Jan 9 2009I Don't Know....The Evolution Of Robots

This is a German commercial for something I have no idea what is (saturn.de?) that shows the evolution of technology in robotic form. It confused me in my pants. I definitely felt a little twitter at the part with the t-rex, but the rest of it just scared me. And the chick from Tron at the end? Fine, I'll admit it: boner. It was her voice, I swear!


Thanks to pirhan and ITSELF, who know the only good robot is a dead one. Or one that looks like a dinosaur and has realistic-feeling skin.

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never back down

I hope Daisy dies.


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max and Baja are helped by the governor of California escape from a truly evil robot thats trying to kill them.

They eventually escape, and get to play in in Baja's dad's underground treehouse.

yes, because post apocalyptic prehistoric streampunk CGI screams 'buy a saturn' to the germans. I do occasionally daydream in the the matrix, and this reminds me of not waking up for the bell

Dinobots! Omg!

Saturn is a German store which sells electronics.

Saturn is a German Electronics Retail Store. It might be akin to our Best Buy or Circuit City. That's a pretty cool video. I haven't seen German commercials of late. The last time I watched German TV was in the late nineties, and then it looked like our TV from the eighties.

OH MY EFFIN G. Is that literally really the true story behind how robots literally evolved? That is literally and truly an amazing and awe inspiring video. I literally have never ever in my whole entire life felt such raw emotions for robots and the life-styles that they have literally endured. No on prop 8.1, for gaybots.

As already said Saturn is something like BestBuy.
At the end the robot women says that the "selection was hard" which basically tells you, that if you want to buy good stuff you have to go to Saturn.

I think Daisy missed the forest for the trees (ha!)... So many plant jokes, so little time :)
Anywho, if you go to saturn.de it appears to be a German equivalent of Best Buy. Nothing to do with the cars we have in the states. Use your Google, people!

So.... is saturn in Germany somewhat like best buy?

Jen is right you people. Google is your friend. Try it.

i love dinosaurs

i approve this video

I wonder what landscaping company this video is for?

Female looking robot = Hot. I'd hit it!

Hi there from Germany :-)
Yes, Saturn is something like Best buy or Frys. You can buy all kind of electronics, tv, computer, but also washing machines and so on.

She says "die Auslese wart hart, doch jetzt ist sie die, die stärkste Auslese aller zeiten... Saturn, wir hassen teuer"

"the selection was hard, but now we got it, the best selection of all times... Saturn, we hate expensive"

Commercial is quite good I think, I've never seen it completely before...

A single robotic Smilodon killing a whole steampunk Tyrannosaur Rex?

Wait so this is a commercial for air freshners? And Saturn is the German equivalent of Glade? That's very amazing and also false.

@17 - F*** Germany, and F*** you. Nazi.

#17: I called a german friend once a Scheiße-hozen & he thought is was funny because he said no real german would ever say that. Later that day we had lunch

This is complete bullshit. God created the robots from Robot adam and robot eve. I refuse to allow robot evolution to be discussed. The robots were created in robot God's own image.

OK SERIOUSLY, will someone please explain to me what the point of that video was? a new arcade game? And don't bother posting your answer on the forum, I don't read them anyways - too many Aliens! Die you alien scum - PEW PEW PEW, PEW PEW.

.........¯|...|........ _|¯¯

^ ^ ^

thats badass

Dude, this is my new favorite commerical.

@19 <- What a stupid post !!!
NOT ALL germans are Nazis, just a few f***ers, which are total idiots.
Even in the US there're Nazis ... naming their children Adolf Hitler for example !

Btw this ad is awesome.

I meant @20 (OJ's Mom) ... the number changed after posting, strange?

This commercial runs every day here and I still love it.
@20: what the hell? did any german harm you in person? I mean in the last 60 years... none of us hates you dude, so why do you hate us?

@geekologie writer: Saturn is an electronic store. In fact, it´s quite expensive XD


Why does a car company advertise with electronics?

Or is Saturn an electronics store over there in germany?

Is it like best buy?

HEY that saber-tooth thing looks like the one from that short '9' right??

27) Nooo, we Germans are all Nazis, and love to call our children Adolph and Aryan Nation ... no wait a a second


Also, I <3 Saturn because they're really cheap, and this is one of the first commercials of them I actually like.

germans: nazi, americans: stupid, obama has a so simple plan to solve american's problem....get the Bush's place.
italians: mafia mandolino. Best one poeple in the world? people from Belgium, but I don't know how to call them: belghian?

I heard a rumor that Saturn is the name of a retail electronics store in Germany... can anyone confirm this?

Also.... I'm pretty sure that robot lady ordered me into the gas chamber. Then again all German sounds like orders to march into the gas chamber.

OMG how many people are going to say "saturn some kind of german best buy?" lol does no one read the previous comments???
@17 thanks... i speak a little german but that was way to fast for my punitive skills

I'm pretty sure Saturn is like a Best Buy in Deutschland.

Hallo, bundesliga?

I don't know what I just watched but she was hot....

FAP FAP FAP FAP FAP FAP FAP FAP FAP.........................

Everyone is freaking out, as soon ze Germans are involved! Cheesus!!! Get over this "Nazi-Stuff"... it is a part of (really sad) History!

And btw can someone tell me what SATURN is?

I sign your comment. But the good thing in Germany is that we climb the next stages of TV-Development in the last years and you stick in the nineties. :)


saturn is a German planet in the the German solar system which is situated nearby the German Town Oberammergau .

This commercial is not for a german chain similar to best buy.

Saturn is nazis. This commercial is nazis. Electronics are nazis.

Germans hurt you personally.
You stick in the nineties!

i am german, and actually not NAZI you motherf***er!
Saturn is an electronic-stuff-store, and that blue-raying-bitch is its mascot.
what she says is: die Auslese war hart, doch jetzt ist sie da. Die beste Technik aller Zeiten, gnadenlos günstig.
that's like: it was a hard selection, but now its there, the best electronic of all times, merciless cheaply.
dunno how its with you, but german gnadenlos (merciless) is like freakin.

20. OJ's Mom - January 9, 2009 11:51 AM
@17 - F*** Germany, and F*** you. Nazi.

this is so sad...

So is Saturn more like Best Buy or is it more like Radio Shack?? I really need to know

That was so cool

Saturn is part of Media-Saturn Holding, together with Media Markt stores, and this is [url=http://www.mediamarkt.com]Europe's largest retailer for consumer electronics[/url]. Media Markt and Saturn are active in Germany, Belgium, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, The Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switserland and Turkey. In total more than 500 stores,

all the people who say all germans are nazis have no idea. no real geram likes nazis, they ruined our presitige on the whole earth and i think in the us are at least as much nazis as in germany( caus us is bigger)


That was awesome! also LMFAO @ "It confused me in my pants" and yea, she was definitely tron-hot

waah! this commercial is awesome,,,
couldn't care less about what company and what for it is,,, but it rocks
though one thing isn't really correct which is the T-rex emitting smoke... that means it would be a mechanical machine like -thing, not a robot, which is electrical :D!


german chick at the end= pissed myself


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