Jan 26 2009Miniature Vroom Vroom: A Lamborghini ATV


These miniature looking Lamborghini ATVs by Liberty Walk Japan was recently on display at the Tokyo Auto Salon. They're available for sale too, provided you've got $20,000 to drop on an ATV (NTV?) that can't really tackle any terrain whatsoever minus really smooth pavement. Still, you should buy one, I want to steal your rims.

Hit the jump for a couple more of the mini-cruiser.



Lambo ATV [techeblog]

Thanks to Huffy, who loves bicycles and airplane glue equally.

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Reader Comments

Ha, that's pretty cool.

Pointless waste of money !!

WoooHooo Top 10 !

Pretty sweet if you live in an upscale trailer park & what a terrible thing for your kids if you're a snobby rich parent

^ ^

forgot my GW link =)

That's cute AND stupid! Grumblegrumble rich people and their stupid money get to buy useless shit... BAH!

I am buying one for my pet midget!!!!


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never BAck Down where Max gets a job installing a computer in a company. All the existing employees get mad at him when they think the computer is going to take over their jobs, and their fears are realized when the computer accidentally includes pink slips in all the pay envelopes.

Later Max realizes the error and tells all the ladies that th computer is there to help the company grow, and nobody is getting fired. He ends up going out for drinks wqith all the grateful women, and they all show him their gratitide.

#6 I've heard about your midget & how scared most of the kids are that you keep him as a pet. A minilam would probably fix a lot of that

Surely this is just a quad-bike with a plastic shell stuck to it, no?


Enough.. seriously, you post that same shit in every thread, it's not even close to being remotely funny anymore. Also, check out my website. that is all

Does it represent the Lollipop Guild?

I'm getting one of theese, owning a car fit for a f***ing midget will make me understand what my girlfriend must be going through every day.
About my girlfriend:

No, actually, I think you have all missunderstood theese cars. They are not for grownups, but for kids.
Read the above link carefully, or you will be buying expensive toy cars the rest of you f***ing worthless life!

It's a known fact that Obama's kids are going to ride in theese, that's your tax money at good work. Think about that when you see yourself riding a cycle in their rear mirror, LOSER, OBAMA OWNS YOUR f***ING ASS.

But does it have Lambo Doors?

@10; you website doesn't work very well - which proves you need to be the first to visit mine.
/ || \

id rather spend half of the the 20 grand in taking a pontiac fiero and turning it into a "lamborghini" with a bodykit ....and by "rather" i mean "just as stupid for half the price and wouldnt"

First I asked myself "Why would anyone...." then I kept reading and saw it was Japanese, then I told myself "Nevermind."

Nerfed for your consideration. That is all.

My midget kick's your midget's ass!

thats off the chain

super tare frate

this is fake even if it was real it would breakdown in a few weeks

wher I can bay this lambo quad if som one nows pleas tell me my email adress [email protected]

Wow who is the idiot who called this fake, the shadows are wrong? Have you ever been to a car show? When you look at cars in car shows the shadows always look screwy because of the lighting in the building. ALWAYS!

lol daisy is a shithead :P its a real product.. dumbasses

its just an ATV with a lambo kit around it

dumb fuck daisy

Good post!As i was passing by here and i read your post.
It's quite interesting.I will look around for more such post.Thanks for sharing.

Great review. thanks for sharing this very forwarded idea. Thanks again for nice sharing.

That is not fake. It's real and the only reason I know is because I read about the owner in one of the issues of Heavy Hitters Magazine. The guy owns a company called Liberty Walk in Japan.

c u lata

tat kewl i want

i like this how much did you bye it for

Love the mini lambo

now that's pure art, congrats on the mechanics who did this. It is very cool!

Fuck for evryone!

Everyone suck my dick!! Dicks are good for health!

yeah thats fake
your an idiot Daisy (TRO

so cool i have one and a bently 2

thats off the chain i want one so bad
does it drive like a real lambo

yoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww i will totally ride that cccar

very nice......................................................................................................................

Hey guys I live in Niagara Falls, New York, and work at Quiet Storm Customs, the sole provider in North and South America of these Lambormini's, the one pictured is the Japanese version with a 50cc engine, the one we are currently building is made on a Raptor 660, and we'll be in LA for the Dub tour this month, then when we get back, we're putting a sportbike motor in it, and it will keep up with a real Lambo, go to Quietstormcustoms.com and check us out, the company that makes these kits for us also makes the full size body kits, and we do these as well!


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