Dec 17 2008Mmmm, Delicious Gingerbread Geekery


Remember the Lord of the Rings candy battle? Yeah, those orcs looked freaking yummy. Well here comes another sweet (!) gallery, this time of all gingerbread geekery. There's something for everyone, so hit the jump for a bunch more deliciousness. Then get inspired and make your own! Then make out with me underneath the mistletoe! Then make me a sandwich! Haha, and a drink. Don't forget the drink.

Hit it for more NOM.











The Coolest Gingerbread Houses in The World! [youbentmywookie]

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Reader Comments

Oh god I would eat that in a heart beat

ohh god this just reminded me how hungry i am

@1 Thats what she said.


That made no sense whatsoever.

You forgot this one !!!!
It is the tardis from Dr Who, the geekest for me :)

Bring on the STAR WARS food! I'm always ready for some tributes, just leave George Lucas out of it. He'll just ruin it.

This reminds me of the time I was in a press conference and....

...nope, I got nuthin. No shoes this time.

Hey can I have a bite of that star destroyer?

Nom nom nom


Wish I had the free time to make some of those, but I'm constantly being assaulted by those pesky ninjas that hang out in that bamboo forest behind my house. I swear, if there were'nt Totoro's in that forest, i'd bulldoze that f***er down.


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max and Baja find a gingerbread house in the woods. They are very hungry and start eating it. The inhabitant of the house invites them inside and captures them for the purpose of fattening them up and eating them. As the witch prepares to cook Max, Baja tricks her into the oven, and they steal her valuables, including her XBox. Later the witches relatives track the XBox to a game stop where Max sold it, and they put a hex on the store owner.

Mmmmmm, they all look delicious. I think my favorite has gotta be the portal one.

Yea! K-9! GW win.

What, no gingerbread iPod or iMac? WTFBBQ?!

@ 8. Maybe you can lure the Totoros out of the forrest during this rain with offerings of umbrellas. You know they like those. Then napalm the forrest to get rid of the ninjas, plant the magic seeds and viola! A new forrest overnight.


Very cool. I want to know how these kind of ideas get started...

i wish i didn't have to work all the gawd damn time to make some deliciousness.
but nnnnoooooo.....i get to get home late and fight in the Towel of Babel. sign

@14 - How it got started...
her- "Honey, will you help me make a cute lil gingerbread house for Christmas?"
him - "NO. That's gayer than trolling on Geekologie."
her - "C'mon, I'll let you help design it... I'll even play that damned game you're always talking about"
him - "The one where you get nekked in some hot cos-play, bring me beer and grab the Cheet-O's?"
her - "No, the video game..."
him - "Oh, well OK I guess, as long as I get to design it however I want"
her - "YAY!"

BTW- The nintendo is actually graham crackers... phhbbbttt. Still awesome though!

What is that 2nd image of??? Two robot heads or something?

please see--->

I never have enough gingerbread or candy left over to build anything... But they are cool... Love the K-9!

Cool gingerbread-ness =) i dig it

You left out Minas Tirith?!!??

But I so want the AT-AT to be real..


I want to shove that in my ass.

and as the sign says. That's Awesome.

@16 the sad thing is that's probably true

I wonder if they will be eaten....or just stared at untill the start to mold

The TARDIS and K-9 are awesome. notinh like The Doctor being represented!!!

Wow that AT-AT is so awesome, these all look great!

We love the starwars stuff! I love the laptop the most!!!!!!! THOSE ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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