Get Away From The World And Die Alone And Miserably In The 'Generic Escape Capsule'

January 22, 2009


'The Generic Escape Capsule' was fashioned by Australian artist Adam Norton out of an old wardrobe after he discovered it wouldn't transport him to a magical land where he could f*** lions and witches and goat-people. Basically, Adam included everything a person would need to survive a couple days away from the world, should one get tired of their nagging wife/girlfriend or get buried in an earthquake. Plus, as a bonus, it doubles as a masturbation chamber. Triples as kindling.

Hit the jump for a close up of the last thing you'll see before you decide it's just not worth living anymore.


'Generic Escape Capsule' May Be the Saddest Thing I've Ever Seen [gizmodo]

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