Jan 21 2009I'm Tired Of Life Anyway: Wingsuit Madness


Wingsuits: just like being a bird, except no bird is dumb enough to do that shit.

UPDATE: A cardinal just flew into the window. Superbowl omen!?


Thanks to The Jerk, Jim and Phil, who don't need to almost die to have a good time, video games are enough.

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nuurrr...im eleventeenth....nurrrr......

^ ^ ^

That's great - now will someone go fetch my ski's pleease

sweet clip....its from the msp ski video 7 sunny days...I think.


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never BAck Down where Max and Baja snuck into the tallest building in dubai which was under construction and base jumped and then ran away from the security guards.


Top ten!!

damn ya'll white people are crazy.

What a bunch of f***ing loonies. Pretty sick video though.

I wonder when some crazy ass guy will combine this suit with a buggy rollin' suit, cause that would be awesome.

#10 Pretty badass. The only thing this needs now is a rocket pack installment


This is way to cool for my eyes. It makes me want to jump of a cliff (with a wing suit). I shouldn't though, I'll probably hit a train or something :p

Okay, now I really need to go flying with French Woody Harrelson. The trip back must really suck, though…

That is sick. I can't imagine jumping off of a f***ing cliff and free falling (kinda) to the bottom. Hell, I get scared when I climb up on the roof to put up Christmas lights......

@12: Hey man, in our vernacular, "spyker" means to screw… I know a lot of people who would pay good money to have your surname (if they weren't too damn lazy to go and have their own one changed!).

i ate a pen

That's a pretty cool vid, well done, but you can clearly see from 1:42 to 1:53 that its all greenscreen action.

Still very well done, and that's the only scene where it's obvious.

Dude! I wanna try that! And stop spamming "The shadows are all wrong"... The shadows are RIGHT on this one... God damn...

#9 Hi Ollie

#12 Nice lan party pics, I miss Holland. Having been to amsterdam twice so far in my life I must say Dutch people are just fine with me. Those chocolate covered waffles in the morning are tasty goodness

#13 No you don't & yes you can - remember the obama guy?

#18 is obviously a new guy :)

Is it weird that I want to jump of a building in a wing suit?

I've seen this video, but its crazy everytime I see it. Like how do you think you should do this.

Absolutely. Badass. Want to try, probably lack the balls to do it.

So stupid yet so awesome

Wingsuits are freaky. Saw a story about a guy who was wearing one and flew right into a bridge, killing himself.


Ah, here's the story I watched: http://www.break.com/usercontent/2008/3/Wingsuit-Fatality-478451.html

Just like Super Mario World.

Amazing, but no shots of the landings...?

@Dr Known: Obama guy? You're gonna have to jog my memory on this one…

@26: Ya, it's also a bit of an anticlimax when you see that they have to land with parachutes.

@25: That's the most awesome thing I've read today, although it's a bit more like Mario 64—do the triple-somersault, and away you go!

"Can someone tell these guys that The Dark Knight is an entertainment film and not a documentary? Sheesh...Batman jumping off a building in Hong Kong was all CGI...honest."

Yeah thats bs, I made graphics like that before on my SNES...

what is the song that starts at 1:28 ?
pls tell me someone.

you know whats scary Ive done this and I still think street luge is scarier
though i never went that close to the ground

this is old school, I believe the creator of this team no longer does this flying suit gig anymore due to his buddy smashing into a bridge going 100 mph+. It was all over the news when his buddy died from the fatal accident only leaving behind his parachute that opened up on impact.

is this for real? if any of you have a wingsuit please email me and we can jump together on my birthday

How much do you think it costs to make one of those?
I've got some old sheets that seem pretty strong and a jumpsuit from the Valvoline I work at.
If anyone has any experience with sewing can you please drop me a line so i can get started thanx

actually you guys are all wrong, none of this is green screen or fake, or photoshop.
these are all well known in the base jumping world divers.
they have hundreds of videos.
until you do it your self it is pretty unbelieveable, and after too.
ive had 4 sucessful skydives and one 2 sucessful base jumps, one with a wing suit. my fall was nowhere near that altitude so it was more of a open armed slow fall.
there are many places shasta, yosemite, and yellowstone that have 3000+ jumps... the way the draft runs up them and the suit keeps you up, that is why it is possible to follow the crest.
the sights in this video are my dream, still working towards it.

Shane McConkey the guy who pioneered ski base and ski base wing jumping died a few months ago. he was a close friend. big loss but a legend of free skiing base jumping

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sweet clip....its from the msp ski video 7 sunny days...I think.

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Thanks for share… Thumbs Up!

Nice work! ;)

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Love playing the same too during my spare time. :D

hardly open the picture, but it seems an interesting suit through the comments

this is madness :)) great jump

I like to watch the clip... Thanks for your sharing. Your article is add more my knowledge.

I want one of those flying squirrel suits.

Everyone can get mad..but the important thing is how to control emotions.

Good look finding those skis.
Oh, yeahhh!!!! Environmentally friendly skis! Let's just hope that the water in the snow doesn't make them break apart too soon.

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