Jan 20 2009Cows With Holes Directly To Their Stomachs


And I'm not talking about their mouths either! Or assholes. I'm talking hole holes, like, holy shit(!), that cow has a freaking hole in it!

These cows have been given a fistula, a hole directly into the stomach that scientists can reach into and study to see how certain foods get digested. Through this kind of work, better food can be concocted and studies into stomach cancer and other problems can be conducted. Although it looks inhumane, the cows don't seem to mind.

*HORF* You know, now that I think about it, I think they had a cow like this at Virginia Tech when I was there. Of course, I never saw it because I wasn't allowed anywhere near the animal husbandry department. Funny story -- did you know sheep can file restraining orders?

Hit the jump for some even more disturbing imagery.





HOLY COW! [slightlywarped]

Thanks to MLou, who can unscrew her bellybutton.

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MOOO you're not first

That is disturbing...

<- going to white castle now, sliders anyone?


Wow this is old news like 3 years old or more kids go on field trips and stick there arms in there.

Just because you can doesn't mean you should.

The Cows don't seem to mind??? Hey there fella is giant hole in your f***ing stomach bothering you? The cow responds, "Mooo." Ok he's good!

Is there a plug for that incase it rains?

holy cow!!!

@7. I think its ok to get the stomach wet.

If you stick a finger in the cows throat, can you watch the barfing process from the inside out? Does sticking a finger down a cows throat make him barf?

Would watching this make me barf?

MOO-COW-f***-MILK! (courtesy of Lewis Black....f*** yeah)

so where is PETA now?

I thought they smelled bad on the outside...

So when scientists start doing this to humans, I hope there's a way to make each of our fistula holes fashionable by glamming them all up instead of just keeping it like the cows have it. Think about that, the things you could do with your own fistula hole..... how delightful that even sounds.

Think of the tattoo's some people would get around theirs. The 'fay guy's butthole' bellybutton tattoo has nothing on the first guy to post the 'goatse fistula' hole on BME


f*** off, if you want to bitch about old news, don't do it here.




Good thing I have Burger King for lunch. Thanks, dick.


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene ion the movie Never Back Down where Max was being chased by a wildlife department officer, who tracked him to a hollywood movie soundstage. The officed bust onto the movie set and fired, butting a hole clean through a Moby cow. Max was on the set of another movie.

I wonder if they have no smoking signs everywhere in facilities like that to prevent the ignition of the built up methane in a cow's stomach every time they pop out the cow cork.

Exposing their stomaches to open air while digesting cannot be a good thing... This is really disturbing...

Sorry but it's true. Agronomy engineering school (INAPG) in France has a research farm with cows like these. I've seen them.

The hole is not wide open. There's a tiny window.

wasnt this on ripley's like a decade ago?

Holy crap. Better hope the cow doesn't sneeze.

So, the cows don't seem to mind? Is this an empirical conclusion? Has there been a study on whether or not cows mind having a fistula? What indicators conclude that these mooing love bunnies do not care about having a hole in their body? Have the cows' international representative come forward to officialy say they are cool with having a fistula in their body for the sake of science? Who decides whether or not cattle care for carrying an open gape on their torso for the purpose of contributing to an ever growing body of knowledge?

@18 Thank you Capt. Literal.

Or is it Commander Buzzkill?

Virginia Tech has had cows like this even before The Top of the Stairs (ToTs) was the Balcony and Hawaii Kai used to have Punk Nights with Theta Zeta...

@1. known - You bastard. I will get you on one of these.....

First time I see something on Geekologie that I actually studied in college.

I think I'm having a moment. *tear*

Ok, this is a new low. This isn't just old, this is SO f***ING OLD that I saw this on a field trip to a dairy in 4th grade, about 30 years ago.

Old! And fat. Like the cow you call mother.

This is the same type of thing they use at the boneless spare rib farms that produce the spare ribs for chinese restaurants.

When the pigs are little they open them up and remove the rib skeleton and sew them up. LAter when they are fully grown there is a second operation where they peel back the hide, and cut out the rib meat. They then sew in a stainless steel zipper, and zip the pig up. Then every couple of months later, the rib meat grows back and is harvested for hungry chinese food lovers everywhere.

Mmmmm I just wanna reach in there and scoop me up some cow goo stew! Yum!

this is old

@21 - none of them have ever complained to me about it.

uh...okay...that's pretty f***ed up...

f***ING COCK SUCKERS! I f***ing HATE people they do the most horrible shit to these poor animals!
i don't f***ing believe "they don't seem to mind" motherf***ers I've never been so pissed off

Do you really think cows have the intelligence to even know its there? Or to look back there and say, "Hey, look at that hole..I'd actually rather not have that there." I'm also pretty sure that if it hurt the cows, they'd let someone know. As in, kicking the shit out of them, and as long as the process of putting it there is humane, I really don't think there's all that much wrong with it. Besides, it cures cancer.

I think this time Daisy is right. I heard a lot of fake histories

I want to stuff a bag of live cobras in there!

They cap them back up but you can't tell from the pictures.

Also I've seen videos of the cows and honestly they look fine. They don't seem to get infections or anything like you would expect. I saw someone pull out the rubber surrounding part and the cow got a little agitated and walked away so it's probablly not that painful. I'm not trying to defend the practice but I don't think it's as cruel to the cows as it actually seems.

Elmo is a nigger.

Peregrinus. Nice name.
this has already been done in the 1800's. A cowboy got shot in the stomach during a gunfight and the edges of the hole seared shut to the stomach lining and didn't heal together which left a permanent opening because the doctor left it that way so he could make studies much like the grossaphiliacs up there but finally the cowboy had enough after a few years and the deal was off.

Now who in the world would want to study cows digesting?

So f***ing what? They've had these for DECADES. catch up, dumb f***s.

Hey GW, we have some of these cows here at the on campus farm at the University of Maryland College Park. Come check em out, the fence is small enough to jump. Just dont try any of that funny business with the extra hole.

Yeah yeah, it's old...still neat though.

#8: perhaps "holey cow" ?

I stuck my hand in on of them kind of cows before...its really hot inside...

#45 thats my kinda hole

Old News. About 10 years ago I saw this on TV. It looks like it is making its round again!!

@33 - Fag. I can't believe you let go of your boyfriends cock long enough to type that.

this is at least 40 years old... my dad was doing this research in the 60's OOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLD

I am an animal science major, and I have reached my hand into a fistulated cow multiple times. For those who would like to know, a fistula is the hole, but the cannula is the actual rubber seal. They place cannulas in the rumen, jejunum and I think the ileum too. That way they can track how well the cow is digesting the food.

The cows really don't seem to mind having someone reaching their arm inside of the rumen. They typically are still chewing their cud as you do it. A plus side is that fistulated cows are well cared for and live for a long time.

Yup, they do that on sheep too here in New Mexico State University. What's funny is when the rubber seal comes loose and you have to chase the holey animal to put it back on :D

Theyve been doing this for like 25 years. The federal Meat Animal Research Centers do stuff like this all the time. Not a big deal. Pretty sweet though.

@ 10 and 12: NICE!

@13: I'm sure crApple will make an accessory for it eventually...the iFistula

@50 So what you're saying is it's a "Rumen with a View"?

I'm not really for animals rights and other similar things but holy shit that's grotesque.

Some points to consider:

-It's not cruel; the purpose of the hole is to study animal (and human) digestion. It's meant to benefit them.

-It's not painful just as a tattoo, piercings, or even the same thing on a human (which is called an ostium/colostomy bag) is not painful after it heals.

What happens if a bird decides to take nest in there? All warm and dry (except for the stomache goo? Hell it might even be bird eatable.

This is so old. Cows have been around for thousands of years and holes have been around for BILLIONS OF YEARS. BILLIONS. In fact, before there was anything else, there was a black hole that made everything (including cows). That's how old this story is. But f*** it, it's interesting. Why don't they make fistulas for people? Huh? I'd have one, eat ALL day and still lose weight. Awesome. If you make hamburgers out of these cows, do you get meat donuts???

#34, are you retarded or just an idiot? "As long as putting a giant hole through a cow is humane, it's ok?" What exactly is your definition of humane? How far do you have to go to be inhumane? You don't need to be intelligent to feel pain. Even idiots can suffer. I'm sure you do on a daily basis when other kids bounce quarters off the helmet that protects your softened skull you miserable piece of shit.

#59 and #33 are race traitors.

I'm sure you'd rather kill a human than kill a cow.

60- That would make them Species traitors, not race traitors you fuctard.

Duhh.... Jed make pie-hole.

I'm a vet and we already used this for ruminal observation and experimentation back in the day. So this is not just old, it's stone age old.

Haven't read the comments but I'm sure there are dozens of people whining about the poor cows, so here's the answer to them: they don't suffer, they don't care, they don't even realise they have a hole there. I spent a couple of months doing research job about ruminal protozoa and had to take ruminal samples twice a day and the cows never ever ever realized about it.

Everyone who says it must be painful - I'm fairly sure it's not. My brother has a hole like going to his stomach due to medical problems and does not feel any pain from it unless it is stretched.

I was about to say "OLD NEWS!" I grew up around Virginia Tech and that was a pretty standard field trip for elementary school students. They have been doing that since at least 1993. But apparently you went their and F***ed some sheep and knew so.

So why is this cutting edge news?

My dad said that he used to do things like this when he wanted to be a veterinarian at Cornell.

I bet you PETA just had a FEILD day with this one. :<

I can just imagine how those faggot PETA shits feel about this....i hate peta....grr

What happens when it rains!?

this has been going on for a while. i remember watching a video of it in school ,and when they showed footage of the people reaching inside the living cow, i got sick and threw up.

Put a hotdog in that hole.How's that for interracial?

If a hole exists somewhere, a man has tried to have sex with it.

Humans are turning into animals!

Visit my site about cow protection-Mauritius.

Image 1-
Now let's get closer to the subject...

...ooh roughage...

SHIT! I just dropped my phone in the hole!!1!
-Image 2

That is the most ridiculous reference to the Big Bang theory.
A black hole can be any size, but the Big Bang theory states that the universe started as a singular point, not a black hole.

@everyone else complaining
They are cows.
As far as we know, they aren't going to die out any time soon.
And, so what if its old news?
Whining isnt going to make it new.
So, stop complaining.

This is actually true. I personally stuck my hand in a cow's stomache. it was disgusting. this is true animal cruelty! how would you like to have a big hole in your stomache??? those poor cows!!!! something needs to be done about this.

...Get that baby out of the cow. D8

this is personally disgusting and im angered by this, no animal deserves to have a hole placed into them for any reason, i see that they don't show the process of putting the hole, taking a chunk of their body off!! thats has to be animal cruelty of some sort..

that i fuckin nasty

please Google "Little Tyke - the Lion refused to eat meat"

“And to every beast of the earth, and to every fowl of the air, and to everything that creepeth upon the earth, wherein there is life, I have given every green herb for meat: and it was so.” Genesis 1:30:

"The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; and a little child shall lead them." (Isaiah 11:6)

sucy web

eta the animals. don't lisin to fuckin pdeta

ass you ideits

my friend saw this in real life.........

We have these at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. I've stuck my hand in, it's surprisingly dry. It's really gross when their stomachs seep in the the summer and goo drip from around the hole. Oh in the name of progress.

who cares if the damn cow has a hole in its side i wanna know what the damn rancher who owns these cattle thinks about these dumb ass scientists sawing steaks off of their cows. i wonder if they keep the part they cut out and take it home and eat it

This isn't fake it is totally real. I saw it with my own eyes in a field while I was on the highway in pennsylvania when i was on my way to state college

It's not fake, it was on Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe.

Wow. Seems like I'm not the only one who Googled this subject after watching dirty jobs. This is pretty fucked up though.

"Boooo this is old news, I've been sticking my hand in cows since I was three, blah blah blah..."

Why do people always have to brag like "I've done this before but you haven't so there must be something wrong with you?" Not all of us grew up near farms and went on fistula field trips...welcome to the internets. Not everyone comes from the midwest.

Does anyone know the scientific name for this?

@people who complain about holes, it's not horrible farmers poke holes in cows usually to save them from bloating and if they didn't it would kill the cow so I doubt that this is harming the cows but rather saving them.

@ Mr pistachio really? Let's open up a hole in your head, so next time you say something stupid they can save you too...

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