent, all-powerful being that lives in the sky and needs "chosen people" to do "his" dirty work. After you die, he'll either reward you or beat you with a stick.

I am not going to read your theological debates on here. This is a STOCK SOUND BYTE of a baby cooing. That is why it was in a cheap doll and on a video game. Does it say Islam is the light? Maybe, but maybe not. This woman should stop buying her kids creepy baby toys.

you're completely right.

Somebody get that child a DS Lite, quickly!

Hey i came in late, did i miss... any... thing...
Oh my no... No, no no no no... This is all wrong...

@ Summer Seale: Wow dude, you've sure done a lot of research justifying your hate of another culture for someone who spends his spare time as a naked Fairy-cat thing on Second Life... How about this... Put the controller DOWN, turn OFF the computer & go meet some REAL people in REAL life. SHEESH...

To me, it sounds like "Bloo blah blee blah blah ckht", the last sound being the end of a low bit rate recording, much like that of when you pull the needle from a record. WTF is wrong with people?

Summer seale, for the record, you seem to be jumping down everyone's throat who not defends Islam per se, but those who are bashing Christianity. Why do you do this? Since you're such a fan of factoids, let's have a little history lesson:

The Christians were in part responsible for the Dark Ages since they burned down the Alexandria library (read into Theophilus and Theodosius 1).

Then there's the crusades, an extraordinary example of fruitless bloodshed, slavery, and death.

And let's not forget the Spanish Inquisition or the Salem Witch Trials.

This country was not founded on Christianity, true, the pilgrims came here to escape religious persecution, but last I checked, the founding fathers wanted to ensure that religion had nothing to do with the earth our country stands upon, and tried to make certain that they never felt the same persecution and religious bias that drove them out of England in the first place.

(Read: Declaration of independence, constitution, and the Treaty of Tripoli).

Sorry, I'm done rambling, it just drives me nuts that a lot of people think that the U.S. is "founded on christianity" when it clearly is not. Nor am I trying to bash your religion, it's just to think that Christians are somehow above all other world religions is simply false. They're human just like the rest of us, and they've made horrible mistakes just like the rest of us.

Siting the crusades and the colonization of the Americas as proof of the evils of Christianity? Man, give me a break. That's people using Christianity as a tool to bring about some ulterior motive. Want increase public support of the settlement of new lands? Tell them that it's for God. Presto, support. An added plus is that anyone who objects can be said to be working for Satan. Christianity in this form is Christianity perverted, do not confuse this for the real thing.
Fun Fact: Roughly 90% of all living in the US believe in a god.

Fun Fact: Only roughly 10% of Americans have a real opinion they made up themselves. You are not among them.
Screw your sky zombie, i don't buy it...

You're full of yourself. And if anyone chooses to believe in a god then why should you care? In your mind none of this means anything, anyway. After all, life is just a freak accident, no?

its a little weird but... since when is Islam a swear?

She needs a good hump. She's obviously only done it twice, probably in the dark with both praying the whole time.

The only "god" controlling everything is Physics & that's no accident. Grow a brain.

@119. Thumperchica

Maybe this scenario will help you understand:

Suppose you had a mildly retarded neighbor that would knock on your door every day and swear to you that 2 + 2 = 5. The first few times he does it, you politely demonstrate to him by holding up 2 fingers on one hand and then 2 fingers on your other hand that 2 + 2 actually = 4. He then angrily admits that this is true, but that he still BELIEVES that 2 + 2 = 5. You are slightly amused by this, but seeing that there is no simpler way to convince him of his illogical conclusion, you say "fine, believe what you want". After about a month of these visits, it's no longer funny and actually becomes quite annoying. In an attempt to find some solace, you go talk to your other neighbor to complain about these annoying visits that you have to deal with every day. To your surprise, your other neighbor says, "whoa, I also believe that 2+2=5. Don't make fun of our beliefs!" You quickly discover that over 90% of your neighbors also BELIEVE that 2+2=5. Your shock gradually becomes embarrassment (how could your fellow citizens be so stupid?), then pity (maybe they were all dropped on their heads or abused as children), and then anger (wait a minute, it's their own fault that they are so damn ignorant). You soon conclude that modern day medicine and political correctness have essentially limited human evolution by allowing these people to continue to survive, reproduce, and BELIEVE such nonsense. Thus to do your small part in saving the human race, you were forced to burninate your entire neighborhood.

The End

@6: That was my first thought as well. That sound bite sounds exactly IDENTICAL as the other supposedly Islamic toy. IDENTICAL. Unless they used the same baby sounds (unlikely), there would be a difference in tone & such.

Methinks that someone is altering toys (or just one of them, probably the cheap baby doll) in hopes of getting a big settlement.

Damn, this got big during my classes

Gotta love geek offs :)


I applaud you, sir! Dropping "burninate" in the last sentence gave me quite a laugh.

Just remember folks, there are idiots of all faiths, including atheism.

Oh, wow. I wasn't expecting this today.
#137 has it right.
So does #38.
And so does #40.
All of our problems boil down to three things: superstition, ignorance, and ego. Everyone picks a boogeyman to believe in (or believes in none of them and acts superior for doing so), or neglects to understand other people's beliefs before condemning them (or agreeing with them), or has too much ego to realize that even the atheists are doing it wrong.
The trick is, when you meet someone different than you, pretend you've never heard of or don't know anything about their religion/race/sexual orientation/etc. You may find out that you don't have to pretend.

137 - The catalyst for the irritation was again an action. If said neighbor hadn't knocked on your door every day telling you his belief, you would have no reason to be irritated at it. I understand your point, but how did that counter mine?

@ 137

Are you such a dreamer,
To put the world to rights?
I'll stay home forever,
Where two and two always makes a five...

I'll lay down the tracks,
Sandbag and hide,
January has April showers,
And two and two always makes a five...

It's the Devil's way now,
There is no way out,
You can scream and you can shout,
It is too late now...

Lots of comments!

I still think islam is crap

144 yes!

"With or without religion, you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion."
- Steven Weinberg

@143. BK - Ummm... thanks for the poem?

@142. Thumperchica

I wasn't trying to counter your argument. You wrote:

"I understand the anger/frustration at the negative actions of others, but not the beliefs of people in general"

and I was just trying to explain why this ridiculous dark ages religion crap pisses people off. And think for a second... the irritation doesn't necessarily come from someone physically knocking on your door every day. It's the fact that we have to see it and experience it every day through numerous mediums such as the media. Why the hell is this woman on the news? Because toys are brainwashing her children with Islam, which is inhibiting her ability to properly brainwash her child with her own religion? This story is reported on the news in a manner that implies that I would share her frustration and anger... and I find that quite insulting to my intelligence.

I should be able to turn on the news and find out about the sports, weather, local violence, and the latest Britany Spears panty shot without having to hear this garbage. This woman can complain all she wants each week in the company of her fellow cultists about Islamic terrorists planting secret messages or about the war on Christmas at her local church while she ritualistically drinks blood and eats flesh of some dead person or whatever these barbarians do these days. But I should be able to turn on my TV and find out about the sports, weather, local violence, and the latest Britany Spears panty shot without having to hear this superstitious garbage.

So say we all...

you know the more she gives a damn about it the more attention her kids will pay to the event and will be way more likely to convert to islam. hidden messages are only hidden till someone points it out. then its more of a direct form of messaging. this relies on the idea that what has been heard cannot be unheard

Yo, Yo' fat fat mama.

You can thank Radiohead.

@ 148. BK

oh shit... that's awesome

Yes it is.

All these islamic f***tards here trying to blame the person who tells about an obvious attempt to brainwash little childeren are only showing that islam is a religion of obsesive pedophile murderer worshippers.

That toy and the posts here of pissed off muslims are only a conformation of that.

Most of you are racist morons. peace comes from tolerance and understanding. our problems don't come from the people that believe different things to us, or believe in a god that may or may not be there, but from the fact that so many are so narrow minded and up their own god-damn asses that they can't accept that NO ONE IS THE SAME AND NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT ANSWER! Religion isn't bad, people are bad. And ANYONE who says we should "nuke them all" or get rid of anyone that doesn't think the same way as everyone else, is just as bad as islamic extremists that kill innocent people.
Do America not stand for Freedom? Does freedom of belief and of speech and of general thinking not mean anything anymore?
Inciting racism and genocide here on this board is just as bad as any suicide bomber out there.

Also, get off your computers, there's a god damn world out there. and people. and I bet 99% of you would never say the racist shit you come out with on here to any one of those people you meet on the street.

#23 made a point.

137, I love you.

And don't give BK applause for his "poem", he jacked it from Radiohead's lyrics to 2+2=5. Hooray, irony. It's a joke people.

@147 You're right. And from this we can conclude that this chick is, in fact, an Islamian.

Either way, I'd tap that.

Summer Seale... You're not allowed to comment on current affairs of the real world as you aren't in it!!!

I wrote a furious, angry note about this very subject!


i wouldnt be surprised if those two toys actually recorded voice input. Like the furbys being able to teach them to say f*** and dammit. Maybe the little girl is a devout muslim......

All you adults take yourselves way too seriously. Chill.

Hey, Amy, I didn't ask for applause. Read post #148.

I'm definitely not Thom Yorke, and I wouldn't want to take credit for his words. But if you want to, you can picture an obese, bearded man, singing in falsetto?

Just trying to spread the Radiohead love around, which is what I honestly thought Yo' fat fat mama was doing in the first place.

I just had hot sex with a donut.


Your livejournal both confuses and arouses me. Let's make babies, and in turn those babieswill be taught the ways of islam andbe shoved into millions of videogame cartridges around the world to convert the infidels.

dear sweet reader...

peace and justice among all people the creation of GOD.....
why are we quarrelling???
did quran or bible tell us to do so???
we should be patient...
let the christian do what they want to convey their messange of their own religion...
by magazine, television, toy and more...
do you think we don't know your agenda..???
conveying your message by MONEY to the poor people???

so, let WE- the muslim convey the message of ISLAM....
why are you so distracted???

LET US BOTH... CONVEY the message of GOD...

may ALLAH prove who is the real RELIGION on earth....
we muslim only convey the message...
without MONEY...but the MESSAGE itself touch the heart of the people...

By the way...why are you scared if your son heard the word of ISLAM....
my son heard the word of christian and jesus many time....especially at TV
he know the 'GOD is ALLAH..........ALONE>>>>"
becouse what is important the message....
on how we teach our kid...
not to avoid it...

it is different with "teach" and "avoid"....

May ALLLAH prove who is right...

What a load of nonsense. I came across this thread by accident. Can't you all see, that if there is a god, there will probably be only one. I think we would all agree there. So if there is only one god we are all worshiping the SAME god.
Call it what you like, Christian,Muslim, Jewish whatever. WE ARE ALL WORSHIPING THE SAME GOD. If we could all see the sense in this, then all these religious wars would stop, and we would have peace on earth.

To 164. Can't you see that Allah and God are one in the same. If the Old Testament is true we are all worshiping the same god. You call him Allah we call him god. It is only a word. The difference is between the prophets Jesus and Mohammad. God's got nothing to do with it. Sorry if I spelled the name of your prophet wrong. I have never had any need to spell it before. With all respect.

Really? Is that 8 year old really going to play the game and say, "Huh, I think I'll convert." Besides, I will bet anything that the daughter did not identify the ""phrase". It was the mother, now trying to make her claim more credible.

"The game's packaging clearly states it's licensed by Nintendo"
Yes, licensed, not produced, learn what that means and step off my Nintendos bitch.

@Summer Seale

You really are a pompous little know it all.

No one should be shitting on anyone here islam or the mother the whole point is that kids toys shouldnt be saying anything about islam whether its the light or its evil and I dont care what anyone says both babies said the same thing fuckin creeeeeeeeepy

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