Jan 12 2009Girl Sends 14,528 Text Messages In A Month


Reina Hardesty, 13, sent 14,528 text messages last month alone. That's a lot. I wonder if she has carpal tunnel. Or really swollen thumbs.

The online AT&T statement ran 440 pages.

"First, I laughed. I thought, 'That's insane, that's impossible,' " the 45-year-old dad said. "And I immediately whipped out (my junk and) the calculator to see if it was humanly possible." He found it was - barely.

It works out to 484 text messages a day, or one every two minutes of every waking hour.

Luckily, Hardesty has a phone plan that allows unlimited texting for $30 a month. Otherwise, he estimates, he would have owed AT&T $2,905.60 at a rate of 20 cents per message.

The average number of monthly texts for a 13- to 17-year-old teen is 1,742, according to a Nielsen study of cellphone usage.

Wow. I can remember (two months ago) when I had to upgrade from 1,500 texts a month to unlimited because I kept going over. Now before you pass judgment, let me explain: I'm mad freaking popular! Just kidding, text sex. No, not with myself! With myself :(


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Yeah, I may need to switch to unlimited also, I hit my 1,000/month limit for the first time... only 2.5 weeks in...

Wow thats a lot with verizons 5 cents a message thats $726.40!!! lets hope she had unlimited text >.<

I feel bad for her friends they probably want her to just shut the hell up by now


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is axactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max stands to inherit 10 million dollars but has to curb his vices for a year. Ast the end of the year of being good, he finds out it was just a joke. He should have known better, huh.

@ 2 - did you even read the article? lol

At 13 her 15 mins of fame is over.

Wow she's probably really good with her hands


her dad whipped out his junk and a calculator to see if it was humanly possibly
sounds like a pretty cool guy

Dats y they spk lyk dis now. K cya l8r 4 lunch ho xoxo.

There are no muscles in your thumb.
The muscles in your forearm move your thumb by extended tendons that attach to the end of your thumb.

The guy in that picture looks like an art gallery owner or something, probably drives a bmw & could afford the ridiculous phone bill if it wasn't on that plan. Look at his bleached teeth & his wavy gravy hair, he totally partied with that Asian chick about 13 years ago at love parade. There's you result


thanks buzzzzkillington

#10, not everyone went to high school.

Text sex....sexy texting....Sexting?

I wonder if her online boyfriend is jealous.

I sent over 200k in a month.

It was for the NHL all star voting!

my goodness... I may send 2-5 texts in a month if I'm lucky...

This is madness!

shes texting all the 45yr old dudes she met online that she thinks are 19.

15,000 is alright. But if she wants to do it right, she's got to put the Sex in TEXT. Just like this video demonstrates. http://preview.tinyurl.com/6berrp

I can't believe GW corrected his "thumb muscles" sentence. That goes against the GW credo...

damn grls phone bill off da hook!!

@18 -- lol

And she did it on a regular phone, and not a "crack-berry" or a phone with the qwerty keyboard...I think I've got about 150 text messages sent so far this month.

is it bad when your throat ticks? oh and ive sent almost 300 texts this month



i thought this girl had sent a lot of texts until I looked at my daughters text statement. She has sent almost 17,000 this month and there are still 7 days left in the billing period....yeah I know, nobody cares.

I just sent a text to this guy I hooked up with last night off adam4adam.com His dick was so big dat when he f***ed me it was like churning butter. We were arguing earlier so it was angry sex and he was beating that shit up! I came without even touching my dick! This dude better answer my dam texts.

she needs to put down the cell and brush her yellow teeth

@23, did ya know the Spartans had a "special" bond that made them such good warriors?

The generals partnered them up with a f*** buddy, so in battle they would fight to the death to keep their partner alive or they knew they wouldn't be getting any dick that night. Watching the movie 300 is what got me interested in getting f***ed. Im still straight and everything, I just like getting showed in cum every now and then (every night if possible).


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max and Baja rigged up their cell phones to text maximum size SMS messages to each other continuously hoping to tie up the SS7 network. This had the effect of delaying the calls passing through their local switch.

The telephone company wasn't happy.

I don't know if it says this and I'm too lazy to look, but with AT&T they charge you for both sending and receiving text messages. So maybe she is only typed half those. And I thought AT&T only charged .10 cents a text message, but I could be wrong.

i just wanna say my boyfriends foster kid did 19,000 in one month and i didnt believe it till i saw the bill. boo ya!

I have info of someone reaching 27,000 texts in a month, if you would like email me and ill give you the legal info!

I worked for Cingular/AT&T a few years back and some lady called in asking why her bill was $3,500 more than usual. Her son had used 35,000 texts that month, counting incoming and outgoing (they charge you for both) with no text plan at 10 cents a pop. I kinda felt bad for her, because I couldn't do anything about it.

My 16 year old brother beat that....I think it was over the summer some time and he had 19,800+....I can't remember the exact number but I know it beat 19,000. Luckily I switched to the unlimited thing the month before, cause he had hit 15,000 and I knew it would happen again haha. It's ridiculous.

47,000 was likely both sent and received, thats how most companies measure. And its fairly easy to send out a text to your entire f***ing phonebook (i hate faggots that do that) meaning you can send thousands of texts fairly easily.

Sounds like this family was just seeking attention, great way to whore yourself out shit family. Better get your daughter into show business.

My brother averages between 12000 and 19000 month, and has gone through three phones in two years.

Its sad that I can read this article and not even think that its over the top, because I've seen first hand how much over the top i.

I have sent more than 25000 txts in month! when I had this Unlimited txt plan! for more than a year! not just for single month!

Whatever happened to just talking with your friends?

she better be a mute or chained to a bathtub in the basement because there is no reason to be texting that much unless you can't f***ing talk or are being held against your will and are sending "rescue me" texts. ridiculous.

........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...')
..........''...\.......... _.·´

you know at 13 she's probably texting her friends that are sitting right next to her in her grade 8 classroom.

i can see this kid on MTV's Sweet 16 in 3 years, crying about how her parents got her the wrong car, and kicking people out of her party for having better dresses than she does.

what is wrong with the world.

I swear to god every time I look at the photo on this I imagine someone photoshopping some junk on the dad and the daughter going; "LOL DADS PENORZ!!!1!1!one!!!!11!1!eleven!!"
But may be that's just me.....

Dad: What the hell? What is this thing you keep sending 'text messages' on that the phone company speaks of on this bill?

Mom: I thought I told you no speaking with those boys? Are you even listening to me? Why won't you listen to me?

Daughter: STFU u fulz! i rul n u suk! i am gr8est gurl eva n u can suk ass! stupd!

I've sent over 17,000 and there was no article written about me

This is f***in' ridiculous.
She's 13 years old.
What does she even need a phone for?

What a constructive way to spend her time-way to much free time.

ok i have known this girl for almost my whole life. she is so sweet and amazing. i probably didnt help with the bill, jk. haha.


Hmm. Over the summer I sent about 11K every month.

This is nothing new or amazing.
You shoud se how ay the kids in The Phiippines send.
They've had unimited texting here for years.
The service costs about $1.50c (us$) for 5 days of unli texting (to the same network)

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