Dec 12 2008No More Going Bare Chest: Geeky T-Shirts


This is a gallery of geeky t-shirt designs from some guy named Glenn Jones. Hit the jump for a bunch more of my favorites and a link to his store which has even more. They're all $20 a pop and the perfect thing to keep you from showing your tits this holiday season. Unless you're a chick and into that. In which case I call a motorboat.

Hit it for the rest.











Product Page

Thanks to The Mighty Musnud, who may or may not be Glenn, but regardless, is probably making him some money.

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....AND GO F*** YOURSELF!!!!!

p.s. I poop on the barechested... so I suggest you buy, you buy now

cute but not so much

LOL i want all of them :P

Eat poop

wow these are totally gothic.

oh... I do....

eleventh! # 11 that is.

shit sticks

I am on the road until next wednesday but I am happy to still get my geeko fix yay. I will miss you much more than you'll miss me, but it's still love

PS FU poopbox :)

these are actually some pretty sick ideas and extremely nerdy and a perfect combination for a t shirt

and poopbox STFU

these are actually some pretty sick ideas and extremely nerdy and a perfect combination for a t shirt

and poopbox STFU


Blah blah blah, I'm a stupid trolling cunt, Never Back Down.

bubba.... my poo cutter seems to need some cleaning... where are you at so I could get a good cleansing??

@14 & 15... don't get all clickity with with your mouse... I know dial up is a pain but c'mon

19!!!!! WOOOH, sweet stuff!

Haha, these shirts are great. I think my favorite though is the Thomas the tank engine transformer. That's f***ing awesome.

Ha... no I'm not the guy that made these, but I do hope he gets some money off of them.

These shirts are sweet!

Check out the UFO one and the orchestra one on the site too. In addition to the Thomas one, those are my favorite.

P.S. What's up with the particularly vehement trolling on these comments?

Shit's fake. The shadows are all f***ed up. Why are you wasting my time with shopped shirts?


I would totally wear the one with the jumpy castle!!!!!


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because he shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like the scene in the movie Never BAck Down where max and Baja make a shitload of teeshirts and sell them to raise money to follow the Grateful Dead around. When they got enough money, they heard Gerry Garcia died, so they had to follow phish around instead. When they ran out of weed one time Baja was overheard saying Max, this music sucks.

If it's STAR WARS, especially Darth Vader, I usually want it.

I would wear it, but I wont loose any sleep over them.

They need more cowbell.


Just like my cunt, it's all fake and stuff cause i never backed down from the sell sex change surgery idea i had and using plastic bags doesn't work.

Don't forget, the shadows are right, a walking douche bag does look like the outline of me!

Daisy never back downs.

So cute!!! I love the lego one I'm going to ask my daddy one for xmas!


sold where do I buy, I know of two that I want.

That Thomas train is bad ass. My nephew loves Thomas going to get him that shirt.

My three year old thought Thomas and Darth was hillarious. He thought Darth was cleaning his ear. He's sold.

Holy Matrimony! Picture #2 is absolutely priceless.

Or you can go to and buy some of his older shirts for like $5 cheaper.

I want the Flash one and the Vader one and all the others they're awesome!!!!

The car-crushed R2 made me die inside a little. A lot.

I totally love the thomas the tank engine one LOL

Thomas the Tank Engine transformer has some really saggy nipples.


LOL... I LOVE the sushi one... and the ocean drain plug... heheh...

I am the Fat Remote Controller.....PEW PEW


I have underwear with the same designs, that were captured from the web site and printed on my ass. It's also got soiled stains inside. I'm sure all you f***ers out there are dying for a feel of them. So I'll never sell them to you.
GFY bastards GFY.

Man these are quite possibly
the greatest thing I've seen
all day.



That's a complete PhotoShop job. You can tell it's a fake because all the shadows are wrong.

This looks just like the scene in the movie "In Hell" where Van Damme molds a diarrhea dump into a tank which he used to blast into a gay sex orgy party.

lol the shirts suckzors
seriously, nice ideas but they look terrible

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