Jan 26 2009It's A Flip-Flop, It's A Shoe, It's A, Um, Bad Idea


This is an '80's looking hightop that turns into a flip-flop via a zipper. It's called a modular shoe, and it's bound to be one of the worst ideas ideas I've ever heard of. I mean, Jesus, flip-flops cost a dollar and fit in your pocket. Now here's a tip: if you're so poor you're actually considering buying a pair of convertible sneak-flops, BUY SOME FREAKING GROCERIES INSTEAD. And, on a side note, I bought a pair but my penis kept getting caught in the zipper so I threw them out. Ladies?

Hybrid Flip-Flop High Tops [ohgizmo]

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I thought they would never come!

I thought your mother would never cum.

But she did. Twice.

If you you wear those AND those pants that have zippers on the legs to make them shorts, does that mean people are legally obligated to poop on your head?

So I was on hold with ADT for a service call while checking this post, and when scrolling down to read the 1st two comments the lady came back on the phone. Needless to say I was laughing because Ollie is so good in the kitchen

GW :
"And, on a side note, I bought a pair but my penis kept getting caught in the zipper so I threw them out"

You put your dick in the shoes?

Yeah, that's what you do when you're about to cum. Quickly grab your shoe(right pair is preferable) and blast that bitch up.

You've never tried that? Seriously, like every dude I know does that shit.

*You can also smash on your girlfriend's shoe if she's not giving you the goods tonight.**

Unless you play basketball in the desert, breakdance on beaches or beatbox with peaches......why?

Yeah, Ollie made Green Tea come out of my nose... twice...

I think those might be worse than those platform strength shoes used to increase your vertical leap.

No Moose, that means the person wearing them is gay. And people are obligated to stuff their *shcock on the person's mouth. Funny that you ask, I saw man today wearing a bandanna and a yellow tank top that says "BLOW ME." So what I did I blew the dude's eye 'cause I thought something is stuck in it. Obviously, there were glittery sparkly shit on his eye, and I thought it bothered him, repeatedly winking his eye while looking at me. I'm like I should blow him, you know. And guess what the bitch did to me while I'm approaching hoping to solve his problem?
That's right, he pulls out his *shcock and stuffs it in my mouth.
I'm like, "whoah! Cock a doodle!"
Worst day ever. I should've known what it meant in the first place.

*shcock means a fake dick, rubber or wood in nature.*

@6 - I need instructions, please shoot a vid and put it on youtube so that everyone can see. My girlfriend lives in an other state, is it ok if I ask here to send me shoes in the mail? "Because this is something every dude does"? Her mom lives back here in Georgia though, is it ok if I use her mom's shoes, that's closer to access? I'm gona need a crowbar to get inside her house though. You know I'm a hopeless romantic, always doing dangerous stuff in the name of love :)

Somehow still a better idea than the CROC.

Although, I perceive many zipper malfunctions...

hilarious vid about DUDE WHO GOT TRAMPLED AT WAL-MART:


Id give the zipper a good 20 feet of running before it splits and breaks for good

need input


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max and Baja were among several groups of travelers who witness the dying words of a crook about where he hid his loot. Baja eventually realizes it was buried under the giant bacon cheese roll in the Del Tacos international park.

electric boogaloo

Oh sure, dude. Do what you gotta do as long as the owner of the shoe wears them the next day or at least wears them in a regular basis. Let them "feel" your love(sexual neediness) and remind them constantly that you are not a machine, my friend. You are not a machine that only gets sexed up every so often. Make love all the time. Jizzing on one's shoe is the closest thing to having sex with the person. Give it a try. You'll love it. Need not to thank me, I'm the guru and that's what I do.

But don't jizz on your shoe constantly because that's bad luck. Once or twice is good enough.


Those are atrocious. Like mondo-bad.

Appealing yet appalling.

And @12: I completely agree. People who buy/wear those Croc things need to be shot. f***ing tools.

COuld you call this sneak/flipflop zipper deal a ZIP-ZOP maybe? Just wondering...

In never back down, what shoes does ryan mcarthy wear during the bathroom scene with jake tyler?
please if someone know?

I want those!

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It's quite interesting.I will look around for more such post.Thanks for sharing.

@jaka_p To answer your question, the shoes that Cam Gigandet wears (Ryan McCarthy) are "Nike Zoom TR" shoes. They are now discontinued though. I have tried to look everywhere on the internet but have been unsuccessful. The shoes are NOT Nike Free's like everyone else usually says.

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