Jan 14 2009Mmmm, Delicious Sleep: The Hamburger Bed


The Hamburger bed (which is actually a cheeseburger) is a round bed that looks like a hamburger and has a Facebook fan page. I was going to become a fan, but decided I'd probably end up stalking that delicious bitch and that would bad. So, instead, I'm going to make my own taco bed.

UPDATE: So I had this weird dream about being a giant last night and, f***, I think I ate my pillows.

Hit the jump for a few more shots and a link to the burger's Facebook page. And, while you're at it, friend me, ladies.




The Burger Bed's Facebook Page

Thanks to Flash2000, who can show you his nuts so fast you'll never be sure if you really saw them.

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Now I'm hungry and tired.

Nice, food beds. They look more like giant bean bags. I am going to sleep in a giant bacon cheese roll sleeping bag tonight to celebrate this burgerNBD!

That last girl is old enough to crawl and in the right position for me.

...but... what if a giant was perusing the streets for a late night snack...?
and the dim light from your light-saber-nightlight attracted his attention...
and he saw how delicious and already-prepared-to-eat you were...
...i better get rid of my nightlight...

i totally think they should make a bed like that, but with the bacon explosion from the earlier story.
mmmm, i would love that.
and some chives, they never hurt either.

Mmmm...bacon bed.


do you realize that chives are a natural male enhancement?
i think thats what he was talking about.
good point.

correction chives are a enhancement if eaten raw but yeah me and Chris are friends and we got a inside joke about that with a couple other friends lol

What's next? A "Curry Pool"? Eeeww no!!!
Or a "Sundae Jacuzzi"? That I like...

man, you have no idea.
i one time ate 9 chickens, and they all came outta my feet and i was like "dawg, theres a chicken in my foots"
and he was like
"dang dude"
ya feel me?

Hey #10, no one f***ing cares.


Oh, and I'd f*** the shit out of the girl in the first pic.

The girl in the top picture thinks she's on the casting couch for bangbros apparently because the look on her face is just begging for bacon cheese roll impalement.nbd

Yes exactly, except while eating the cheese roll hehe

Once again, <3 known.


This is an complete photographic supermarket career. You can all tell it is a counterfeit without strain of recollection as the penumbra and umbra are misplaced.

This is identical to a scene in the movie Tender Dracula where Dracula buys a burger phone. Upon plugging it in and lifting the handset, he is transported to 1983 whereupon he meets Cindi Lauper and they wed.

if you leave a jizz stain you have the condiment excuse

Nice to meet you all, I'm the guy in the second pic. Not visible, but in the picture (under the bun) is the girl in the first pic.

#20: wtf are you trying to say

...she looks like a big titted milla jovovich from 5 yrs ago doing a gurner face, I'd completely destroy that scene with bacon if I were there. Ollie could even film it for youtube

What I'm trying to say is that the real star of the show here is not the burger, but the pink taco that's producing that grin on my Robin Williams-looking face.

"a big titted milla jovovich from 5 yrs ago"? You say it like it's a bad thing.

Can I venture to guess that there's a slit in the middle of the patty where you've apparently got your junk buried into then? I don't see any pink taco's down there either, flip the bun up & take more pictures if you're talking about topheavy milla hiding under there pls!!

..sorry you look like robin williams also if you are the burger man


Ha ha, I'm the bicentennial burger man! Sorry pal, but I'm not a burger-flipper…


*transcription of perfect geek date*
"OMG! We went to this awesome place called (insert "trendy" restaurant here)!
He brought me a new booster pack for my (insert fav dork ass game).
Then we debated the validity of the wrist-strap for the Wii-mote.
It was so romantic!
Then we went back to his place and made whoopie in a giant Whopper (and submitted the pics to Geekologie), it was pure bliss"

Anita Bath, never back down. We are now and forever, cool like 2 fonz's in an oldschool diner full of jukeboxes. That chick in the top picture wouldn't happened to be named Daisy by any chance now would she?


Believe it or not, that is, in fact, Daisy Jovovich, Milla's younger, bustier, and dirtier little sister—what are the odds?!

A song comes to mind my comma happy friend, and it goes a little something like http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4pXfHLUlZf4

I smell a hamburger bed orgy.

I want to bang the SHIT out of someone on this....

Anyone else reminded of the Taco Bed from It's Always Sunny in Philly? Except the taco bed came with brown pajamas, so you can be the meat in the middle of the taco. It's a Mexican girls dream.

I can haz cheezburger? Yay!!!

Reminds me of the same bed used in those Ronald Mcdonald videos they used to sell.


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Baja imagined God told her to go to war against the English and she raised an army and went to war. Unfortunately she wasn't real good at geography and ended up conquering Englishtown NJ. She ended up owning Raceway Park and enjoyed the Funny Car action every Sunday.

The Wacky Adventures of Ronald McDonald

Remember those videos?

The bed was entirely inspired by the ones in "Hamburger: the Motion Picture."


That is the most amazing creation ever!

si, si. the burro burger is muy bueno!

YES! The Taco Bed was awesome! That was my first thought as well. I scanned all the comments to make sure I wasn't the only one, lol. Does this hamburger bed come with a few morons to burn your house down?

That's awesome, the comforter is the top of the bun.

#31 hehehe.

Don't forget Neil Hamburger. His head could probably use one of these. The last time I saw him was on the tim & eric show driving the hamburger taxi


Can't wait for the fish burger!

Do they make those in adult sizes? Seriously, that thing looks like it's 4 feet across...more chair than bed.

It's about 6 ft. across and yes, it was inspired by Hamburger: The Motion Picture. The mattress was purchased (round mattresses were actually somewhat popular in the 70s) and everything else was hand made.

Can I get a burger bed with a side order of girl #1.

No No No! Girl # 2 is hot. You think she likes girls? I think she looks curious <_<

How about a veggieburger? :) Or a salad bed, leafy green blankets and comfy vegetable tomato and cucumber pillows. Pass the dressing...gown! :D

how bout the bitches in the last two pictures take there close off, eat each others hairy pink tacos and i can squirt my special sauce on that burger.

I'll take that burger with some fries and a shake. Make it Shamrock and make it so I don't have to stand up sleeping either. lol.

not kosher!

Girl on the last pic is ready for some action!

I think hot dog couch with some pickle throw pillows would go nicely.

Does the first girl come with it?

daisy, you are an idiot! first why the hell would they photo shop this stupid shit and second LOOK at the wall - ever heard of reflection!

It would be really fun to roll around in between there with someone :)

It there a water-hamberger bed!? The motion would be great!

this kind of bed very enjoyful, lying there with a real burger will be perfect :P

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Great design i like pizza




thank you

ha ha, thats almost as kooky as the hawaiian shirt bedding i sell! i love it

Hamburger rock painting

lol I just wanna say this bed rocks! yall leaving comments rock and are crazy mofos! lol much luv tho! I wanna have burger bed sex with the burger girl! lol =) peAce!

mmmmmmmmmm!!!! i just want to eat that burger up lol!

Hey i heard her on LEOG!

yummy [gobble] delicious!

Woo, Its so cool. I'm lovin' ! :P

Great idea. I'll publish this in my blog with most interesting ideas very soon :)

w00t, this bad is so cool *.*, wish I had one.

so cool

Where did you get it at?!

is there actually a way I can order this bed?!

I bookmarked this site, Thank you for good job! Thank you! I would now go on this blog every day!

this is thank you..

It's a good idea .Thank you.

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where do u get these delicious looking beds and how much do they cost

That bed looks comfortable and delicious.


WoW Super Yummy burgur i really like it

Would love this bed in my room. Looking at it makes me feel hungry.

visit http://www.freegadgets2u.co.uk the stuff on there will make you hungry as well lol xxx

i really need help. for the last month i have not washed, shaved or brushed my teeth. my diet is poor at best as yesterday alone i consumed 14 double cheese burgers if mc donalds was to close down i would have to go back to eating butterd donner meat smoothies. my poor diet and lack of hygene has lead to fungal growths coming from every oraphis of my body which is especialy bad under my back fat because i cannot reach it to remove the mould. my foreskin i heaving with mould however this is not so bad because i am that fat i cannot see it any more or sit up straight. mould has clumped around my japs eye which my mum removed for me however upon removal a chunk of flesh was removed which means when i urinate i feel an intense burn similar to when hot fat splahes on you when you put a burger in a pan with to much oil.

OMGGGGGGGGG I want this bed!!!! I'm lazy and hungry now :D

I want to buy it..
Where can i do this ?

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